I suppose it can be said that if you’ve seen one coke-fueled rant of Donald Trump, Jr.’s that you’ve seen them all. But they actually are getting more interesting lately, because he’s clearly running out of steam. He’s got 1% inspiration, from whatever trite fact he’s pushing that day and he pushes it with 99% perspiration. That’s where the cocaine comes in. It gives Junior the momentum he needs, the faux passion. The guy is an empty shell. He has no real drive to push his “news” platform. It’s just another ploy in a life of characterless manipulations and ploys.

Junior’s latest “achievement” is to put together his own news platform, response to which has been so far underwhelming. Maria Bartiromo gave him her platform from which to pitch his platform and all he did was take off like the horses at yesterday’s Kentucky Derby.

This clip is interesting because both parties are desperate. Bartiromo just wants him to shut up so that she can steer the conversation and Junior has only one take performances left in him. When he stops raving, that’s it for the day.

Fox News continues to book Junior for the same reason all entertainment venues book guests, they have space to fill. Junior’s status is 5th banana and he knows it. When news is slow, or deflection from a given story is needed, Junior is called to come on and fill air time. That’s it.

As to the larger issues, why does he continue to appear in public this way, it’s because he’s seriously ill. Drug addiction is no small thing. And Junior may have tried to stop in the past. We don’t know.

I wouldn’t be in his shoes for all the money in the world. I had to go through a Xanax detox once, because the drug was affecting me badly and never should have been prescribed in the first place. If I had it to do all over again, I would have gone into a hospital program. It was brutal. When the body is accustomed to a toxic drug and doesn’t get it, unremitting hell doesn’t begin to describe the experience of withdrawal. At Junior’s level of consumption it is going to be arduous, and that’s understating it, for him to detox and recover.

He makes it plain how much he despises Hunter Biden. As I’ve said before, he envies Hunter, because Hunter did the one thing that Junior needs to do, desperately, and knows that he can’t do. Or at least so far, that he won’t do.

If there’s a bigger tragedy than this playing out in public life every day, I don’t know what it is.

Ask anybody in a 12-step program what it takes to recover and they will tell you, you have to hit bottom first. You cannot become teachable until you hit bottom.  I don’t even want to think about what Junior’s bottom is going to look like.


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  1. Bottom? His problem is being the spawn of his father, and that particular (Trump) gene pool includes there being no limit to the depth a Trump can sink. It is infinite. No bottom exists. Trump himself is a vain, weak man but does put forth considerable effort to project otherwise. You just know he has to despise his namesake son’s repeated displays of drug addled weakness. I honestly think if Jr. OD’d himself Trump senior would for one of the few times in his life be happy. A couple of days of faux mourning and he’d never think about Don Jr. again. And Junior knows it. He KNOWS it. We haven’t been hearing much out of Kimberly in recent times. I’m wondering if even she is trying to “triangulate” as in keeping up pretense with Junior there’s a relationship that will continue, while at the same time trying desperately to ingratiate herself with Trump enough she’ll have a steady paycheck once Junior is out of the way – either dead or in a mental institution. Personally I think she’s on a fool’s errand if that’s the case but hey, she was stupid enough to join Trumpworld in the first place!

  2. Jr. despises Hunter Biden because Hunter has a father that loves and supports him, something Donnie has never had, and never will.

  3. You wonder why Jr. (or Sr. for that matter) continues to get air time while this site publishes every one of his verbal brain-farts on a regular basis… Just sayin’

  4. I submit Formerly Jr. is the bottom we’ve all been breathlessly waiting for like the Second Coming. Seriously, if you’ve got the stomach for it, look down all the way into the Abyss and there he is, sniffing, stuttering, rambling, and twitching.
    “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.”


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