Once again we are reminded of two things: 1) politics in this country took a tremendous nosedive seven years and 2) religion in this country was in grave trouble for many years before that. When those two elements joined together, a cult was formed, with Donald Trump becoming the most unlikely candidate on any ballot at any time, anywhere, to receive religious endorsement.

But he did and we still live with that. Trump appeals to a certain kind of deviant who brands himself (it usually is a “him” although there are high profile females such as Paula Jones in the cult as well) as a “Christian” while elevating the most non-religious, non-spiritual, non Christian man to ever hold office in the history of this country.

It’s all in the name of money, honey. Yes, the prosperity consciousness gospel preachers love Trump and want you to send in your money and love him, too. Praise the Lord and listen to this. It’s pure comic relief, but make sure your volume is down, this guy is loud.

I think they’re lucky Jesus isn’t litigious. If anybody has a case for defamation, it’s Him.

That is the size of it. Christianity is now a fringe political party.

That would be strange enough, except that there’s still some of the actual religion left and nowadays if somebody identifies as a Christian you don’t know whether they’re stating their political affiliation or their religious views. We have never seen this before, to my knowledge, but it’s the norm now.

I simply had to put this in here.

And who the hell are you, screaming man? Maybe this guy can have his own convention every year in the Nevada desert, like they do with Burning Man. He can be Screaming Man. Imagine three days of this. Yikes. As Samuel Goldwyn once said, “Include me out.”

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  1. If they are going to be such avid political actors instead of pious observers, maybe they should loose their tax deductability status, and pay tax.

    • Yes, you’re absolutely correct. Now, looking at the current make-up of the s.c., how possible do you think it is such a thing will happen? Sometime in the future after the six political hacks are gone, if we still even HAVE a nation, perhaps. It’s going to be a tough one since religion is one of the biggest businesses there is in this country.

  2. On Paula Jones:
    Yes,,Bill.Clinton was a horn dog who made a disgusting pass.
    No, it wasn’t sexual!harassment, because she turned him.down,,and he accepted the lack.of consent. Period.
    Sexual.harassment had two parts legally: the pass,and a threat of negative consent and those consequences. Paula got pro.other and received salary increases There was no “quid” in the “quiz pro.qjo.”. He was a jerk.for making the pass to.a state employee. She turned him.down. Exposing himself was as far as it went, and may have been a crime,but there were no negative consequences for het refusal. The worst thing in that case was Bill’s atrocious taste in potential paramours. At least Monica,was pretty and smart.


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