Any notion that Donald Trump is a normal guy, with normal feelings and what the rest of us would deem normal relationships, he himself trashed with his slip up today. While speaking at a White House press gaggle on the topic of vaping, Trump revealed that Melania developed an interest in the vaping topic, because “she has a son.” Then he tried to recover his footing. Watch.

Interesting. Not “we have a son” or “the First Lady became involved because of our son of such and such age.” No. His words were “SHE’s got a son.” Then he stuttered “together.” Does this sound like a cohesive, tight-knit family unit to you?

Consider what we know about these relationships: 1. First born Donald Jr. is “not the sharpest knife in the drawer” plus Trump reportedly slapped him and knocked him to the ground when he visited him in college. 2. Ivanka, reportedly, is somebody he is physically attracted to. He told Howard Stern, “If she wasn’t my daughter, I’d be dating her.” 3. Eric never comes up in Trump’s conversation. 4. Tiffany is somebody Trump “couldn’t pick out of a crowd,” according to his personal assistant who was fired last week and lastly, number 5. Barron, “is a beautiful young man” and Melania’s son. So, Melania showed him a picture once, maybe, and that’s how Trump knows he’s a beautiful young man?

It goes without saying, the Twitterverse is having a field day with this one.

Trump doesn’t sound too involved with either his third wife or his fifth child. Maybe they’re the better for it? We certainly will be, when he’s not involved with us anymore.

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  1. He also said that “children have died” from vaping. AFAIK, you have to be at least 18 to do it legally – and that’s not “children”. (Several adults of various ages have died, but they aren’t sure of the exact cause, other than it’s connected to vaping.) If people under 18 are vaping, it’s on the *adults* selling them the materials to do so.

    • He doesn’t know who’s died from vaping. And if he’s worried about chlldren dying — hey, what about all the school shootings and even the non school shootings that have resulting in young deaths? Want to save dying kids? How about gun control?

    • Poor Barron is right. He has to know what’s going on to some extent. I’m sure Melania tries to shield him, but you can’t shield a kid of a certain age. Once they go to school and become part of a larger world, they’re not their parents’ possession so much as they are their own being. It varies with the kid, of course, but bottom line, I’m sure Barron knows Papa is a complete a$$hole. (I see you have adopted my spelling of that word.) -:))

    • This is weirder than usual. And you notice how expressionless Melania is? I wonder if the muscles of her face even move? Maybe that’s a mask she’s wearing?

      • I understand models learn to have expressionless faces, just to do their jobs – especially haute-couture models. (The ones in pattern catalogs have more expression. There’s one I’ve seen, mostly in Butterick catalogs, who has some marvelous tattoos.)


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