“Don’t cry for me Orange-tina” — new Trump world national anthem. 

Welcome to the COVID Chronicles, 28 days out edition. We will do this once a day until COVID-19 is gone, or Donald Trump is gone, or the blessed day when both are but a bad memory.

Last night the world watched TrumpVita climb the steps of the southern portico — twice, he didn’t like the first take — for the worst photo op in history. He stood there with his orange makeup slathered on with a trowel and chest heaving, gasping for breath. He admonished Americans not to let coronavirus “dominate” our lives. But in short order that is exactly what is going to happen to Trump. Like it or not, he can’t fight Mother Nature. Or, as he would say, “it is what it is.” And it’s about to get much worse. John Stoer, the Editorial Board:

It’s clear he’s sick, though. What’s more, he’s very sick. Doctors do not administer dexamethasone to someone who is not. The steroid makes patients feel like they have energy to spare while tamping down their immune systems, the AP reports. Trump is no doubt correct in saying he feels better than he has in 20 years. That didn’t prevent his chest from visibly heaving, though. And watch out when the drug wears off. It’s common knowledge covid patients feel better before they crash for the worse. The next week is going to be the most important week of this president’s mortal life.

Skeptics maintain he’s faking it to avoid facing Joe Biden a second time. Again, that’s understandable….The debate was unlike most in fact. Its impact has been lasting. Trump didn’t just fail to win new voters, he lost old voters, and he lost them, because he seemed, when standing next to a former vice president speaking from his heart, petty and weak. Skeptics, however, forget something important. You don’t avoid looking weak by pretending to be weaker. Getting sick a month before Election Day is this president’s very worst nightmare. […]

Even if he recovers, he cannot credibly maintain (among people who find it credible) his image of infallibility—the idea he’s invincible. Yes, allies are trying mightily to portray him as some kind of Rambo, some kind of grotesque super-white superhero who can crush the covid with his bare hands. (That venomous smurf Ben Shapiro is representative in this regard. This morning he tweeted: “Wait until Trump develops the anti-covid serum, using his own anti-bodies like Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend,’ and then wins 50 states.” Never mind that Smith’s character kills himself after realizing he’s the bane of the world.) But we are rapidly approaching a tipping point after which these efforts are going to backfire. Indeed, we may already be there. The president’s campaign is crunched for cash.

To be sure, some will always be skeptical. But the rest of us should remember the whole truth. The point of Trump’s project, in the eyes of his hardest supporters, is the power to instill fear in the eyes of their enemies (and taking pleasure in seeing that fear). If enemies do not fear this president, there’s no point to this president. You don’t instill fear when you’re struggling to breathe. You don’t instill fear when you’re dead.

As we speak, the right-wingnuttia talking point of Trump having been deliberately infected and sabotaged by Evil Democrats is taking hold and flourishing as the main narrative. Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, the whole crowd are on board the bio-terrorism crazy train. And the yous and mes are the terrorists — or something. Daily Beast:

Explaining that it would “be very easy to do it at the White House,” Limbaugh added that he was “leveling no allegations” while gaming out the potential plot to infect Trump. “A-ha—the Chi-Coms, the Chi-Coms,” he said after his guest suggested the Chinese could have launched an attack. “Well, let me just throw a couple things out to you, and see—these are just possibilities, these are not—whatever you think out there, folks, we are leveling no allegations. What about an infected swab that they are testing people with?”

“What about some person who has the virus but is asymptomatic and is walking around all of these places—getting close to people, breathing on them, touching them—and maybe a Republican, even,” Limbaugh continued. “What do you think about those two possibilities?” […]

Other fringe personalities—though ones with a large MAGA foothold—have also embraced the notion that Republicans and Trump were specifically targeted for the virus.

Failed congressional candidate and QAnon fan DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero, whose call to “#FireFauci” was retweeted by the president, offered up her thoughts over the weekend. “Trump was fine until the debate, where they set up microphones & podiums for him,” she noted at one point. “Incubation period is usually 2 – 3 days. He tests positive a couple of days after the debate. I put nothing past the left. NOTHING.”

P.T. Barnum famously said that nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public. Apparently the GOP’s reworking of that concept is that nobody ever lost an election underestimating the stupidity of the American voter. The gullible and uninformed will always be with us. But this is the first time in history that I know of that a major political party has sought to cultivate them as a voting bloc. But then again, perhaps the Republicans know their constituency a lot better than we do? Because it’s either that, or they flat out have no problem insulting the intelligence of the American electorate. I guess that that is the question we’re going to find out the answer to in 28 days. Is this still America — or is it Trump world? And if the latter is the case, we are done and democracy is but a dream. My take is that Trump’a performance on November 3 is going to make the Hindenburg look like a soft landing. Let’s get out the vote and make that happen.


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  1. With the exception of one blog post, the Trump tax evasion story seems to have fallen off of the face of the Earth. Convenient if not timely.

      • I love that $750 tax. This humble little blog pays more in taxes — or will next year. I waited until I got to Nevada to do an LLC. And I don’t have any Cadillac health care. I’m grateful as hell to have Medicare and I’m assuming I can get Medicaid in this state.

    • True, but the “Powers That Be” haven’t forgotten!! Noooo, they are waiting until November 4th when they can throw the cuffs on and take him to his new “digs”! 🙂

      • I love for the post mortem of this presidency. Jimmy Carter started Habitat for Humanity, Bill Clinton started a foundation, Dubya went home and painted a picture of his dog, and Trump, God willing, is going to prison.

  2. Do remember the highly experimental treatment Regeneron as well, currently Phase II in its development process and injected into Trump on the grounds of compassionate use. The Q twits are probably thinking that’s what’ll save him but that stuff only happens in the movies they ripped off for their persecution fantasies. It’s probably going to contribute to his upcoming crash.

    • “What goes up, must come down. Spinning wheels got to go round…” including the ones in Trump’s wheelhouse. Especially those.

  3. Well feels like the Hindenberg landing on the Titanic with leaking hydrogen tanks and the neon smoking light on.

    Well at least there isn’t a Cat 4 hurricane that will hit Yucatan and then projects to Louisiana and Mississippi (with tornadoes and rain for Arkansas and Alabama, Probably). AND should weaken in Gulf of Mexico, unless the gulf is very warm 🙁
    Is FEMA funded? Note: $300 unemployment came from…

    • Great piece of snark! Btw, hurricanes that pass over a significant amount of land and stay formed as they move back over open water usually get much stronger than when they made that first landfall. It will be interesting to see how much of the inner part of that hurricane passes over the Yucitan.

      • The Gulf is pretty warm – that’s always good for increasing strength quickly. Current predicted track looks to take it over Lafayette and between Alexandria and Baton Rouge.

        • Given all the storms that have moved through it this year churning up the water in the relatively (compared to the Atlantic basin) shallow Gulf and how hot it’s been this year I rather doubt things have settled down to provide a hard, widespread thermocline to allow lower depths to cool. So your point about the warm waters is an important one. Each degree of above normal surface/near surface temps. equates roughly to an additional degree of hurricane severity. I also gather this isn’t a fast moving storm either. Unless it speeds up a significant amount greater than normal that extra time will also allow it to gather strength. And if it slows down? But even under the best circumstances there’s a lot of open, shallow and warmer than the Atlantic warm water between the Yucitan peninsula and the Gulf Coast! I’m up in the Raleigh NC area and given potential tracks I think we’ll avoid the worst of things but could still be significantly impacted. As we used to say in the Corps, I’m “standing by to stand by.”

  4. I got a kick out of the reference at the beginning. I never performed in a staging of Evita but have seen it multiple times and earlier today on another site I couldn’t resist a little editing of the title song:
    Don’t cry for me MAGA suckers

    The truth is, I never loved you

    I sought your votes and, I sought your money

    You gave me both….


    You’re now not useful


    I also saw a wisecrack about that orange makeup of his being two millimeters thick and for some reason had a flashback to Jim – and Tammy Faye Baker! Remember all the jokes about how thick all that caked on makeup of hers was. I can’t imagine how many megatons the explosion Trump would have if he saw that particular comparison trending on social media. And at least Tammy Faye wasn’t ORANGE!

    • Are you on Twitter, Denis? Go tweet that to Rick Wilson. He’ll enjoy it. He gets a lot of tweets and may not respond but give it a shot.

      • I used to have this awesome T-shirt, looked like a head on collision with a totally-over-made-up face, which read, “I ran into Tammy Faye at the mall”. I wore it til it was a rag!

      • I don’t twitter. Never have had an account and don’t want to go down that road like I did with FB. Feel free to send it yourself however.

  5. tRump was already sick BEFORE he got to the debate, hence the reason he arrived late to avoid the pre-debate Covid test, but details details. If anything, the conspiracy should be that knowing he was sick, he was hoping to infect Joe. Joe and Kamala need to be very careful with these debates. tRump, cohorts and family have proven that they’ve no conscience at all about spreading around disease and death. tRump’s actions in the last two days put an exclamation point to that.

    • Give our candidates a LITTLE credit, please. Both belong to demographics that have been particularly devastated by this pandemic and thus neither are taking chances. In fact, in an interesting development, Mike Pence seems to be trying to weasel his way out of tonight’s debate over a plexiglass screen he originally agreed to. And Joe has stated how he’s not going near Trump while he’s infected, all but cancelling the last two debates unless they can do it through Zoom.

  6. Trump is hopped up on steroids and vindictive. He tweeted before the stock market closed that we didn’t need a Covid relief package till after the election. Market closed down 300+ points. I think he is just being an ass. He feels like crap in spite of what he says and knows there is no way he is not going to be thrown out on the street in a few months. 16 points down, 14 points or 10 points, what does it matter. He is done. He will break as much furniture as he can as they drag him out of ‘The People’s House”.


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