It’s not paranoia when they really are out to get you. This latest ad from Lincoln Project, Trump Is Alone, is like something Alfred Hitchcock would come up with if asked to tell a story about some buffoon that everybody hates and nobody is loyal to — but he doesn’t know it.

This is one of LP’s best. Poor Donald. If he sees this, it will give him bad dreams. And if he doesn’t see it, he’ll never know how they’re all out to get him and they’re all laughing behind his back. Works either way.


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    • It does remind me of Hitchcock. Remember how Cary Grant used to wonder who was out to get him and then the airplane almost ran him down in North By Northwest? I saw that as a little kid, scared the hell out of me.

      • That WAS a classic … one of the first grand scale action movies … all outdoors in high fi quality color and sound on the big screen, the younger people in the audience were ill prepared for the feelings of, “YOU WERE THERE TOO!!”, Grant was a circus performer before becoming an actor, he was on the trapeze with the greatest of ease …

        His timing, good looks, and physical dexterity was a road to good movies … and yes, the running as that plane lined up on him was intense on the one hand, and totally ingrained in our memories …

        Out in the wide open country, nothing at all to hide in or behind, the nightmare-like view was astounding, you could feel the heat and breeze of that day and your own adrenaline kicked in and breath holding was a given … as that airplane started it’s run on a man alone in the open, you WERE there … 😉

        Trump has earned every ripple of panic until he is gone from our own nightmares …

      • For me on Hitchcock, it was The Birds, any scene that involved them attacking humans en masse. It was one of my earliest lessons on how outmatched humans are when it comes to Nature.

        • The, “swarm”, function is an example how nature links a certain variety of animals into a self-protecting always moving target, meaning a few are lost but the majority will move in perfect unison to avoid being lunch for a large shark as an example we could all learn from … moving together makes us harder to stop and more likely the winners over so much crap going on now …

  1. One last bit of psy ops before Trumpty Dumpty goes. I get the feeling that LP is going to genuinely miss having so easy a target in Donald.

    • They have plenty to work with if they choose to – McConnell, Cruz, Rubio, Gohmert, Paul, Hawley, Jordan, to name a few, and those are the most obvious. There’s a whole contingent of Q believers that need to be exposed too. I truly hope they are going to keep at the rot in the GOP.

      • No chance. With a destroyed berlin around them & russians pouring artillery shells in2 the city, the citizens of all ages were expected to fight to the death. If not, they were shot by the SS. True believers can die on the cross for the wrong god. Believe that.

      • All of the LP folks had a hand in “programming” the GOP in the pre-tRump era. They are on our side now, so I hope they know how to undo their earlier work. It would be nice if they owned up to their earlier untruths.

    • Especially being reminded of the ramp walk again — how an occasion he staged, risking the lives of the cadets, to have “glorious leader” footage, and all anyone talked about was the ramp.

  2. Their ads have been excellent and I hope that they will continue to work against all the corrupt Republicans who are still in our government.

    • You used the word JOB and the word WORK. The bleeping algorithm thinks you are a spammer. That’s what is occurring. This is not personal, Miranda. This is the doing of a dumb beast machine. The situation is imperfect, I acknowledge that. Unless and until I can figure out a better system, you will have to accept the fact that this will happen from time to time. The buzz words are: job, money, home, computer, online. There are others as well. Please have some patience with this process.

      • It could be worse. At Slacktivist, the site owners (Patheos) have a long list of words that make comments disappear. Spammers can get through, though.

  3. Darrel, I didn’t know Grant was a circus performer; it explains a lot about his timing and co-ordination. North by Northwest was truly an awesome film.

  4. Paranoia is definitely a symptom of malignant narcissism. Keep up the whispering. He won’t know which direction his enemy is coming from. So tired of him.


  6. No not everybody, crazy Ted Cruz and 10 other creeps seems to like him, even after trump said his wife was ugly and looked like a dog ! Everybody in the senate hates Cruz because he’s an idiot ..


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