Donald Trump was a “star,” remember? That is the word he used in the Access Hollywood tape. One isn’t a “star” in business; one is successful. Only in show business is someone a “star,” which tells you a lot about the “billionaire” real estate man Donald Trump and what he saw as important to his financial worth. So, the “star” is obsessed with ratings.

He began this morning with two smug and hilariously oblivious posts on Truth Social. He is so thin-skinned that he actually relishes watching non-supporters fail painfully. A sick human being. He posted – as he often does – about ratings on CNN and MSNBC. We can’t trust whether he posts real numbers, but the joke is on him right now because “ratings” are the reason that Fox News, Trump’s biggest supporter until recently, is drowning. Dominion’s lawsuit is driving the point home to Fox that “fake news” in search of ratings can be extremely expensive. Additionally, somehow Trump is oblivious to the fact that everyone, including Fox, knew Trump and his team were lying with regard to humiliating details about Fox talent and producers’ humiliating hatred of their audience are bursting forth from the Dominion lawsuit:

“CNN suffers devastating 83% loss in viewership as Trump’s ratings skyrocket.” D.C. Enquirer MSDNC (MSNBC) is doing really badly also. Too bad, Fake News just doesn’t sell any longer!

Such beautiful irony! Fake news is literally about to cost Fox News over a billion dollars and threaten its business model (they sort of have to tell the truth now). Fox is in trouble precisely because real “fake” news was sold – but only to Trump followers – following the 2020 election.

MSNBC can barely float, it is a ratings disaster. Morning Joe and his sidekick, “Mike,” are getting pummeled. All of these Fake News Cable shows are. My CPAC speech was just announced as #1 on all of Cable. That’s because it was not Fake News!

Morning Joe has been on the air for 16 years. It would seem to me that the show meets the network’s expectations quite well. Of course, nice “nickname,” Trump.

But getting back to the real news. Fox News and Rupert Murdoch are in “real trouble,” because Dominion seems poised to possibly win even at Summary Judgment (no trial except on the amount of damages). New suits will line up accordingly from people hurt due to Fox News’s lies, and they’ll have the Dominion discovery information to use and their suit as a roadmap. Additionally, there is no reason to believe that Murdoch’s other media empires in Australia and the U.K. don’t have similar issues.

No, Donald Trump nearly single-handedly put Fox News’s very existence in serious trouble, certainly its stability. Typical. Everything Trump touches dies. Oblivious!
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  1. Everyone’s familiar with the saying “Everything Trump touches dies.” He might not kill Fox (sadly they’ll survive I’m pretty sure) but he’s inflicted severe trauma on them. Like I said, Fox will almost certainly survive but there are going to be visible scars from the “trauma surgeons.”

  2. The people running Faux Noose should really have watched ‘Battleship Potemkin’ to find out what happens when the ratings take control


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