The highest office in our land has always been held by somebody who respected the office and what it signified. Say what you will about George H.W. Bush (and I could go on a tirade for days) he showed a lot of class in not only his concession speech to Bill Clinton but in beginning the tradition of a president leaving a letter for the next president. Whatever his shortcomings, H.W. understood that the office was an institution that existed before him, would go on after him, and was more important than him. He honored the institution, as did his wife Barbara, who was most gracious to Hillary. That’s class. We saw none of that in the Trump/Biden transition, although I’m given to understand that Trump did leave a letter for Biden.

Then we get to president 45 who knows nothing of institutions or greater causes beyond himself. He has done everything possible to trash the dignity of the office he once held. He did these things before he took office, while he held office, and he does them now. ****WARNING**** NSFW

Is this banana republic-level buffoon what people want installed in the highest office in our land? Is this the image we want the rest of the world to have of America? Now I get it that this is what MAGA loves. This is who and what they are. But the larger picture is, are we MAGA? Does MAGA outnumber decent, intelligent, responsible Americans?

I don’t think so. But that doesn’t mean that we’re out of the woods. The instability of the electoral college system could put us in the situation that we were in when Trump won in 2016, which was minority rule. Trump lost the popular vote by over three million that year but squeaked in via the electoral college. Joe Biden won the popular vote by over eight million in 2020, which is quite the achievement, but he squeaked through the electoral college with exactly the same number of votes as Trump got in 2016.

Our system may end up self destructing, on these facts. This year we have a controversial third-party candidate, RFK Jr. As well you know, third-party candidates bleed off support from the Democrat but in this case the third-party candidate is such a loon that he’s bleeding off alt right MAGA support. Maybe. I say maybe because with polling in the state that it’s in, who knows who’s going to vote for whom?

Let us do everything we possibly can to Get Out The Vote and prevent this short fingered vulgarian (as Vanity Fair labeled Trump back in the day) from getting anywhere near Pennsylvania Avenue. As an old Turkish proverb says, “If you send a clown to the palace, he does not become king. (Or “presidential.”) The palace becomes a circus.” This we have already seen.


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  1. The ‘Party of family values’, ‘law and order’ and ‘decorum’ expects to be able to carry on ‘as normal’ after we’ve seen who they choose as their leader?

    The Lincoln Project nails it.

    They want to be the party of ‘values’ when Trump doesn’t have any.

    Yet they’ve nailed their colors to his mast.

    The only moral value they espouse is hypocrisy.



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