Al Franken guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and couldn’t resist poking holes in the following drumpf pronouncement on Truth Social, the rickety platform he created for himself once he got his lying orange ass kicked off Twitter, about how many votes he got in the 2020 election…

What drumpf failed to mention, of course, was that 2020 was the biggest turn out for any Presidential election, which he resoundingly lost by more then 7,000,000,000 votes.

Al patiently explains the enormity of drumpf’s losing loser loss below, starting at 5:29, though the whole monologue is definitely worth a watch…

”Now Trump keeps saying that he ‘got more votes, by far, than any sitting President in the history of our Country!’ I know that sounds good, but it doesn’t mean much when you lose by 7,052,770 votes. You’ve heard of Ireland, right? That’s more than the entire population of Ireland. It’s the entire population of Ireland plus every single person in Nebraska combined,”

But Franken wasn’t done there…

“Plus a completely sold out Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor and everyone who works at every Burger King in America, plus every person the average American will meet in their entire life, plus every Major League Baseball player and NBA player, Plus a Southwest flight at maximum capacity, throw in every person to date who’s got monkeypox in Indiana, and there’d still be six people left over… that’s the entire Allman Brothers Band. That’s how many people Donald Trump lost by. Give or take a million.”

If that isn’t enough funny you can watch the rest of the vid in which he explains exactly how big a dick Ted Cruz is and parodies a J6 committee meeting featuring the star of the recently concluded hit television series Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk, who portrays an army officer on drumpf’s January 6th security detail, who testifys and reluctantly demonstrates how drumpf danced a jig and sang “The (B)itch is dead” when he received erroneous reports of VP Pence’s demise…

…that bit starts at 10:12 in the above vid.

But Al wasn’t the only one this week trying to explain to the Orangeutan the depth of his predicament, here is a very talented gentleman who put it is song… “Look at All These FBIs”…


And here is a kindergarten teacher gently explaining to the problem child that not everything is his…


Nice try, teach, but people have been trying to explain to that brat his whole life what a big A-hole he is, and nothing seems to stick.

But we have to keep trying, I suppose.

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  1. I hope we see more of Al. I’d have loved it if when Rachael Maddow stepped aside they’d have found a way to work Franken into the time slot. Even if only once a week he’s smart as hell and in the Senate proved that as an investigator he can crawl up someone’s ass with the best of them. With the staff on that show backing him up he could have done devastating (to conservatives) work.

  2. GOOD ONE .. but I’m blocked from sharing again cuz I posted an Olde but goodie re mass murderer Giuliani on my page. Will share as soon as I can.


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