This is just pure instinct and if I’m wrong I’m wrong, but I think Herschel Russian Roulette Walker just did himself in. I honestly believe it’s all over now. Politically he just did the equivalent of shooting himself in the head by dissing Barack Obama (as he’s been doing for a week now) and invoking the birther conspiracy.

Obama won over 45% of the Georgia vote in 2012. It wasn’t some blow out for Mitt Romney. So for Herschel Walker to assume that all Democrats are universally loathed or some such is insane.

Plus, it goes without saying, the proportion of the Black vote that Obama garnered was huge and this is the same vote that Walker is trying to get.

Why don’t you go back to Texas, where you were living before you decided to do a Dr. Oz carpetbagger maneuver and get into Georgia politics?

I think this may have done it. Again, just instinct. With his anti-Obama dirge he’s making an anti-Black progress statement, at least that is the way that I hear it and I can’t imagine that too many other people are hearing it differently. Especially Black people.

We’ll see. For so many reasons I hope that Raphael Warnock flames this guy into a marshmallow.

I’m sure even Newt Gingrich would find this a bad move and he’s Mr. Georgia himself. Or, who knows? Maybe Newt advised it?


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  1. Walker, sadly (and let me be clear, this is not an adjective I give to most Republicans these days), is headed for a very ugly end. That’s true whichever way this race goes, though my money remains on him being just as toasted as you described, Ursula. His campaign has been a shambles, he’s not been able to lay one glove on Warnock (something a Republican candidate should manage in their sleep), his mental health is obviously deteriorating and way too much of his family hates him for understandable reasons. Going up against Barack Obama, the man who always inspires envy and jealousy in every black conservative in existence, this stupidly is practically political suicide.

    • As far as I can tell, judging by man on the street interviews, the people who plan for Herschel ate mostly poorly educated, evangelical, white football freaks. He played for UGA and the NFL. In their eyes that qualifies him.

  2. He’s a slave and doesn’t realize it ’cause he’s a slave with $$. He’ll do the massah’s bidding to try and get into power.

  3. Well, Obama was born in Honolulu, HI which is a pretty beautiful place. A shitload of people pay a small fortune to vacation there. In fact, a vacation to HI is for many their dream trip. Personally, and I say this having been born in and lived in a small midwestern town (down dying) I’d take that over Walker’s small GA hometown any day. Of course, I’ve read recently his hometown has become rather less than thrilled by him and would rather HE not head back to where he was from!

  4. Either the idiot never reads anything or his scriptwriters are just as bad (or maybe both)

    Anyway – I didn’t know Obama was actually standing in this round

    • Obama is campaigning for many Democrats, which may be what ticked Walker off.
      But that boy ain’t right, and getting worse. I suspect his story ends in some kind of institutional care.

  5. Walker is so ignorant it makes my skin crawl – how about somebody tell him how much he is being laughed at by his political ‘friends’ when he is not in the room ?


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