The wonderful thing about this business is that you go to bed knowing that the following day will most likely bring something unbelievable to light, but you never know what it is. In this case, I could not have imagined in a million years that Donald Trump, Jr. would suggest that Ketanji Brown Jackson was a candidate for mental health counseling — I assume that’s the kind of “help” he’s referring to?

This is what you get when you ingest QAnon along with cocaine.

Here’s a nasal-sounding Junior giving a psychiatric diagnosis. Where oh where is his cousin Mary?

That is the professional diagnosis of Dr. Trump of the renowned Idiocracy Clinic. You’re welcome.

Now that you’ve had your dose of the professional Junior, all you Junior fans, here is a glimpse of the private man. Again, you can’t make this stuff up.

Is it me, or does that cake look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

A crooked, asymmetrical cake with a rose on one side and a blow torch on the other. Even their caterers are out of their goddamn minds.

Hey, Junior, remember what happened to Richard Pryor? You might want to stand clear of the pyrotechnics on Mamacita’s cake (that’s her nickname, seriously. And his is Junior Mints, isn’t that precious?) Anyhow, Junior, I was saying, the cocaine up your nose could turn into freebase when the torch hits it and then you’d be in a world of hurt. And Daddy still won’t love you. He decided early on that you were a loser and that’s that.

I’ve never seen a birthday party in Hell, but this will do until the real thing comes along.


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  1. To paraphrase David Bowie (with deepest apologies and eternal respect) yet again:

    Well, it must be the side effects of the cocaine,/Cause it sure as hell can’t be love.

    Swear to the gods, how is this man-child not in the hospital from an OD yet?

    • He’s in his early 40’s, so he’s still young and he doesn’t work. He can probably keep going with this “lifestyle” for quite some time.

      • I’m in roughly the same age bracket, Ursula, do about the same amount of physical work and my doctor informed how lucky I was that the gallstones he pulled out of me didn’t do long-term damage. I refuse to believe that he’s more protected than me with the stupid risks he keeps taking with his health.

    • I’m assuming that Kimberly didn’t want 52 candles on the cake. I think i’ll put candles on my next birthday cake. I’ll be 70. I hope the smoke alarm doesn’t go off. Maybe I should do this outside.

  2. Can the wanna-be Junior, even get his eyes wide open any more? Seems like he keeps his face up a lot, maybe that slows down the constant dripping out his nose …

    Any time we get a view of his eyes, they are red as a road flare and wet like someone’s that have been sneezing and coughing wildly … also he speaks like a poor imitation of his dad nothing coherent or complete sentences … guess you have to first blame it on stupidity, a fine trait of DJT, then on the drugs …

    WOW, the come-downs in prison, without their drugs is going to be a living hell, maybe too much to handle …

  3. Have him snort an 8 ball all at once. Instant heart attack and we’ll be done with him once and for all. Jr is just a plain old oxygen thief.


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