Seeing a clip of Donald Trump looking foolish is like seeing grains of sand on the beach, there’s too many to count. But a recent mash up by the Lincoln Project really captures the essence of who Trump is. You’ve seen this footage before and you’ve even seen it juxtaposed with Barack Obama making a similar announcement about Osama bin Laden. That clip is below.

Watching how Obama expresses himself and how Biden expresses himself, with Donald Doofus in between and how he expresses himself is truly one for the ages. These three clips, together, need to be preserved somewhere for all the ages.


First, Biden/Trump.

Then Obama/Trump (with Jimmy Kimmel’s audience in the background.)

If it’s Obama or Biden speaking, these things leap out at you: Knowledge, gravity, poise, context. It is an historic moment explained by an American president.

When you get to Trumpty Dumpty, you get: Cluelessness, winging it, who gives a shit, I have to do this, it’s all about me whatever it is.

Here’s another bonus clip where Trump’s making an ass out of himself in front of veterans. He handles the issues in this clip the same way he handles the issue above. He’s a game show host. That’s his most profound level of depth. He understands zip beyond that.

If this does get into a time capsule at some point, the question will be, “Who’s the immature old dummy who acts like he’s on a game show?” The answer will be, we’re still too embarrassed to tell you.

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  1. I’m with these folks, I can’t watch or hear Trumpler without being both enraged and nauseated. But that’s why videos like these need to be shown often and always, lest we unconciously forget just how depraved the man was and is.

  2. I’ve given up!! You can talk ’till your blue in the face, you can show all the proof,as is in these clips and you can provide proof of his nefarious business dealings,IT WILL NOT MATTER!!! there’s a group of people who don’t get it won’t get it can’t get it.They come from all walks of life, take it from a 68 year old truck-drivin beer drinking white man ,born in SC. It ain’t about color or creed, education or even religion it’s about some weird cult/like hold the tangerine turd has over these folks.
    Please don’t blame it all on my’ ‘kind’ some of us want to make lying wrong again!

    • Joe, you’re correct in that the mango moron duped a great many people into thinking he was A) presidential, a successful businessman, something other than an idiot, etc. Still, more white males believe the fool than any other demographic. Be thankful, as I try to be, that when we look back in history you and I won’t be lumped in with the people with less sense than your average slug. We can’t make them smarter or less gullible. Not sure what else we can do aside from ridiculing them and that seems to be futile since they believe g_d is on their side…and is an idiot besides apparently.

  3. I can’t stand to hear TFG’s voice, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. That said, watching the videos w/o sound, his body language alone makes the point that he’s a clown.

  4. I’d rather be in transylvania, as the sun sets, trapped in Dracula’s castle without a stake, mallet or cross. As for the game show reference, I keep flashing on SNL’s skit with Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds & I forget the 3rd one on Jeopardy.Trump would fit right in. Otherwise, I plan to watch his funeral with a glass of beer that would rival the mugs in the beer garden in Munich.


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