Although most of us believe in our bones that the entire drumpf senior leadership cohort is guilty as hell of attempting to subvert are democracy and should be somewhere making little rocks from big ones and not enjoying their Christmas Eve with their families like the non-felons they are not, if belief were sufficient to conjure reality Kari Lake would be Governor of Arizona.

Happily Ryan Goodman, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Just Security And NYU Law Chair has been reading the January 6th Committee’s final report and found that it lays out new evidence of Mark Meadows and Ronna McDaniel’s actively participating in the plan to send fake electors to D.C. to upend Joe Biden’s certification vote, including a heretofore unreported phone call on which McDaniel explicitly pledges to Trump her own support in making the scheme a reality as well as promising the active participation of RNC staffers.

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“On CNN Friday, former Defense Department special counsel and New York University Law Professor Ryan Goodman explained some of the incriminating new evidence revealed against former President Donald Trump in his role in the plot to overturn the 2020 presidential election — and zoomed in on a call he placed to Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel…

…”You see this new evidence, and in this you really do see new evidence of criminal liability here for Trump and his chief of staff, at the very least, Mark Meadows,” said anchor Kate Bolduan. “What evidence is most damning?”

“I think the most damning comes under the heading of the scheme to set up these false slate of electors, individuals from the GOP who would have been the electors if Trump had won those states, to certify that he had in fact won states that Biden had clearly won,” said Goodman. “That seems to just be a federal crime that is a very, very active part of the current special counsel’s investigation. New evidence, brand new that we have not seen before that directs it right at Trump and Mark Meadows.”

“For example, that one smoking gun so far is a call that Trump makes to the head of the RNC,” said Goodman. “And he hands over the call to John Eastman to say, we want you to organize the false slate of electors. That’s all we had in the past. We now know she (McDaniels) calls Donald Trump back soon after the call and says, I accept your request, which means it’s about him, it’s not about Eastman. And their other lawyers for the Trump campaign who say to the committee that it was Donald Trump who put Giuliani in control of this false slate of electors and what Giuliani was doing, as far as they were concerned, was executing what Donald Trump wanted them to do. That’s pretty devastating.”

Of course it is one thing to have smoking gun evidence and quite another to prosecute. Whether or not the DOJ will heed The House and there recommendation to bring charges against those involved very much remains an open question.

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  1. Yeah, while poor black folks sit in jail for, in some cases,(Florida), false voter fraud claims, Meadows clearly committed voter fraud in NC. He claimed a residence that he never lived in & if I remember correctly never visited. I’ve called the state attorney general’s office time & again asking when are you going to charge him, especially since he was running around screaming falsely about voter fraud? Crickets. Hypocrisy in action. There is a two tiered system of ‘justice’ in America. That is a fact. One may excuse it all you like but it violates EVERYTHING this country is supposed to represent. This is a rich white man’s land and has been since the framers of our vaunted ideals decided you had to be a white man WITH PROPERTY to vote. Fact. Love to see it change but I’ll believe it when I see it, not because others want to believe it and then justify the horseshit with but but but but.

  2. With the smoking arsenal standing as evidence against him, he and his acolytes will be tried and convicted. By this time next year.

    And remember that Watergate occurred in ’72, and that the Watergate Seven weren’t indicted til ’74, and in the end 69 officials were convicted.


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