The Mad Tea Party didn’t have any stranger characters at the table than the ones that have dined at Mar-a-Lago this holiday week. And if I was Nick Fuentes, I would stay away from there in the future. Telling the truth to Donald Trump is like telling the truth to Norma Desmond, you might just end up floating face down in the swimming pool — or the ketchup pool, which is undoubtedly big enough to wade through right now.

Fuentes is of course eating up all the attention he’s gotten the past few days since he and Kanye West made the pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago. Now the question becomes, what was the purpose of the pilgrimage? To Trump’s way of thinking, they were coming there to kiss his ring. To their way of thinking, they were coming there to generate publicity and headlines, and that’s what they did.

And to West’s way of thinking, in particular, he probably really believes he’s a viable candidate for the presidency in 2024 and he wasn’t joking about asking Trump to be his running mate. That’s how out there he is. But wait until Trump sees this.

At least Jesus only had to deal with one Judas, Trump is dealing with one a day, or more.

And of course it gets worse. It would be bad enough for Trump to have to suffer this level of betrayal if he could plausibly get people to believe that he didn’t know who Fuentes was. That is getting more difficult. As Fuentes himself alludes to here, Trump may not have been exactly connecting Fuentes’ face with his reputation, but on the other hand, the Secret Service knows who Trump is having dinner with. Not just anybody gets to walk up to Trump.

Also, and this is key, there was holy hell to pay last year when Marjorie Taylor Greene was a keynote speaker alongside Nick Fuentes. Trump had to have seen that.

If you missed this, Boebert also is putting Trump in the rear view mirror and endorsing DeSantis.

Trump was told that it was a colossal mistake to announce his candidacy. He gambled and lost. He gambled on taking a victory lap in the wake of a red tsunami that never materialized and all he did was put himself in the crosshairs because he was blamed for the GOP losses, and rightfully so.

Meanwhile, Fuentes will be back on Twitter next week, spewing his drivel and paving the way for Ron DeSantis. If I had to venture a guess, DeSantis will eat up the praise but deny that he knows who Fuentes is or what he stands for as well.



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    • Why Trump isn’t already in jail and charged is beyond me. Ye and Trump!!! What a joke USA would be, even bigger than the foolish 4 yrs of Trump’s joke presidency.

  1. Former guys pupils learned his lessons very well. Almost like he held a course called “Knifing in the back 101”. Funny how I can’t summon and pity.



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