Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. bears enough resemblance to his father that it’s almost surreal listening to somebody who looks like Bobby, who is offspring to Bobby, whose voice even sounds a little like Bobby, and yet who rants and raves like a QAnon maniac. I, for one, am glad that Bobby isn’t here to see this.

Spy satellites? Hey, you know what? I’ve got a better idea. How about we carry a little flat box everywhere with us and it knows where we are and records it, and once a month Google sends a report on where you went that month — complete with pictures? We need spy satellites when we’ve got cell phones?

And Bill Gates would be fascinated by my wanderings. Gee, she went from the market, to the cheese shop, to the doctor’s office and then to the pizzeria. Wow, you suppose next month she’ll see a specialist about her toenails? Or maybe get a manicure? They’ll probably dedicate a transponder on one of those satellites to me alone, I’ll be the object of such abject fascination.


And if they’ve already got the house bugged, all they hear is the clacking of computer keys and the white noise of either the fan or the gas fireplace. It’s nice and quiet and dull here, just the way I like it.

Maybe we could do a spin off on the Truman Show and Truman Burbank could have a batty but benign Auntie Ursula, a hermit who blogs. I’m fine with that. And if Bill Gates thinks he needs to know about how much sage I put in the stuffing, whatever, I’m fine with that, too.

And I can understand the Kennedys’ embarrassment with this guy. I had insanity in my family as well.


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    • The larger the family the greater the odds are there will be members who turn into so-called black sheep, or even worse. The Kennedy family is a very, very large family so it shouldn’t surprise anyone there are members that are troubled, or even outright assholes who publicly go against all that family has stood for. I’m sure most of the Kennedy family wishes this prick would just STFU and go away, Far away and never come back.

  1. Well, Ursula, that calm in your residence is a REAL plus, as most of us have other occasional random sounds, including incoming phone calls from, “unknown”, callers … However, a dream making, multicolored lighted tree would add that special touch to your keyboard heaven … I think that is the best idea …

    The Kennedy Family has suffered some of the most bizarre and damaging accidents and murders, the lost ones leave a trail of hope, this present day flap jaw Family member is hard to believe … Too much cat nip in his pudding …

  2. I watched Bobbie die along with a lot of my dreams in 1968. Who would of thought at the time that he would bring a nutjob like his son into the world?


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