The more things change the more they are the same.

Something like 68% of elected Republican officials have refused to denounce the Big Lie and either openly cosign on it, or are silent, and thereby complicit.

The same thing that happened in 2020 will happen in the next few weeks here.  Make no mistake. Unless we take charge and Get Out The Vote, the GOP will play its same sick games.

I love this.

That’s your vote! That’s not their vote! Don’t let nobody walk up to you and tell you that you can’t vote. Cast your absentee ballot and check it. If you vote on Election Day, stay in line. Get it done. They’re counting on you to be scared, intimidated, and afraid, which you shouldn’t be! You really should not be! Nobody should be walking up to you while you’re trying to vote. That’s your vote. Make your voice heard. Prove them wrong. Don’t just tell them no. Tell ’em hell no!Hell no. H-E double hockey sticks, N-O. No.

I am put in mind of Ronna McDaniel in the days before the Georgia run off elections — January 5, as a matter of fact, the day before the insurrection.  At that time the stolen election fable was the Republican rallying cry. And poor Ronna wanted to jump on board and say, yes, the election was stolen but if she did that then she was going to depress the turnout in the Georgia run off, and she couldn’t risk that. Oh, to watch her squirm.

This is like that. The GOPers know they’re lying when they push the Big Lie. The problem with all this is, the vote you depress may be your own.

Get Out The Vote! Tomorrow is November 1. We have quite a piece of work ahead of us still.


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