Hey, Brannon. Hey, Mike. I know you’re checking tags to see which media outlets are covering Mike’s latest batshit buffoonery. Let me save you the bother. The Washington Post did a dismissive wrap up of the cyber symposium over the weekend and Zach Petrizzo at Salon is tweeting about how Mike hired private investigators to follow him based on facial recognition software Mike supposedly has which indicate that Petrizzo and another journalist are really Antifa spies, or plants, or something. When I heard that I was actually glad I decided to stay home and not go to South Dakota. Sounds a bit over the top, Antifa spies posing as journalists, doncha think?

But no more over the top than offering Sean Hannity a job stuffing pillows. I thought you were going to hire him and Laura and Tucker to work at Frankspeech as commentators. No?

Now Mike, I have to tell you, Sean doesn’t consider himself a journalist. Check it out. Sean has gone on record saying, “I’m not a journalist, I’m a talk show host.” Like that Peter O’Toole movie, “I’m not an actor. I’m a movie star.” These are important distinctions. But I’m sure Sean appreciates the thought.

And here’s a bonus tweet for all you MyPillowPhiles out there about God persuading SCOTUS to overturn the election. How much does the election weigh? Maybe He Man or Voltron or Thor could overturn it, and you won’t need SCOTUS? Captain America maybe? Just trying to be helpful here.

Whoever pulls down or overturns the election make sure they don’t put it in the washing machine. Look at what that does to your pillows. Ouch.

It looks like one of the monsters in Alien after o.d.ing on Pepperidge Farm stuffing. I sure hope there’s nothing like this in my washer. I’ll have nightmares tonight thinking about it.

G’night Brannon, Mike. Your faithful scribe Ursula saying, okay, bye. :))


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  1. You mean his pillows aren’t as “machine warshable” as he claims they are? (I always hear him saying “warshable”–maybe it’s just me.)

  2. If he is now going to cease with dates cuz he now is putting his faith in God, then who was he faithful to earlier? As the church lady used to say, ” could it be Satan?” Some people say.


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