It looks like the afternoon’s NASCAR distraction didn’t work for the toddler in question. Because as soon as he got back to where his phone was, he started posting nasty grams on Truth Social which basically are skating right on the hairy edge of violating his gag order. And this is taking place a little over a day before court convenes and closing arguments are heard. This is not a good sign at all. Here’s Donald Trump’s latest.

“Three fake options from the jury to choose from.” Oh, man. I wonder who tried to explain the jury instructions to Trump? Todd Blanche maybe? Surely not Alina? He does not have the kind of mind that comprehends nuance or degrees of anything. He sees life in cavemen level, black and white terms — exactly like Marjorie Taylor Greene. No wonder those two get along so famously.

There were two other missives before that one dropped, so it’s clear that Donald is doing what his niece Mary says he does on social media, which is processing his feelings. It’s Sunday night, he’s back home — whether that means Mar-a-Lago or Trump Tower, I don’t know. He will need to get back to New York tomorrow night if he’s not there already. So he’s by himself and obsessing on the trial.

The second *Truth* about Alvin Bragg having nothing going for him but a “Corrupt” “Conflicted” judge is going to cause Trump some problems, unless I miss my guess.

At first blush, he’s: 1. Suggesting the jury has been tampered with and 2. Tampering with the jury himself. This is very bad. And are you ready for this? A couple of pundits were discussing prison time and they said that while this kind of crime isn’t one that usually merits a prison sentence, Trump may have already brought one on himself anyhow.

“The only wildcard is that Trump has been so vocal about discrediting the criminal justice system, the judge, and attacking the prosecutors, this or that” he said, adding that “part of the sentencing process is ensuring there is respect for the law and the sentence promotes respect for the law.”

“I think Trump’s commentary will at least give the judge some pause as to whether or not there needs to be prison time, maybe limited, just to make sure that that conduct does not go unpunished,” he said. “Under the federal sentencing law, actually, promoting respect for the law is a statutorily required factor that judges have to consider.”

And of course there Trump is, on a Sunday night, over on Truth Social, banging out his unhappiness and jury tampering. If you want to have a good laugh, go over to Truth Social now and see how Trump is re-posting praise from his sychophants. Laura Loomer, Mike Lee, and others are saying what a smash bang appearance Trump made at the Libertarian Convention on Saturday night. These were comments made last night and now Donald — or somebody with access to the account — is reposting them to beat the band.

Why? His cultists lavished on praise last night in order to gaslight Trump that he’s really universally loved. Tonight, Trump may be trying to distract himself with flattery, so that he doesn’t have to think about the hush money case. It’s delusional over there right now. Trump is bringing “unity” Mike Lee says and Laura Loomer talked about how thrilled (and united) the Libertarians are that the dark webmeister who’s in prison for life is going to get pardoned.

MAGA is psychosis unleashed onto politics. Do not expect things to get any better between now and November.

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  1. Trump and MAGA know what the verdict should be. The best they can hope for is a hung jury and a second trial. They all have a childish persecution complex and look at the world through that distorted lens. Too, they all have a big chip on their shoulders over desegregation and perseaved unjust regulation and taxation by the government. They hate the Constitution, thus America and truly are all insurrectionist .


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