This is a first. King Trump is actually touching his subjects. Maybe they’re wealthy. They must be. You know that he wouldn’t want to touch somebody with under $10 million net worth, say. And those people would be marginal. Trumpty wants to bat in his own league, which if you count in his fantasy set of books, the one he keeps to please the bankers, as opposed to the one he cries poor mouth to the IRS with, makes him a yuuge billionaire.

He doesn’t fool the real billionaires, the Mike Bloombergs, for instance, and I’m sure Bezos and Musk and them all laugh when Trump’s name is brought up in that context. Unlike him, they actually understand business and money and how to be successful with both.

So you take a look and decide what you think this is all about.

Interesting clips are emerging from Mar-a-Lago these days. Just the day before yesterday, the clip of Trump’s “private conversation” with golfer John Daly went viral. Trumpty doesn’t know he is surrounded by spies at Home Mar Sweet Home-a-Lago, although he should have enough sense to suspect. If he had anybody monitoring left-wing media, just as we monitor right-wing, he would come to see that he’s got vipers in his midst. I am sure his sycophants know about all this, they just don’t want to tell him.

And let us define “spies” since Trump is so paranoid on that topic. It’s scarcely a “spy” if it’s an invited guest — and perhaps close friend, even — who is taking photos as everybody does at these bashes, right?

I would love to know if these clips are coming from more than one person and maybe we’ll find out in time. For now, Ron Filipkowski posts the lion’s share of these and he used to be a Republican before he left the party and the party left him. He used to be invited to the big Republican bashes in Florida and elsewhere and he’s got friends who are now, evidently. Although I have to say, this looks more like Happy Hour at Chile’s than some conclave of wealthy Republicans to me.

Now what was it Ronny Jackson said? Oh yeah, Trump weighs only 239 lbs. and could live to be 200. He must have had one leg on the scale and the other on a banana peel that day. Or, Jackson was half in the bag and transposed the first two numbers and 329 I would believe.

Trumpty looks very red in the face to me. Maybe it’s the lighting, reflecting off his hat. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to Trumpty, now would we? And I’m not being snide. I don’t want anything to happen to him. Au contraire. I want him to live long and see all his bad karma come back and bite him right in the ass.

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  1. I too want him to live and become a convicted felon. I believe he will for real go so bat-shit insane he’ll wind up in the psychiatric wing getting better conditions than he deserves. But the enormity of his fall will make him think continuously about how he was betrayed, much worse than any jilted lover obsessing over their rejection. But he will think of it in those terms – that the WHOLE country had loved him then turned around and rejected him. He’s fat Elvis now but a few years in a prison psych ward and prison food combined with his manic running around trying to get his former Fox pals on the phone will slim him down. Personal hygiene will go by the wayside too. And what we’ll have is a normal, even on the thinnish side unshaven dude with teeth starting to fall out and greasy, stringy hair. Like the guy in the video. Lamenting his rejection. (What I call the Trump someday version of They’re Coming To Take Me Away)

    • I’m so glad you posted a video, Denis! Others have posted tweets and pics and now e know a video works! We are flying high here, on the Little Political Blog That Could. Fancy comments threads and everything, wow.

      • I tried to embed it to show the image of the guy as I wanted people to see how I imagine Trump would become if the best (his ass getting convicted) were to happen someday. Hopefully I set it up enough that folks will be intrigued and check it out. Still, new features are nice to have. If someone could explain to this ole tech luddite how to post an actual picture instead of a link to one it would be greatly appreciated. After seeing someone post an actual pic in a comment the best I could do when I tried was a link to one.

          • And it went from your library into the site’s library, evidently. I saw it in there and was wondering how that happened.

        • Do you know how to put a picture in the media library on the site? Because then it will be there for you to just click on. If you have problems I can email you the email address of our techie and you can ask him.


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