“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” — Albert Einstein

Once again into the breach, dear friends. We have to check in on Mike Lindell and see how things go in Delusion World. Lindell is hosting a weekend-long event August 20-21 in Springfield, Missouri. As usual, the claims are momentous. Springfield News-Leader:

The event, called the “Moment of Truth Summit,” will be held at University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield from Aug. 20-21. It will feature a presentation by Lindell, “speakers from all 50 states,” a “world premier” of a movie centered around conspiracy theories of election fraud, “expert discussions,” “unveiling of new evidence,” “calls to action” and more. The 48-hour event will also be livestreamed to his website, called Frank Social.

Bannon is going to stand there and look interested because Lindell is advertising on his show. Bannon doesn’t have a Build the Wall fund going right now. You do what you can, right?

At least we haven’t gotten to the part where Lindell predicts that Jesus will show up with New Jerusalem in a space ship. Yet.


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  1. Your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore…
    It’s already overcrowded with your dirty little wars…
    And Jesus don’t like killing no matter what’s the reasons for…
    And your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore… John Prine
    Put that into your pipes & smoke it you raging assholes!

  2. What amazes me is how do these idiots ever get their money. Of course anyone who would pay the prices he charges for a foam pillow might be a clue. The people in MN think he is a total walk job qnd even Target will not sell his stupid pillow even though MN founded companies usually work together if it benefits them. I guess his fans needs lots of pillows to support their fat heads.

    • Don’t forget that Wal-Mart, freaking WAL-MART yanked his crappy pillows from their stores! You’d think that would have knocked the scales from the eyes of those MAGA goobers that believe his bullshit.

  3. Just wondering how long those speakers “from all 50 states” are going to have to actually speak, especially with a movie “world premier?” Sure, the thing lasts “48 hours” but very few conferences or similar events run 48 hours straight through; I can’t really imagine someone being all that alert at 3 am when they’ve been up since 9:30 the previous morning just because that speaker from North Dakota’s finally taking the stage. Usually events like this run a maximum of 12–maybe 14–hours at a time before adjourning.

  4. Ahh but you see the cunning plan is that the movie audio will be fed via 50 speakers round the hall – one purchased from each state

  5. Maybe the crack head knows that fat ass is going to be indicted at the end of the month. Indicting a career criminal so called “president” would be earth shattering to the flat earthers….


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