This is a real doozy. Talk about backfiring in one’s face. The powers that be at CNN had a brainstorm and felt that it was worthwhile to go out on the ice and give Donald Trump a “chance” — which meant, in essence, hoping that somehow, some remnant of the lightning in a bottle ratings of 2016 would occur, as if by magic.

So they set the stage. They got a town hall format put together, filled the room with 400 MAGAs, told everybody that they could clap, but whatever you do, don’t boo. Kaitlin Collins was carefully chosen, as opposed to somebody that Trump had clashed with in the past, such as Jim Acosta. No effort was spared.

And the result? Burnt toast pretty much captures the flavor of the night.

This is one of those situations which have taken on a life of its own. The idea was shoddy to begin with and now things are going downhill and rapidly.

The problem here is very simple: CNN looks desperate. The idea was a desperate and ill conceived one. Calmer, more introspective heads should have prevailed, but they did not. Consequently, CNN is much worse off this week than it was last week or than it has been for years. This was really a bad move on their parts.

And it’s not going to get any better. The likes of Stephen Miller and Marjorie Taylor Greene are all over this.

It’s difficult to express exactly what a bad idea this was. Disasters of equal magnitude have happened, the Titanic and Hindenburg come to mind. The difference is that nobody came up with the idea ahead of time, “Say, what if we sink the Titanic on her maiden voyage?” but in CNN’s case, that is precisely what happened.

CNN’s been rebranded. This is going to be something to watch.

And don’t forget: Truth Social is going away, probably by the end of summer. This could get very weird.

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  1. CNN is history. I don’t know which genius allowed this horrible insult to journalism and decency proceed but they totally screwed the pooch. How they let this criminally insane moron and his sycophants carry on this fascist, prevaricating fest is astounding and the end of CNN.

  2. AND, Collins proudly declared at the beginning of the cnn town hall,

    “No questions are off the table, and we agreed to no conditions.”

    They were probably frightened the orange flaming pile of excrement would turn them down and ruin the party if they even mentioned conditions!

    They thought they had an ace in the hole! So they thought at the top of that long, steep mountain road as they gunned the engine. Hard to fathom that they were shocked at the pileup at the bottom.

  3. I’m an avid MSNBC watcher….Goodbye CNN! HUGE MISTAKE letting that moron idiot Trump on stage for a so called “Town Hall”…it was more like a Trump Rally! I kinda felt sorry for Kaitlyn Collins, he wouldn’t let the poor woman talk, but she knows what a POS he is and allowed him to walk all over her. She used to be one of my favs when I did watch CNN, I kinda lost that feeling after that fiasco!!! :/

    • I agree it was a huge mistake, but Collins came off as a 90 lb weakling. He talked over her &, at times, literally drowned her out. Trump was actually the “moderator”. She didn’t control the conversation in any way. Then he called her a “nasty woman”, typical of his misogynistic insults. I also think Collins seemed a little weak-voiced. not commanding enough to make anyone feel they had the upper hand. Trump is such an ugly man. It’s hard for me to believe that a self-admitted sexual predator & stalker who was found guilty of a sexual attack on a woman in a department store, who conspired with an adversarial foreign country to steal an election, who led at & in our capital to try to take the White House by violent mob force, who is a career criminal, a psycho, a pathological liar, a racist & bigot, white supremacist, who incestually lusted after his own daughter on live TV – Trump brought out the worst in the Republican party but this was already their mindset. Trump empowered and emboldened them to crawl out from under their rocks & publicly declare that they not only supported him, but were just like him.

  4. I don’t really know what happened, BUT, it absolutely points to a losing entity that just sealed that deal you get when you are swallowing ocean water as you are so thirsty, every caution you learned over your complete lifetime, goes down with you as you suffer extreme pains and other physical distress, the deal is, might as well swallow more ocean water, your time is limited by your own vacant intelligence, replaced by desperation of suicidal scale …

    CNN just buried any trust or fact checking reliability, EVER, shown before … rebuilding years of being a trusted news shown on the monitors in every major airport … GONE …

    It apparently was designed by some lizards with NO intelligence at all, just a simple look at the chaos done on national TV, thugs like those invited to share in the amazement and fine qualities of one freaking dumbass, not ONE bleeping reason for CNN to do such a thing …

    NOW, it’s too late to fix … Trump got another free ride to total stupidity, followed by no responsibility for ANY thing said or implied, HOWEVER, CNN IS going to hell in a handbasket, there is nothing to say or do by them to recover, Biden must be smiling now, CNN just burned Trump’s chances for ANY debates or skipping true FACT CHECKING … this whole fiasco COULD have been avoided … I’m glad I was one of those tuned out, just reading the reviews is unsettling and frustrating …

    Good luck, Everyone, the Republicans want you to lose your retirement funds, pull more money out of health care, and even more damage to mental health care, continue to give breaks to the super wealthy, kiss up to the NRA for their dirty money, kill everyone that happens to get in the way of an AR-15 style rifle, Cruz can’t get enough guns in the hands of Magas and other thugs, wants, and gets mega bucks from the NRA …


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