Many wits have taken their best swings at der Gropinfuhrer’s hair disaster over the years including my favorite of The 100 greatest descriptions of Donald Trump’s hair ever written from Monica Hesse’s 2016 Washington Post article…

9. An ambitious corn dog that escaped from the concession stand at a rural Alabama fairground, stole an unattended wig, hopped a freight train to Atlantic City and never looked back

But today on Twitter, after spotting a suspicious orange pelt crouched upon drumpf’s infernally balding dome at his bund rally in Wisconsin last night, we just might have reached some kind of apex of hirsute hilarity…

That it does, Rachel.




Y’all remember Penn Jillette, the comedian who worked with Trump on The Apprentice? He came up with a great line. He said that Trump’s hair looked like “cotton candy soaked with piss.”


You know who would die laughing if she wasn’t already dead is Ivana.

You do recall that Trump went to Ivana when he started losing his hair and he was flipping out. She recommended a hair plug guy. He hated the hair plugs and the guy and that led to an explosive argument with Ivana, which culminated in her marital rape.


Where is William Shatner? He is probably the world’s foremost expert on toupees. We really need some elder statesman level guidance from him.

Or what about we talk to Jack Benny? Let’s hook a phone call through the Twilight Zone, see what he thinks.

Another fan of Trump’s hair was Daniel Dale who made a name for himself fact checking Trump’s lies. He said that Trump’s hair was a “tousled mass of blond floufiness.” I don’t think Dale thought that he particularly liked it.


If you want more click on Randi Mayem Singer’s (Screenwriter of Mrs. Doubtfire) Tweet up top.

Thanks for the laughs, Ms. Singer!

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  1. I’m not sure it’s a toupee. He may have lost enough hair that he couldn’t do that swoop-and-sweep thing he had before. He’s also trying for more natural looking, not that that color is any more natural-looking on him.

  2. Between the fake Hitler hair helmet & his newest BS – that his fake WH doctor’s favorite part of the job was “loving” his “strong, fit body,” it’s VERY clear tfg is more than a little unhappy those un-airbrushed pix of his pasty, wrinkly, discolored skin, bald pate & dumpy, obese body making the news everywhere.
    W/out Fox & his SS minions to ensure nobody saw him w/out makeup, girdle, “hair work” & shoe lifts, the “real” Trump was revealed – & like the moldy carpets behind the glittery paint @ his failed casinos, the decrepit reality has seen daylight – & it’s like the portrait of Dorian Gray – a horrible view of the man beneath the costume.

  3. We all know that he’s been wearing a fat suit and a wig and that he really looks like the paintings of him with his muscular, fit body, with his Rambo gear and that his true age of 20 years younger. Right?

  4. I fail to see much to laugh about. It is obscene we had such a moron occupying the oval office. Everyday brings a new embarrassment to our country because this pure-d fool was somehow elected to the highest office in our land in 2016. It reflects badly on our nation and very, very, badly on a country’s citizens who elected such a vain idiot. The man had absolutely no redeeming qualities and yet a large portion of our country worships him, WORSHIPS HIM, as a deity.

    Our nation is not going to hell in a hand basket, it was flushed into a sewer and I seriously doubt if it can make its way out of it.

    • Our nation is going to hell because of Biden. President Trump had it going on , everyone WAS doingjust fine until Biden came along and the Democrats. You know I don’t care what President Trump’s hair looks like or what he Tweets or if he has a lot of money or not or what he looks like and I wish he was still president he did a great job.

      • Who comes to help you get dressed in the am? Clearly you don’t have sense enough to do it yourself. Mental fucking midgets everywhere. Did you know the earth isn’t flat?

  5. That dosen’t even look like him. What happened to his orange face. It could be he’s worried about clashing with his orange jumpsuit he’ll be wearing in prison.



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