I don’t think you need to study psychiatry in Vienna to see the quandary that Donald Trump Jr. is in. According to his cousin Mary, who has studied Freud, Jung and the like, Junior never became his own person. He stuck with Daddy for the money and the power. He’s still sticking with Daddy, although he’s now a middle aged man in his 40’s, not because he wants to, but because he has no choice.

So tonight, he went on Fox News, not for the first time nor the last, to rail about Joe Biden and his terrible son, but you can see his heart isn’t in it. He doesn’t believe what he’s saying, he’s just animated, loaded as usual, and going through the motions.

If he was in acting class the director would have stopped him by now and said, “Go home and get in touch with the character and don’t come back until you are.”

The only problem with that, is that the “character” is a son, who doesn’t know a father’s love, who doesn’t even really know a father’s like and has spent his life mostly hoping to avoid a father’s wrath. And his job is to go on TV and rant about how another man, who does love his son, supposedly has a son that is “corrupt” and bad to the bone — but the truth is that Don Jr. knows, as does the world, that Biden pater and fils love one another.

It’s a reality that Junior doesn’t know and he’s less of a person for it. And he gets that on some level and so does everybody else.

Take a look.

He ‘gets to read reports?” What does that mean? He’s running a think tank now and people bring reports to him to get a foreign policy analysis? Oh, please. I know the GOP is screwed but even they are not that deranged.

What I love is how he takes the posture that our own intelligence people are lying to us. Wonder where he got that one from? Oh, yeah. Helsinki. It all comes back now.

What a short while ago it was when this man was the standard bearer for the Republican party. My God, how they have plummeted. The mind reels.

That’s how it was. And this is what you see Junior doing on Fox News tonight, Helsinki II.

What a disgrace. No wonder he gets loaded all the time. He’s got money and doesn’t have to work but what good is that if you have to sell your own soul? Mary Trump is right, he’s not his own person. He’s another shill for Putin. As Junior said years ago, “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” We know we know. You could have told us that, even without telling us that.


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  1. Envy, as I recall is one of the 7 deadly sins. It’s a psychological cancer. It eats u from the inside. The talking beard is greener than Shek, knowing no matter what hunter does, his daddy loves him, maybe more than most since great love comes from great suffering. After all, one Christmas long ago, Joe buried his loving wife & daughter, & had to endure his little boys being hurt. What, exactly has Trump suffered? Ironically, the same loss of a father’s love, & look what an evil, soulless, heartless, shell of a humanoid that produced.

      • Probably in some kind of purgatory … the devil knows this family deserves their own personal hell, and that will be the time they go without any of the Daddy’s ill-gotten money, junior high kids making fun of their new orange outfits, people just laughing at the mention of anything TRUMP … Jokes and public small talk about the biggest losers ever, Trump and family …

        The history books are being written, chapters of the lists of everything Trump did for the People will be printed in invisible ink.

        The killing of frontline nurses and Doctors because he hid the masks and tools they needed, part of his small minded actions to lower the number of virus hits info against his record, and get profits from the states and other countries … as they bid for his warehouse full … He even stole Germany’s shipment of 250 thousand masks …

        His history of 10’s of thousands of lies to the public citizens, are on record, I’m sure that will bode well in his future torments …

        Their hell is close to starting, the real financial blizzard of lies Trump fed to the banks on one side and the total lies he fed to the IRS on the other side are what are going to sink his boat …

        The GOP is finally getting rewarded for their complete lip lock on Trump’s behind … his final performance at the US Capitol, is an anchor ready to tip over the rails and pull him AND his family into the biggest and widest sink hole ever with no bottom …

  2. It’s really too bad that Donald Jr never was able to be himself. I actually feel sorry for him. He never had a chance, thanks to his father. Never had a chance. Donald Sr really is guilty of child abuse when it comes to either of his older sons.

    • They are adults. They could have made other choices. They chose to join the criminal cabal that is the Trump Organization. Daddy would have cut them off, if they went their own way. But to have so little faith in your own ability to make it on your own is truly sad.

    • There’s no question he got dealt a shitty hand in the “father” department. However, like daughter Tiffany he had a mother that attempted to shield him from the Trump Org and too much time around not so dear ole dad. While she would sort of partially walk it back, in her less than amicable divorce from Trump his first trophy wife Ivana testified he’d raped her one night. While it didn’t get out at the time that tidbit did become known within the family including by Don Jr. Initially, he supported his mom and kept his distance from dad. Now, not that she’s a saint but Ivana was a world class skier when she got involved with and wound up marrying Trump. Basically, she knew people and had connections that went beyond anyone he introduced her to in NYC. She tried to keep a semi low profile while promoting her own business stuff after their divorce and between that and whatever she got from her pre-nup she was living large, if rather quietly. At least compared to her ex. She could have helped Don Jr. set himself up for a pretty nice career and living but that would have meant learning shit and actually working. As a way of sticking it to Ivana Trump Sr. baited his son with a fancy title (and more importantly a staff to make sure his assignments from his dad actually got done the way Trump Sr. wanted) and lavish salary and perks far more than what he was worth.

      Don Jr. took a look at his choices and chose the easy money “working” for his dad and it opened a rift with his mom (just as Trump Sr. intended!) that has never closed. That wound has to cut deep for Ivana Trump – her son initially supporting her but then choosing to sell out to his P.O.S. dad for easy money. I think Junior actually sometimes has felt and continues to feel guilt over what he did to his mom. And you can bet your last dollar that anytime he’s tried to stand up to his father the flaming orange human sized rectum has rubbed salt in that particular wound and given him a swirly in the unflushed fake gold toilet for good measure.

      Marla Maples tried her damndest to keep daughter Tiffany at arm’s length from her father, but in the end this fairly bright young woman took her Georgetown law degree and instead of jumping past the usual early year grind of beginning lawyers in the huge, powerful firms and straight into an office albeit still having to work 60 hour plus weeks for a few years to ensure eventual partnership she too chose the easy way and went to work for the Trump Org. That decision might well haunt her as her life progresses because even if she didn’t do anything illegal her Curriculum Vitae will always be tainted by her affiliation and legal work on behalf of a company that will spectacularly go down in flames.

      But getting back to Don Jr., he made a choice and it was a bad one. As I said, sometimes he realizes it but he’s so far past the point of no return his only option is to hope his dad somehow manages to shit a golden rabbit out of his ass yet again and get all of them off the hook. That seems increasingly unlikely which is probably why we increasingly see him coked up or crashing from a binge. Anyway, I have no sympathy for him. Unlike many kids born into a family business owned by an asshole of a father that was corrupt he actually had a choice at a key point in his life to break free.

  3. Don Trump Jr. Should say enough in and of itself. He divorced his only conscience, Vanessa. His poor kids have a father who is a failure. He’s got a woman now who will babysit him while he gets stoned drunk every day, and surely that will result in his early demise. The money is going out faster than ever before. And, Trump’s Melanoma, she cares even less wishing somehow they would all drop dead. In the end the cancer will get her too and that’ll be the last straw for Barron, he’ll die of a drug overdose.


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