“On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed.” — Parody of Old Smoky

A parmesan cheese joke or two might not be out of order tonight.* At least that’s the image that came to mine when Mike Lindell came on screen, looking pretty wasted and not even having the savoir faire to grab the remote and turn down the sound.

Maybe we can flambee Mike, like they do with baked Alaska. Might wake him up. Take a look.

I love the end of this short clip where Lindell just zones right out. Whomever was filming this had the common sense to cut.

Run it through a second time and you’ll see that Lindell zones right when the announcer says, “obstruction of justice.” Isn’t that interesting? Kind of like Pavlov’s dog, his ears went up at what was important.

And this you’ll enjoy. Madison Cawthorn, the renowned Roman history scholar (oh yeah. And he says he’s a gourmet French chef, too, is this news to you?) took to the airwaves to put the Lindell phone seizure into the proper historical context. Yes, it’s just as theologian Lauren Boebert says, we are in the end times.

Look at it this way, friends. Maddy is going to be unemployed come January, 2023. He needs to get busy auditioning for that media career as a political historian. Heather Cox Richardson he is not. But he probably sounds smart to his constituents.

This is good, too. Barron Trump and Mike Lindell were raided, instead of real criminals, we are told. The victimization of young Barron and the violation of Melania’s lingerie cabinet are major right-wing talking points. They had died down for a few days but the Lindell incident inflamed them once again.

Here’s a half measure that will avail Lindell nothing. Think about this. A guy worth $300 million needs somebody to GIVE him a new phone. Great. I’m sure an undercover FBI agent will be happy to oblige.

I wonder what the gag here is, to get the rubes to give Lindell a bunch of I-Phones and then they’ll be resold?

Here’s the cherry on the sundae.

Give Rudy your money. He has all the answers.

*Crack addicts smoke parmesan cheese when they run out of crack. Don’t ask me.

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  1. I somehow think that someone who tries to draw parallels with Republican Rome really shouldn’t miss the fact that it started with an attack by an armed gang on the Roman Senate and the murder of one of its leading members. The attack on the US Senate by an armed mob didn’t go that way – they didn’t get their hands on any of their leading members to drag them out to the gallows they had erected.

    But then, the murder of Gaius of the gens Julii was done by a smaller mob

  2. Trumplet should be careful wishing the Epstein investigation move faster, considering one of the people on his guest list is probably Dadums…

  3. Actually, it is in Hunter Biden’s book that he was once so desperate for a hit that he was crawling around on the floor digging pieces from the carpet of what he hoped was crack, turned out to be parmesan cheese.

    • Holly, dear, you need therapy. I hear antipsychotics work.very well to dispel.the hallucinations you are having.
      The need to.put antipsychotics in the booze at glad and the other right-wing con-ventions. Add it to the water pitchers for the Baptists.


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