It’s not surprising that Alex Jones would evoke a comparison to this particular Hollywood movie, A Few Good Men. We know what a slime ball the man is and all we’ve seen him do throughout this trial is attempt to wriggle free.

Doesn’t look like he’s going to go that. As a matter of fact, if anything should cause him to have the book thrown at him, this would probably be it.

For a brief moment the veil lifts and you see the tiny, reptilian soul of the man.

I don’t believe that Jones believed for one nanosecond of time that Sandy Hook was staged. I believe that he said it for the reasons we all know about, which is to pacify his pals in the gun lobby.

That trial must be a total circus. Take a look at this clip from yesterday, from the same source Law & Crime, where the judge and Jones’ lawyer get into it.

This is not a normal courtroom. I have attended various trials and this is not the norm. Now, the trials I attended had to do with auto accidents or medical malpractice and generally speaking, those aren’t topics that get people screaming. I have taken that into account. But it is a sad day for America if any trial goes on like this one has.

The defense attorney is out of control and you know that Jones could not be a worse witness in his own behalf if he tried.


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  1. If Jones legitimately thought Sandy Hook was staged, he is one of the stupidest SOB’s on the planet. I’m pretty sure stupidity is not a defense for anything.

    • I’m a little behind – is this a criminal or civil case? In any case, his argument seems to be that, given his distrust of “liberals” that he was legit skeptical and thought it was staged. That might be marginally acceptable for a few hours, a day or even a week perhaps, but after all the evidence, testimony, interviews, etc. for him to hold onto and push that total bull shit lie for all these years is inexcusable. If this is a criminal case, I hope he rots in jail. If civil, I hope he ends up penniless and on welfare.

      • civil case. he is already on the hook for millions in the first verdict (in Texas), and now more millions are likely to be awarded here. He turned these people’s lives upside down, put them through hell. He should be beggared.
        and his bankruptcy trial is not going his way either, I don’t think he will manage to hide his money from the judgements.

  2. “I legitimately thought (Sandy Hook) might have been staged, and I stand by that and don’t apologize for it.”

    Yep, buddy, that’s why the court is going to take all your money and give it to the people you slandered, they ALL ‘legitimately think’ you’re completely wrong.

  3. Another child killing nazi lover on the side of the killers not the innocent first graders. Fuck you nazi punk. Too bad your ancestors didn’t catch the bullets. One less nazi is a good day!!!

    • Scott, make sure you hit the Reply button right under the troll’s name. That way we’ll know you’re talking to it, and not posting a general comment.

      We have our own Trump troll. Should we keep it, or take it to the pound?

        • The only STUPID person I’ve seen in this posting, is you, being a predictable, boring, little person, no mind to be able to converse at the least level of normal community comments … it must be frustrating, being such a mental midget, good luck …

  4. The Sandy Hook murders were such a shock to myself and my wife, we still cringe and hurt when those small children are mentioned … This dumb asshole should be put away as a danger to the public in general … Saying anything, the way he does, like Trump and HIS twisting the knife after bringing a Seal’s widow to tears in front of Congress and the whole world, with a sing-song, horrible statement made by a person without sympathy, empathy or ANY common decency … Trump has made his whole life about bad judgements, ignoring laws and lies at ALL levels, the worst display of tax evasion and business as usual for him alone …

    Trump desperately needs at least 20 years in federal prison to iron out his confusion of right and wrong … by then, if still alive, he may not be such a jerk-off, dumb ass … well, Trump IS A NOBODY without his audience …


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