Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ Just Bit The GOP In The *ss!


Cuz you’ve been there many times before, Messiahs take you to the door, but no one has the guts to leave the temple   The Who   Tommy

This is so freakin’ beautiful I want to cry. How many times in the past have you heard me talk about His Lowness being the most frequent breaker of the Law of Unintended Consequences that the world has ever seen? But this time, El Pendejo Presidente has finally outdone himself.

Months before the actual election even took place Trump started spreading the Big Lie that the election was going to be stolen from him by rampant voter fraud, mostly by unfettered mail in absentee balloting. And as it turns out, a whole shitload of people bought in to the bullshit, and believe the lie. Which led to the bloody insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6th. Mission accomplished, right?

Not so fast, duckie. It turns out that Trump once again blasted through the Law of Unintended consequences. It turns out that Republicans actually like to vote. They consider themselves patriots, and good, decent citizens, and voting is a sacred rite that they won’t forego easily. And here’s the unintended consequence. When you tell a whole bunch of people that something that they truly love and believe in is fucked up, their first impulse is to want to fix it!

And here comes the Mongo sized bite in the ass of the GOP. Rachel Maddow reported tonight that recently a far right group of uber rich GOP shitpokes, deeply involved in supporting and funding the efforts in the states to restrict voting rights, caught a little whiff of something in the air. There seemed to be some disturbing signs of support for HR!, the For the People Act, and they wanted to get to the bottom of it.

So they hired a large, GOP reputable marketing polling and research firm to check out what was up with HR1 among Republicans. And you know that it was an honestly brokered and conducted study and poll, because when the results were submitted to the uber rich GOP shitpokes, they immediately pissed in their pants.

Here’s the way it worked. The company conducted a series of focus groups of all stripes, but tilted towards GOP voters, and they went over the basic substance of the portions of HR1. But they did so generically. They talked about the act wanting to increase voting access for all Americans. wanting to increase early voting periods for all Americans, ballot access for all Americans, easier voter registration for all Americans, and more election vote tabulation transparency in all states.

The whole reason that this uber rich group of rich GOP shitpokes had to undertake this study was the fact that they were already test marketing their own, more restrictive voting proposals, and were basically getting cabbages thrown at them. So they had to try to figure out what they were up against from the opposition.

And it turns out that GOP voters Loved it! Remember what I said, Republican voters consider themselves as patriotic Americans, and part of being a patriotic American means making it easier to vote! And here’s why. Because the study was honestly done, it was generic. They talked about increasing voting rights and access for all Americans. What was never brought up in the study groups were increasing voting rights and access for black and brown Americans.

And that is the weak spot in the GOP’s election armor, rampant overt racism. If the GOP’s marketing group had peppered their focus group with things like make minority voting easier. It is likely that the result would have been far different. But they didn’t, they played it straight. And in doing so, made it almost impossible for the GOP to defend their restrictive bills, which were already unpopular, even with GOP voters.

If Rachel Maddow knows the results of that survey, you can bet your ass that the Democrats know it too. And their messaging for the passage of the For the People Act will focus on making voting easier and more accessible for all Americans. Which will force GOP voters to confront their own racism, or lack thereof.

Leave it to Traitor Tot. Only Trump could manage to come up with a pre-emptive excuse for losing an election that would leave his own supporters pining for the good old days. And in the process, make it harder for the GOP to pass the only restrictive voting rights laws that can help to keep them from becoming a permanent minority regional party. Keep going Tubby, you’re knocking it out of the park!

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  1. Right on, Joe, and remember the Rick Wilson Law: Everything trump touches dies. Then there’s corollary 1: Including all his own stuff, as well.

  2. Your article is all bs and Republicans are not in support of hr 1 . You’re a lying moron. But that’s to be expected from a low information libtard like yourself posing as a pundit. Your a joke.

  3. If there is ANYTHING that the Repugs hate, apparently, it is the truth … when it is not sugar coated or laced with lies, they cannot wrap their feeble minds around it … even here in Iowa, where the voting system has worked beautifully for years without any problems, the GOP has pushed over our Governor’s desk several changes designed to screw up the voting process, if HR1 passes, at least in the national elections, those things can be overturned and the state would be extra frazzled to expect local elections to be more restricted …

    I’m hoping the GOP has a few honest members left that will snipe these Ares’s anti-voting pricks into their assigned closets and lockers …

  4. With everything going on in this country right now you have to worry about Trump you’re still worried about Trump give me a break dude Why don’t you look around and see what these democrats are trying to do with this country right now open borders 81 million dollars to put illegals into hotel rooms and you we have homeless veterans on the streets where’s the money to put them in a hotel and you’re still writing about Trump you’re a moron and anybody who believes a word that comes out of Rachel Maddow’s mouth is truly a moron

    • Love the hypocrisy Eddy , your ideology is getting in the way of reality. Trump has numerous empty motels , haven’t seen too many homeless vets getting rooms in his establishments. Classic deflection by a Trumpester. Dumbo Donny failed one term president who achieved little , no health plan , no new infrastructure , Mexico didn’t pay for wall , mishandled.
      Look in the mirror Eddy , now that’s a moron


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