This is an epilogue to Rudy Giuliani’s appearance at the Four Seasons Landscaping. As nuts as that was, it was delivered in the heat of battle, Rudy thinking on his feet, attempting to sound dignified and rational while standing in a parking lot wedged between a crematorium and a sex shop, and trying to make it sound like the election wasn’t over.

What you’re about to see is Rudy after the fall, Rudy long since chased from the garden of sane society, let alone Eden, and out on his own rambling and babbling.

He doesn’t care that he’s lying. This, and Cameo gigs make him a few bucks and give him something to do between stump appearances for his son and talking to defense lawyers that he can’t afford. Behold, the final scenes of America’s Mayor.

The fact that he’s able to sit there and blithely list off scandal after scandal and adjudicate Trump as blameless is something that you don’t see every day. America’s Mayor has joined the ranks of Steve Bannon and Alex Jones. That is where Giuliani fits these days. He’s in the same class with Peter Navarro and Roger Stone. He put himself there.

I have to say something here, it’s difficult to watch a lawyer sell himself out like this. I remember my Torts professor saying one time, “Next to my health and my family I value my law license above all else.” He didn’t say his house in Carmel — which he had — or his high end BMW with all the bells and whistles, none of that. He had a value system that I respected. His health came first, his family a close second and then his ability to practice law, which he considered more of a privilege than a right. He never trashed that. He valued and honored being a member of his profession.

Giuliani has done the opposite. I find it painful to watch. I have known a few lawyers who got disbarred and in two cases there were substance abuse problems and in one case just plain greed. They all thought they wouldn’t get caught but they did. I suppose Giuliani has the booze as a mitigating factor as well, but it’s beyond that. Something snapped in this guy. He just doesn’t have a phuque left to give and hasn’t had for some time.

I wonder where he went off the path so badly?

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  1. He’s pitiable, but loathesome as well. Somewhere within his leaky ol’ head is what remains of his brain, but it’s no longer functioning properly. It won’t allow him to see what he’s made of himself; the shock of that reality would be too much for his tenuous sanity to bear.


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