Don’t be surprised if the obvious mental patient you’re about to see ends up running for office on the GOP ticket. If ever the argument needed to be made for this country spending military-level money on mental health, this is it, right here.

There’s a soupcon of QAnon in this, naturally, insofar as this fellow believes that Vladimir Putin is his father. The QAnons love to believe in blood lines. It’s part of the old Holy Blood, Holy Grail conspiracy theory.

Also, there’s reference here to the End Times, what else. These people are real.

Maybe he’ll meet them in Hell after the dust settles. I think that’s where Trump and Putin are going and it probably will be more hospitable than earth.

If you think this guy is extreme and alone, I beg you to consider a few facts: 1) Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and the other senators who made Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings a living hell went out of their way to frame their questions to her in QAnon terms; 2) Boebert, Greene, the rest of the fringe crazies have no intention of abandoning their QAnon talking points; ergo, the guy talking the Biblical crazy talk here is the kind of voter that the GOP is openly catering to.

If we live in insane times, it’s in part due to the fact that we have elected officials who go out of their way to validate the lunatic fringe. Stupid, gullible people have always been among us. This is the first time a political party has openly catered to them as a voting bloc.


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  1. I agree in theory about their delusional minds, but I keep seeing more optimism about treatment than is warranted. Having dealt with thousands of assessments & admissions to Duke psychiatric hospital wards & to a private psychiatric & substance abuse hospital in Raleigh, I found most schizophrenics experience auditory hallucinations. If they get their medicines, they improve. Psychiatrists are reluctant to take on personality disorders or cult members because those issues cannot be fixed with a pill or shot. These folks have been created by our culture. The gutting of quality education after Reagan & the rise of homeschooling,(a cult factory), along with the gutting of the standards of truth in the media, allowing profit the highest status instead of truth, has created room for mass fixed delusions. Mix in our national brainwashing concerning real history, our history of patriarchal power, OUR history of slavery for profit, our governments’ secret history of evil doing in foreign affairs, & the natural laziness of our comfortable society, there isn’t a fix. The fix would be a standard where the LAW doesn’t create criminals on laws that are lies,( ex. Cannabis laws), double standards, like the Sacklers getting rich over addicting & killing hundreds of thousands of people & laughing all the way to the bank, & not holding oath takers to their oaths. There should be no 24/7 ‘news’ station like fox. Traitors, especially those of high office, should go to jail instead of black kids smoking pot. I could go on but the list is endless. Lies get innocent people killed & jailed. Ask Emmett Till’s family. The truth shall set us free. Unfortunately, we’re more interested in Beyonce’s tits, the Rock’s muscles & the fashion show on the red carpet. Oh, & when does the new Apple phone come out? I read a lot of Pulitzer Prize winning books. Some are quite thick & require effort. I learn alot by doing so. Meanwhile the citizens in our culture reads nothing but their phone. They watch Jerry Springer. They think professional athletes & actors are deep thinkers. They measure a man by his flaccid dick & a woman by her tits & ass, even if they are fake.CHARACTER? Nah. No treatment in the world can fix a culture that’s this shallow, stupid & venal. Now we have a culture that rivals the Catholic Church when they threatened Galileo with burning at the stake for pointing out we aren’t the center of the universe. In the name of Jesus of course. Welcome to Rome on steroids. Treatment? Start with the LAW actually embodying truth & justice. Then we’d have some hope of turning this around. It doesn’t lie in mental health treatment. After all my bitchin, who’d think I’d turn to the LAW as the answer. I surprise myself sometimes. Guess that’s why I’m still here. Curiosity may kill the cat but it keeps me around.

    • I totally agree that St. Reagan is responsible for tis. California in particular had an enviable school system. It’s been a mess for a long time. Also, the elimination of the Fairness in Broadcasting doctrine led to Rush Limbaugh and you know the rest.

  2. Can someone please explain the skull design on his hat? I’ve seen bumper stickers with this emblem and wonder the meaning is.

  3. This guy is pretty mild compared to Bobo, Marjie Kooky Pants, Cancun and the Howler Monkey….and Rojo, and rand, and daines and, and, and…….

  4. I totally agree that St. Reagan is responsible for tis. California in particular had an enviable school system. It’s been a mess for a long time. Also, the elimination of the Fairness in Broadcasting doctrine led to Rush Limbaugh and you know the rest.

  5. I was in the Navy during the Reagan years and I heard a senior-chief wish they would shoot real missiles at us during GQ drills. Reagan brought out the crazy in certain types of people. Fortunately, there weren’t that many. You would be surprised how many times WWIII could have begun over some insignificant contact with the Russians.


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