Ted Cruz is finished. He might as well pack a few things and head for Cancun for good, because he was tossed from the ranks of MAGA politicians, live on air by Tucker Carlson last night and today the vultures are picking his bones.

It goes without saying that I never respected the oleaginous and odious Cruz before, but after he groveled before Tucker Carlson I respect him even less — if that’s possible. The man has no self-respect, as you know. You all remember Donald Trump calling Heidi Cruz ugly and accusing Cruz’ father of being involved in the assassination of JFK. Nevertheless, Cruz showed up to kiss Trump’s ring.

Watch the power structure here, between Mother Tucker and Cruz, which is being compared to the dynamic between the tortured and broken Reek in Game of Thrones and his tormenter/master.

And I wasn’t kidding about the vultures picking Cruz’ bones.

These next two clips are incredible as well. Cruz knows he’s going down in the swamp and the alligators are going to eat him. And Carlson, rather than throw him a line, just stares at him.

If you missed it, this is what Cruz said that sealed his doom.

A couple of obvious takeaways here. If you just landed from outer space and didn’t know how things were supposed to work, it would be clear to you that the Fox News hack is the one with the power and the United States senator answers to him and is impotent without the hack’s approval.

And secondly, the fact that far right-wing talking head Sebastian Gorka is piling on Cruz as well does not bode well. Cruz at this point has zero chance of competing effectively in any primary for the presidential election in 2024, not that he had much before, but he has absolutely none now. Now the question becomes whether he can hang onto his senate seat and considering how Texas is devoted to voter suppression and gerrymandering, unfortunately that might happen. You recall the bills reacting to Trump’s fantasy of mail-in voting being fraudulent, coupled with changes in hours that the polls are open, disproportionately affecting low income voters and people of color. Texas is not devoted to voters’ rights, it’s devoted to the good ole boys hanging on.

Here is Cruz being re-christianed “Reek.” The clip is worth watching for other things. Kamala Harris got raked over the coals by Fox News for comparing January 6 to December 7, Pearl Harbor. Yet a Fox News guest compared the burning of the Fox News Christmas tree to Pearl Harbor and that’s quite okay.

Ted Cruz has been publicly excoriated by the people who really run the Republican party. I don’t expect him to survive this one. As stated, he might win reelection due to the gerrymandering, but on the other hand, he might get primaried. The GOP is always looking to elect more and worse Republicans.



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    • Maybe I’m confused or didn’t say it right. The senate race is statewide. But the way the map is cut up to exclude voters of color, and with all the voter suppression laws, a lot of people won’t be able to vote who should vote. That benefits Cruz. I’ll go rework the sentence.

      • Still a state-wide vote tho’. Unless I was imagining it, didn’t TX’s latest voter maps get challenged? Not sure that will make any difference…

    • Normally I’d say you are spot-on. However, how bat-shit crazy the GOP has become gerrymandering could, especially in a state like Texas work to Cruz’ disadvantage. The reason why is that primaries tend to be low turnout affairs with only the most committed (and in the GOP’s case rabid) voters taking part. Gerrymandered districts actually exacerbate this effect. Think about it, why vote in a primary at all if it’s safe for either your side or the other’s? So primaries and turnout matter. If Cruz has a challenger that’s been given traction then the same folks who show up to pick the most RWNJ Representative will carry that attitude to the Senatorial primary race on the same ballot. It’s the most hard core Trump worshiping MAGAts that will show up to pick not only who will run as their district’s Representative but also the GOP’s Senatorial candidate. If Cruz is in their shithouse which he apparently now is and can’t get out (and it doesn’t seem like Carlson and others are going to let him) then an even worse person might successfully defeat him in a primary. THAT might scare enough folks in the GOP into pulling Cruz’ nuts out of the fire because Beto is likely to be the Democratic nominee and he’s got a statewide organization he built that can be ramped back up.

      All those white suburban GOP women who voted our way in 2018 but returned to the GOP fold in 2020 for candidates not named Donald Fucking Trump are already possible votes against Cruz in a general election. And if he gets taken out in the GOP primary it could cost the GOP the seat Cruz currently holds. So, the question in my mind is whether Carlson is so drunk with power that he refuses not only to let Cruz out of the shithouse but gets others to put more nails in the door. The coming months should be pretty interesting.

      • Those white suburban G.Q.P. women have voted for Cruz since he was elected to the senate. Why would they vote against him in the general? I could see if a trumpie won the primary they might not vote or vote for the democrat. One caveat: if Cruz lost his primary I expect he’d run as an independent. In fact, I’d put money on it. He’s as big a cry-baby as trump and losing the primary would be too much for him and he would have no problem splitting the ticket thereby giving the senate seat to a dem.

  1. All that happened is that Cruz stopped being useful, even as an underling. Whenever that happens in this crowd, you are flushed. Still, it would be a mistake to think Tucker Carlson is in any better a position than Cruz or any other elected Republican official on the national stage right now. Carlson answers to different people, true, but his own position with them continues to deteriorate. Last night was just a rare opportunity to pretend to have more power than he actually does, that’s all.

    Anyone who thinks what happened to Cruz is unique will deserve their surprise as the dominoes begin to topple this year.

  2. A lot will change between now and Nov. 2024, when Cruz is up for reelection. But I agree completely, Ursula: It’s obvious that Fox News controls the GOP agenda and messaging, not the reverse.

  3. WONDERFUL PIECE ABOUT the current status of the Republican Party in TEXAS and USA as just being a Game Of Thrones spin-off by MURDOCH and CARLSON.
    SHARING everywhere..


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