Donnie Darko is mad. He’s also nervous. The days are dark, which considering it’s August is a tad bit unusual, but psychological darkness knows no season. This has been Hell Week for Trump, to wit: an FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago; testifying before the New York attorney general’s office about his business practices and being mocked in the press for pleading the 5th; the continuing Fulton County grand jury probe of his election interference; a federal appeals court ruling that he has to turn over his tax returns to Congress; and the ongoing federal probe that continues to target his bagmen and cronies, namely the dastardly January 6 Committee (they had the nerve to grab Scott Perry’s phone, can you imagine?)

Oh, did I mention that Allen Weisselberg will be in court on Friday in connection with the Manhattan District Attorney’s probe of whether the Trump Organization dodged taxes on personal perks?

And then there’s Rudy, oh my Gawd Rudy, they’re dragging his sorry ass down to Georgia. He says he can’t fly, so he has to drive, roller skate or teleport.  So add this all up in a tidy column and Donald was in absolutely no mood for this from Lincoln Project. This is running on cable in Deadminster Bedminster and would you believe it? Fox News is running it.

Donald, of course, isn’t taking this affront lying down.

Here’s what Trump’s talking about.

The Lincoln Democracy Institute was created to inform the public about the nature of authoritarianism at all levels. It will point out where authoritarianism is taking root and share what Americans can do to stop it. The Lincoln Democracy Institute will also direct people to pro-democracy organizations, elected officials, and candidates.

The Institute is running a new ad asking Americans where they stand on the line between truth and lies, and violence and democracy, in the wake of January 6th. The ad tells viewers that January 6th did not end when rioters finally cleared the Capitol that day, but that supporters of the insurrection promise more violence and continue to threaten our democracy. 

You can watch the ad here. It will run on cable in Bedminster, New Jersey and is the first in a series that will run weekly.

”The January 6th Committee hearings show that the motivation behind the attack on the capital was to overthrow the election and destroy our democracy,” said Erin Dobson, Lincoln Democracy Institute Executive Director. “Today, we are asking Americans to decide if they believe in democracy, or if they want to see America succumb to violence, hate and ignorance.”

Previously known as the Franklin Project, The Lincoln Democracy Institute will respond in real time to threats to our democracy. It will repudiate the lies of the right wing media and push back against those who threaten to use violence. LDI is the 501(c)(4) nonprofit affiliate of the Lincoln Project. It will seek to defeat the forces that imperil our democratic system, reminding Americans of the values that unite us and educating voters on the urgency for all of us to participate in the democratic process. 

For more information on the Lincoln Democracy Institute, please contact: 

The ad hit him where he lives.

We are watching the Last Days Of Trump.

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  1. Trump! YOU’RE FIRED!!! You were fired in the last election. Pack ur shit cuz you may be changing residence. The FBI has already helped you with your hoarding problem. By the way…where is Natasha? Out trying to get moose & squirrel?

    • Oh Donnie boy,
      The FBI came knocking;
      The DOJ, is crawling up your ass.

      New York and Geor-gia
      Also have you in their sights;
      And Vlad has problems too,
      Too big to bail you out!

  2. Ursula, please do NOT ever use the term “Donnie Darko” when referring to Donald Dump. Donnie Darko was a GREAT* movie and the titular character shared as much in common with Dump as Elwood P Dowd (Jimmy Stewart’s character in “Harvey”) had with Adolf Hitler.

    *It suffered from bad timing with regards to release. For some odd reason, people in October of 2001 weren’t too keen on seeing a movie that featured a crashing airplane.

  3. trump the twink calling anyone or anything perverted is a laugh! HE OWNS THAT TITLE! Any man that openly says he wants to have sex with his own daughter is PERVERTED beyond belief!


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