One thing about living in a technological age is that everything is recorded either in a video or a tweet or both. Certainly Donald Trump has given us plenty of material over the years to illustrate his lack of respect for the military. Plus, no one in his family has ever served in the military, not in his generation, his father’s, his children’s, nobody. It is rare to find a family like this one, where nobody serves their country, yet the patriarch of the family openly trashes the military on top of it. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but heeeeeere’s Donnie, doing just that.

And don’t forget Nikki Haley’s comment about Trump after he made his crack about where her husband was. Haley said, “If you don’t know the value of our men and women in uniform, if you don’t know the sacrifice that they go through, why should I — as a military spouse and all our military families — trust you to know that you’re going to keep them out of harm’s way?”

And Trump has no intention of keeping them out of harm’s way, unless he can figure out a way to grift money doing it. You saw in this montage a widow named Aiesha Johnson, who Trump told, “He knew what he signed up for,” as if that makes the grieving widow whole again. And yes, I guess you can argue that a soldier agrees to assume the risk of soldiering, but that doesn’t make their death any less painful.

Trump is not an adult. And the Republicans are not acting like adults now, either. They know full well what a maniac he is. But they’re willing to gamble everything for one last shot at the electoral roulette wheel to see if they can beat the odds and another 77,000 vote miracle happens, across five states, and somehow they have their demented figurehead back in office.

This is nothing new with the GOP. George W. Bush was never more than a figurehead when he was in office. Dick Cheney ran the show along with Donald Rumsfield and a cast of others. The Republicans just want somebody with a pulse right now, and since Trump has not only a pulse, but a cult of the lunatic fringe of the GOP, they’re perfectly fine with returning him to office. They can’t wait. They’re salivating like a dog that sees the steak being cooked on the outdoor grill, in the distance, and is hoping maybe he could jump a few fences and be a part of that.

We, the people, have to save our own bacon this fall. The Republicans are cowards and even though they know what they’re doing is dead wrong, they’re doing it anyway because the pursuit of power and profit trumps all. To quote David Frum once again, “When conservatives realize that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.”

That statement was made in 2018 and we have lived to see it become a fulfilled prophecy in 2024. The Republicans are putting Trump over democracy. It really is as simple as that. We need some decent Republicans to vote against Trump. Let us hope that there are enough.

Let us also hope that the Independents are swayed to vote for Biden this election. This isn’t about Joe Biden or voting the Democratic ticket, this is about America staying a constitutional democracy, period. That’s the point that needs to be hammered home. As Biden himself has said, “Don’t compare me to the Almighty, compare me to the alternative. The *alternative* in this case is unthinkable.

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  1. Don’t overlook Grandpa Trump who skedaddled out of Bavaria and headed to Alaska for the same reason – he was getting his ‘call-up papers’ from the army.

    It came back to bite when he tried to return home and was told “Tough – you aren’t getting back” (his Bavarian citizenship was revoked)

  2. Trump also SACRIFICED Americans for his campaign upon realizing mostly Blacks and Browns were dying in Blue states thinking blaming their Governors would help his re-election! That’s who they’re not only protecting but trying to give powers exceeding any King! #Sacrificed4Trump

  3. He’s a red white and blue POS!!!! American made. Sometimes I wonder why all those heros died. What the phuck for, when a nazi loving pampered evil pile like him became commander in chief and isn’t in prison at this very moment. In fact tens of millions of you, some who may visit here, are also cowardly traitors and child killing nazis. FACT! PHUCK YOU ON THIS SACRED DAY YOU PHUCKING SCUM.

  4. haley lost any respect she might have gained over her comment about Von Shitshispants’ lack of anything even approaching concern, respect, etc. for our troops when she lost her spine this year and cravenly went back to supporting the shitty diapered moron. Quite frankly, putting her words in this writing, given her missing spine, did not add anything of value.

    Any of our troops, veterans, family of currently serving troops, veterans, but most importantly families of our fallen soldiers who support Von Shitshispants deserve to be served up as cannon fodder wherever military conflict exists. They are as much of a shit stain on our nation as Von Shitshispants is. They, as much as Von Shitshispants, make me embarrassed to call myself a citizen of the U.S.

  5. Correction: The Republicans aren’t choosing Trump over democracy; they’re choosing the only p things they really care about:POWER and MONEY.


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