There is no joy in Trump world right now because one of their players just struck out. Bigly. It might not have been Trumpty Dumpty himself, that would be the best and it’s being saved for last. But it’s still pretty bad.

Jair Bolsonaro went down in flames at the polls in Brazil today and this is after Donald Trump doing everything humanly possible to get him elected.

Even earlier today this is the kind of material that Trump was kicking out for his twin, the Tropical Trump. (Now the Tropical Trump punch. Just add strychnine and pass it around to the cult when the time comes.)

Trump sure wanted Bolsonaro to win.

So did Steve Bannon. Here’s his meltdown.

And here’s a bit of comic relief from Roger Stone. Always interesting when they fight.

The blame game. Jason Jason, no mason, banana fanna fo face-in, mi eye mo, gayson — Jay– son. It’s all his fault.

Now let’s take a moment to state the obvious. The midterm elections, November 8, are a week from Tuesday. 19 million people have already cast a ballot. Many more will this week.

Donald Trump’s endorsement has been considered a holy benediction in this election cycle. We have just seen how numerous, wholehearted endorsements for Jair Bolsonaro were an exercise in futility. Ergo, this could be a sign for November 8. What if ALL of Trump’s endorsees go into the trash bin? All the MAGA chosen? The anointed?

One thing is dead certain at this point. Trump’s endorsement doesn’t mean squat in Brazil — oh maybe Brazil, Indiana but not the country of Brazil. This we saw today.

The greater question looms: what about his endorsement, period? This is what has Steve Bannon flipping his lid, make no mistake. He could give squat about Bolsonaro, but the guy’s loss is bad for right-wing politics and that means bad for business and that means Steve’s wallet. That’s what he’s thinking about.

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  1. It’s worth keeping in mind Bannon’s efforts to create anarchy haven’t been limited to the U.S. He’s been pissing in and tossing turds into the punchbowls of free countries around the world. If only he was just some regular person, some DC staffer who’d been convicted of Contempt of Congress. His ass would be sitting in jail with no social media privileges right now. Sadly, he’s got bit money so as is the case with rich folks a different, FAR more deferential set of rules apply and he gets to be out on bail while his appeal is pending. I hope, I really do that he finds out (from having bribed a law clerk or two) that his appeal is going badly and he tries to flee the country and gets caught. THEN it will be straight to fucking prison.

  2. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of Trump-endorsed folks who’ll be heading to (or retaining) office after Election Day simply because of where they are.

    And Trump will super-brag about those wins because that’s just the way he (jelly) rolls.

    The folks who don’t win, well, Trump never endorsed them. He doesn’t ever support losers. I foresee a whole lot of “Truth” Social getting scrubbed of Trump “truths” starting November 9. (This is a notice/warning for screengrabbers to get busy if they want to preserve the “truth” from “Truth” Social.)

  3. The real danger (says he sitting safe in Ireland) is that Bolsonaro will ‘do a Trump’ (with the full vocal support of the orange thing from Marmalado) and refuse to admit that he lost and then attempt a coup d’état (a repeat of 6th January in a less stable environment)

    • If you can’t make a close election go your way, chances are you’re going to be just as unsuccessful with the coup. The smart play is to go underground a few years and retool your operation to make you stay in power longer. We’ll see if Bolsonoro is that smart soon enough.

  4. **scoffs** Pathetic…which is par the course for Bannon. He’s just grasping for relevance on his way down. Even smart villains know better than to take him seriously. Give it a couple of years and he’ll be as relevant as Karl Rove to the discourse.


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