You can always tell which news stories from the day before really chapped Donald Trump’s orange hide because he responds to them on social media. When Joe Biden raised $25M in one night you immediately learned how Trump was going to see his $25M and outraise him another $25M. It obviously got to Trump that Biden could easily raise that kind of cash when his own small donor base has been drying up. So it’s now been reported that Trump raised $50M last night and let’s see what those buzz kills at the FEC actually report at the end of the quarter, which is mercifully three long months away.

But what really got to Trump last night was the fact that Melania looked so dreary and out of sorts in the appearance she made at his billionaire’s bestie bash at Mar-a-Lag, that she was compared to the victim in a hostage video. So, to combat that, Trump has reposted his mash up from last week on what a great couple they are. He’s Caesar to her Cleopatra is the new hype.

He originally posted this on March 28 and then again this morning at 11:00 a.m. PDT. I suspect that the March 28 posting was to juice Melania and encourage her that she should get out there in the limelight and join him. It probably had the opposite effect and made her nauseous.

As to Caesar and Cleopatra, a history lesson: Middle aged Julius Caesar conquered Alexandria whereupon he stumbled upon the much younger Cleopatra, destined to be Queen of Egypt and taught her how to rule. They had one son together, Ptolemy. Now, if you follow MAGA lore at all, you will know that Barron is being compared to Alexander the Great and other historical luminaries and heralded to be an American president one day himself.

Whether Trump is the one feeding this fantasy, or whether he’s just picked up on it and is feeding it to Melania, who knows? But reinventing this situation from history, where Trump is Caesar, the elder statesman, there to impart knowledge to his young queen so that she can then guide their only son to great things, is something that Trump would do, I believe. It’s a good subplot, likely to get ratings. And for the rest of us, it gives us something to laugh our asses off over.

It’s also a way of manipulating Melania, although at this point, I don’t know how much more *manipulation* she can take. She looks pretty out of it and I don’t know what will coax her to want to wholeheartedly participate in Trump’s last stand, which at this point looks like it might make Custer’s last stand seem a garden party by comparison. More scenes of wedded bliss.

The jumpsuit supposedly has Playboy bunnies on it. I can’t see that level of detail. But assuming they’re there, then that would explain why she showed up in this costume. This way she can get in a dig at Trump’s dalliances.

Here’s a thought: We all know that Melania lost her mother in January. I have no idea what their relationship was, but maybe her mother was the one that convinced her to stay in this lousy marriage. Maybe her mother was her sounding board and her confidante. And without somebody to cheerlead her and guide her play by play through being married to this horrible man, maybe she’s having a problem keeping up even the facade. Who knows? It’s just a thought, because this woman does not look happy.

And as to Trump, he’s desperate. He’s got to go through the motions and hope that somehow he survives financially, and either gets reelected or somehow still can grift from MAGA and the GOP post election and maybe give 2028 a shot.

This is a macabre scene. And it’s not going to get any less strange as the days tick down to November 5. But first let’s get ready for what’s happening one week from tomorrow, which is the beginning of the hush money trial in New York. This is a criminal trial and Trump could be convicted and sentenced. That could throw an entirely different spin on how the election goes.

And it could throw a different spin on how Trump wants Melania to behave. After all, she has not shown up to any of his court appearances with him. If she would attend the hush money trial and better yet, if she would make appearances about how ill used Donald is and what a lie it all is, wouldn’t that be some great propaganda? Trump needs Melania to play Hanoi Hannah right now and she’s not cooperating.

Trump has tipped his hand here with this video that he’s posted twice in less than two weeks. Look for him to work on Melania to get with the program. Remember, all he knows is television. So he’s got to have all the supporting players and props around him. Everybody has got to kick into the creation of Trump’s fantasy. And right now Melania won’t. Or can’t. Or maybe both. Let’s see just how weird this gets.


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  1. Actually Cleopatra’s son was more commonly referred to as ‘Caesarion’ – Ptolemy was one of his names but not the usual one

    Anyway – Hairy Jack of the gens Julianii was never married to Cleopatra – his wife was Calpurnia (a Roman matron ‘above suspicion’)

    But then – what’s a spot of marital infidelity to Donny?

    • It was a political marriage,and Gaius Julius and Cal put is understood the arrangement. She was to produce an heir and a spare for a general who would be away most of the time. She knew and accepted and expected infidelity.
      I laughed my way through the first few HBO series Rome because I had 3years of high school Latin and a semester on the epic which had us translating the Aeneid. I had to read Caesar’s Commentaries in high school. I am so NOT a fan of Rome. I rooted for the Velvet hand and the Germans.

      I gave up even snickering on HBO’s series ROME when Caesar’s sister or sister-in-law told her daughter to.write to her Julius Uh, no. That’s like writing to your Uncle Smith.

      • Interestingly, in the 19th century in England, people would talk about “Uncle Smith.” Check out A Chriatmas Carol again., No one ever talks about Frank’s “Uncle Ebenezer,” but about “Uncle Scrooge.” In order to make it work in his cartooons, Disney had to give the uncle a new last name – “McDuck.”

        • I know. I did my honors thesis on Jane Austen. But the mother in this case,was either the sister SiL of Julius,,and there were very likely several Uncle Juliuses,since it was the family/tribal name. This was Hollywood on a particularly bad name, and I rather doubt any research was done. It was Dynasty,the 80s TV show in togas…

          • I had to suffer ‘De Bello Gallico’ as well – but people should remember that Caesar was actually a nickname for the bold Julius – it means ‘hairy’ – and he was bald.

            Maybe that’s why Don John feels like him – not for his military (or anything else) brain – but he’s losing what’s on top (inside and out)

  2. I’m not sure Trump has thought comparing himself to Caesar through. Most MAGAs, if they hear the name Caesar think either of some “fancy” salad which they won’t eat, or the dude who’s best pal stabbed him in the back on “the Ides of March” not even knowing when the Ides of March is.

  3. Caesar and Cleo eh? Well, only if Caesar was a dissolute, fat-assed, do nothing and know-nothing. Have no idea if he was although some emperors of rome were pretty damned bad. lol

    • He was a general, so I rather doubt he the size of a barrel. Trump is more like Henry VIII. Although I doubt he has had any wives decapitated. That sort of thing tends to land one in jail today, and he isn’t King Donald, first of his name, YET.

  4. Apparently Carsar was bad enough to be murdered by his “friends.” Yeah, Trump didn’t think this through. Just further illustrates that he knows no history.

    • And let me be clear: I doubt if Trump knows who Caesar and Cleopatra are. He might remember Antony and Cleo from the Taylor/Burton movie. My point is that he’s enacting the roles of himself as elder statesman and Melania as his young queen. That’s the point of the video, I think.

    • It was political. The ones who assassinated him, if I recall corectly, preferred a ruling triumvirate at worst and a Republic as best. They had a,Senate made up of old aristocratic families (called the equites, which roughly translates as Knights, or Barons).

  5. Melania definitely married for money, but she didn’t sign up for this. She hated it the first time and now she knows what she might be in for. I shouldn’t feel sorry for her, but I do. Money is one thing. All the BS of politics is something else entirely.

    • She definitely did not see this one coming. She’s totally miscast as First Lady. As ornament for a rich man, fine, that she can do, but not First Lady.

  6. IIRC Caesar’s liaison with Cleo was one – just – one – there aere many – of the reasons his “friends”did him in. Sadly, it backfired.
    No one else, and certainly not Antony or Lepidus, was any match for Caesar’s nephew Octavian. Antony tried, and did get to first base with Cleo, which did him more harm than good.


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