We saw America’s mayor back in 2001. He was on the cover of every newspaper. TIME made him their Person Of The Year. He lived off of his 9/11 legacy for quite some time. As Joe Biden put it, when Giuliani was running for the GOP nomination for president, “His every sentence was noun, verb, nine eleven.”

Biden said that when Giuliani sought the Republican nomination in 2008. He was starting to run out of steam on the 9/11 circuit. It was great while it lasted, but the topic was getting old.

Time for fresh material. Fast forward eight years to 2016 and Giuliani threw in his lot with Donald Trump. You know how that has worked out. Here is a clip of Giuliani which is even more pathetic than his performance in the Four Seasons Landscaping parking lot, if that’s humanly possible.

It’s a simple yes/no question. But he can’t answer it. And he can’t deflect successfully. He sounds like a damn fool.

Could it be that Rudy has a pardon? Could it be that Eastman does? is that how this mad shitshow is going to end, with a flurry of secret pardons being revealed? My God. I hesitate to even ask.


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  1. Any pardon written by Trump era DOJ is a) likely so poorly written that a first year law student could take it apart in court and b) have nothing to do with crimes he’s done since leaving the WH. Rudy is screwed.

  2. a flurry of secret pardons

    I for one (and I’m not from or in the US) would like to see a ‘use it or lose it’ bill so that anyone with a pardon from a particular President has to REVEAL that pardon within a short period (2 weeks?) after the inauguration of the next one.


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