The Democrats have The Squad and the Republiquans have The Squalid. If a slick action- caper writer (think Oceans Eleven) from the 70’s dropped acid for the next 40 years and then tried to write about the present day Republican party, this might be what would come out. But bear in mind, this is coming out of the headlines, not somebody’s imagination. This is who the GQP is now. Worse yet, they don’t have enough class to feel ashamed, other than Liz Cheney, Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney and a few others. Taking those names out of the equation, this is who’s left, running the show.

Naturally, it’s the work of the Lincoln Project.

Vote for your favorite character:

  1. Josh “The Little Bitch” Hawley;
  2. Marjorie Taylor Greene, “The Brains”
  3. Matt Gaetz, “The Revisionist.”
  4. Another one, see my comment.



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  1. There is just not enough digital space to name all the squalid’s. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at each of their “town hall meetings”.


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