Talk about an obsession, Donald Trump, Jr. just can’t quit Hunter Biden and I think I know why. There’s a pattern here. Every time Junior is asked to talk about anything, it always ends up swiveling back to Hunter Biden. Here, he was apparently asked to talk about Ukraine, we assume because of President Biden’s deployment of troops early Thursday morning.

So Junior started there and then of course he swung into the usual talking points about both-siderism and double standards and then magically, he’s back on Hunter Biden. What does Hunter Biden, or his magic laptop, have to do with the price of tea in China, let alone the deployment of troops to Ukraine?

But if you stop for just a moment, the lightbulb will go on for you as it did for me. Why the perpetual hard on for Hunter? I think it’s because Hunter is sober. I think that Junior is close to a collapse. That’s pretty evident. These televised binges of his are coming closer and closer together. I think Junior is feeling the desperation of those who are at the end of their ropes with substance abuse and he wishes he could get sober, only he doesn’t want to do the work, he just wants to be struck sober and clean and have about a year under his belt without staying sober for a day.

Think about this for a minute, now. Junior, like Daddy, is not a doer. He’s a buyer. He buys whatever it is he wants, women, executive positions, titles, social status, you name it. The rest of us poor schmucks have to be worthy of relationships, promotions, our social standing. Not Junior. He just writes a check.

But you can’t write a check to get clean. Oh, sure, you can write a check to Betty Ford’s or one of the other clinics and check in and go through the process and you will be clean and sober. And if you do what you’re told you’ll even stay that way.

But Junior is scared. This is all he can do is stay in this state. Watch.

Junior is between the proverbial rock and a hard place. He would be in a bad enough position if he was only an addict. That is plenty to deal with. He’s an addict who has just been sued by Alexander Vindman, on top of having the January 6 Committee investigate him, on top of the Manhattan D.A.’s probe, on top of the New York attorney general’s office, so on and so forth.

He can’t cope with any of it. I don’t know what an average day in the life of Junior is but I would imagine, wake up, get loaded, talk to one of his lawyers, get loaded some more, talk to another lawyer or two, take a call from Newsmax or OAN, get loaded, go out and kill an animal, get loaded some more, and then finally pass out and do it all over again.

The fact that Junior is so far out of it that he doesn’t have enough sense to stay off of TV in this condition tells you all you need to know. And the fact that these outlets book him and televise him in this condition tells you all you need to know about them. You’re looking at vultures feasting off of other vultures.

I think the Hunter Biden obsession is because Hunter was able to do the one thing that Junior desperately needs to do and he can’t.

Junior’s going to hit one hell of a bottom. I’ve seen a few people in his condition and I’d say Junior is headed for an ER, if he hasn’t already been to a couple and it was hushed up. I would say I feel sorry, but I don’t. I don’t feel sorry for any of the Trumps. They deserve whatever they get — Mary not included, obviously.


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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong-I don’t remember Hunter Biden jumping in front of any and every camera available, including his own cell phone, to make a fool of himself twice a day and three times on Sunday.

    Hey, Dimwit Jr.! If you would cease making a fool of yourself on camera and posting it I suspect the press would have very little to do with you at all.

    • I have never seen anything even close to this in my life. Rudy Giuliani probably comes the closest, with his drunken appearances. Maybe they just don’t know how obvious it is that they’re loaded. Is it that? That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

    • The daddy issues are obvious. That’s no new observation. But I really believe that the appeal of Hunter, the reason Hunter lives rent free in Junior’s head, is because Junior wants what Hunter has, sobriety. Only he doesn’t want to do what Hunter did to get it.

  2. It’s not just that Hunter has gotten sober nor is it all the legal walls closing in (though the stress of that may be fueling his addiction); it’s that Hunter’s dad was always there for him and told him he loved him, even deep in his addiction. Jr’s daddy issues are at the core of all his problems. A rational person, in a toxic relationship, would face facts and ask for all the help he needed to escape. But Jr is just like daddy, venal and lazy.

    • The lazy part is it. And believe me, I’ve known substance abusers and 12 step programs. I was in Overeaters Anonymous for years, which is the 12 step program applied to food. And it’s good to lose weight. I kept it off for years. I’m fat again now (about 30 pounds overweight, fify if I wanted to be a model) because of all my issues with my hip surgery, anemia, etc., which rendered me sedentary for years. I dread going back to the rigors of that life, but it is what it is. Actually, food is the worst, because with drugs, booze, tobacco, you just don’t pick up the first one. You don’t have that option with food. Behavior modification takes guts and I don’t think Junior has any.

  3. I have less sympathy for Jr. (and his immediate blood relatives) than I do a bug on my windshield. If he or his dad were on fire and I had to take a leak, I’d find a tree to water first before either of them. Hell, having to wake up next to that banshee of a girlfriend Kimberley Griftergoil (or whatever her name is) is punishment I wouldn’t wish on any man, but he asked for that and it will cost him in ways he cannot even imagine yet.

    I’m keeping my popcorn warm for the upcoming game of chicken that will boil down to Daddy and his related felons to toss each other under the bus and negotiate the cushiest federal penitentiary location.

    • That’s what it will come down to, who can sell who out first. Frankly, I’m waiting for somebody in the Trump organization to do that. Either the bodyguard or one of the accountants. Somebody.

  4. It’s the ending of Casino all over again. I wonder if Jr ends up buried alive in a cornfield? Does the Ice princess own a designer shovel? Or a designer bat?

    • I don’t remember the ending of Casino except for DeNiro’s car blowing up and he miraculously survives it. I can’t see anything good happening for Junior unless he wakes up and decides to get clean. I’ve known too many people who have gone down this path. I knew a lot of people back in the 80’s, when everybody was blowing coke, who went to rehab places. I’m talking rich attorneys, show biz types, all that. I was in L.A. at the time.

  5. As it would seem to be evident that Baby Donny will ignore any subpoena he’s liable to arrest.
    Now what I’m wondering here is how long he’s kept in a cell before he can make bail – and how much of cold turkey he can take before he breaks down completely (and daddy drives the bus right over him)

    • You recall Trump saying that Junior “would handle it better” referring to jail. He told Michael Cohen that better it should be Junior in jail than Ivanka. Ivanka isn’t loaded 24/7, I think she could handle prison better. Although, who knows, maybe Junior can get his drugs in the slammer. What do I know?


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