Boundaries are not Mike Lindell’s strong suit. He doesn’t know where the lines are drawn and forget about the goal posts. He picks those up and runs downfield with them every few weeks. But then again, Lindell isn’t playing the same game that you and I are, or at least he’s playing it with a few cards less than a full deck. Since he used to be a professional card dealer, he can probably function for a few more hands this way, but he ought to realize that the odds are stacked against him from the numbers that are coming up.

But that doesn’t matter when you can invoke Gawd and blame Him for your insanity. Lindell’s been saying for a while now that his obsession with the Big Lie is in fact a cosmic battle between good and evil, so logically he would begin talking about the end times, the will of God and how he’s being persecuted.

In any event, here is Lindell’s latest rant on Steve Bannon’s show and you see the apocalyptic dimension of it all. What I find most comical is that he rags on Fox News, per usual, but his ads still play there. He and Fox may have publicly broken up as a couple but they still sleep together. Money trumps moral principle, but if you knew anything about these people, you knew that.

He’s right about one thing, up is down and down is up. We do agree on that much.

Next, the January 6 Committee subpoenaed Lindell’s phone records. Alan Dershowitz views that as an infringement upon Lindell’s right to worship — stay with me now — and is going to sue the January 6 Committee on that basis. Think of Lindell as a sort of political Puritan, persecuted for his beliefs, asking Dershowitz to guide him to Plymouth Rock. AboveTheLaw:

He’s alleging that a subpoena for his cellphone metadata is a gross violation of his freedom of religion, because “his 2020 election integrity activities are motivated, in part, by his strongly held religious beliefs.” Also the people who listen to him shout about Chinese hackers and Dominion Voting Systems and his amazing lawsuit, which is forever two weeks from landing at the Supreme Court, are also motived by their Christian faith. And so it is illegal to look at his phone records.

On top of which, Mike Lindell is also a journalist because he makes movies about the election — but not in a Jesus way, in a “just the facts, ma’am” way, because journalism is VRY SRS BZNS. And so he is entitled to First Amendment protections as a bona fide member of the press.

Quit rolling your eyes! This is very important Constitution stuff, and not at all the ravings of a pillow pumping maniac throwing nonsense at the federal docket in hopes that something might stick long enough for Republicans to take back the House and end the inquiry into the events of January 6, 2021.

Not convinced? Well, look at this. Would Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz be entering his appearance in Lindell’s case if these weren’t totally legit arguments?

“I will be a constitutional consultant on the first and fourth amendment issues— issues I’ve litigated and written about for many years,” Dershowitz told Above the Law.

The Fourth Amendment deals with illegal search and seizure. Dershowitz is going to argue that a congressional subpoena is a violation of the Fourth Amendment? Seriously? I think my head is going to explode.

“Remember too that the First Amendment doesn’t only give Lindell the right to express his views,” Dershowitz told Newsweek at the time. “It gives 50 million people the right to hear his views.”

Does it, though?

And Dersh beamed into Lindell’s Election Pillowpallooza to express his concern that Dominion was cancel culturing free speech by filing defamation suits against people just for telling lies about the company and ruining its business.

“The First Amendment today is in great danger,” he warned. “It’s in great danger from corporations, from universities. It’s in great danger from the social media, from YouTube and from Facebook and from Twitter, that are censoring certain points of view and not other points of view.”

The professor did not specify how any of these entities, with the possible exception of universities, could violate the First Amendment. But perhaps he’ll explain it to us now that he’s actually appearing in the instant lawsuit.

Water finds its own level. Dershowitz washed down to the fever swamps of the law long ago. He’s got no credibility left and that’s been the case for some time. Now he’s found a deranged alligator named Lindell, climbed on his back, adjusted the pillows and the two of them are headed to the Black Lagoon. Dershowitz doesn’t care as long as he gets paid.

This is going to be a good episode. Stay tuned.

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  1. Wonder if his name would have surfaced if Jeffrey epstein hadn’t mysteriously committed ‘suicide’ in a jail run by barr & trump…inquiring minds want u to take a polygraph to prove u aren’t a pedophile jeff.

    • Dershowitz lost his credibility for more than the “I kept my shorts on” comment. He used to be credible. How the mighty have fallen.

  2. Lindell has money and a willingness to spend it on this crap. Dershowitz is a lawyer – at the ambulance chaser (and back of the pack of even them!) level. The latter is used to an expensive lifestyle and no longer has the income to sustain it, so if Lindell is willing to pay he’ll debase himself and put on a show. Like some crack whore who will do anything his or her clients want for a fix. These two were made for each other!

    As for your card analogy, I think Lindell is playing from a deck filled with Joker cards!

  3. He is taking Harvard from a respectable institution of legitimate debate and inquiry to a lie and democracy destroying powerhouse. Many of its law school graduates are now in positions of political power that they now choose to abuse for power and money. They have lost their compass.

    • Harvard hasn’t filled that niche for years. They’ve lost a great deal of credibility when they started pumping up undergraduate grades so they’d look good. Any school that exists to provide “networking” opportunities for students, which is all it does for undergraduates, is not a respectable institution period.

  4. Yes, there are right wing nuts at Harvard. I googled the following definitions:

    What is the Harvard Federalist Society?

    The Harvard Federalist Society is a group of conservative and libertarian law students. Our chief goal is to foster balanced and open debate about the fundamental principles of individual freedom, limited government, and judicial restraint.

    What is a federalist vs anti federalist?

    Those who supported the Constitution and a stronger national republic were known as Federalists. Those who opposed the ratification of the Constitution in favor of small localized government were known as Anti-Federalists. … The Anti-Federalists argued against the expansion of national power

    I think these people have a deceptive name. They are a combination of Federalists of old and the Anti-Federalists. They want Republican run states to be able to do what they want, but they want a Central government that will subvert any states run by Democrats.

    There are many right-wing Harvard grads in power in the Republican pantheon of scum. They are in the Congress, Republican cabinets and of course the Supreme Court. It is a disgusting legacy for an institution we are supposed to treat as superior to all other universities. Except for people like Obama or Clinton (Yale) most of the students are poor little rich kids like Trump.

    • Your first mistake was in treating it as superior. I’ve attended state schools which provided a superior education to anything taught at Harvard. I wasn’t taught to “network” or provided with “networking” opportunities, I was taught to think critically and use logic–you know, stuff that used to be the bread and butter of universities.


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