The egotist in chief is making plans to party on Inauguration Day and turn the focus on himself, what else? Donald Trump has zero plans to meet with Joe Biden, congratulate him and have the traditional one-on-one conversation that each outgoing president has with the incoming one. He won’t leave a letter in the Resolute Desk, thereby breaking that tradition, started by a one-term Republican president with a level of decency and class that Trump can’t even imagine, let alone behave like, George H.W. Bush. He won’t even be in town when the baton of power officially passes at noon on January 20 — which poses some issues with the transference of the nuclear football. But most of all, Trump wants to stick it to Biden by having a raucous hero’s send off the morning of the Inauguration. CNN:

Initially, Trump had planned to depart the White House a day early. But he now plans to leave on the morning of January 20. His departure aboard Marine One from the White House South Lawn will likely be visible and audible to the Bidens, who will spend the night before the inauguration at Blair House, across Pennsylvania Avenue from the executive mansion. Its use was offered to them by the State Department rather than the Trumps, who refuse to make contact with the incoming president and first lady.

Final plans for Trump’s departure were still being laid a week ahead of time, but Trump has expressed interest to some in a military-style sendoff and a crowd of supporters, according to a person with whom he has discussed the matter. Whether that occurs at the White House, Joint Base Andrews or his final destination — Palm Beach International Airport — wasn’t clear. Trump is expected to be ensconced in his Mar-a-Lago club or his nearby golf course by noon on Inauguration Day, when his term officially ends.

Having the outgoing president 1,000 miles away from the incoming one provides some logistical challenges. For instance, handoff of the nuclear football — a 45-pound briefcase that accompanies the president everywhere he goes in case of nuclear attack — won’t be as simple as it would be if the two men were in each other’s vicinity.

A person familiar with the matter said the White House Military Office will ensure there are multiple nuclear footballs — one to accompany Trump to Florida and one that will be ready in Washington for when Biden officially becomes president. The nuclear codes Trump carries on a card alongside the football — the so-called “biscuit” — would no longer work past noon.

In his final days Trump has to be humored and worked around, like any madman. He is not a part of the effort to transfer power peacefully and respectfully from one administration to the next. Every other president has been on board to honor this most basic function of democracy — not Andrew Johnson, but people in modern times. John Adams and John Quincy Adams also snubbed their successors’ Inaugurations. In John Adams’ case his successor, Thomas Jefferson, had been his own vice president and heralded in a new era. Adams and Jefferson had vastly differing viewpoints on many things. That said, it was bad form, even then, to not attend one’s successor’s Inauguration.

In this case, Trump was never a real president to begin with and his administration was a freak show. We’re still playing out the final scenes and will until the very last frame. This is nothing normal, it’s a political snuff film. Expect to watch each and every norm be violated or die, because that’s who Donald Trump is.

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      • Ursula, the site is acting up—I’m trying to post a comment and getting a pink banner saying I’ve already posted it. I have not. Take a look–this won’t do for either guests or members. And it’s then another way the trolls inadvertently get to eff with us………..
        Below is what I’ve been trying to post:
        Slightly different take on all the trolls……..thinking that without Twitter, Facebook postings from Herr Trump, even Parler shut down, and can’t remember what else, these troll folks on the site here are just bored out of their tiny little skulls and missing giving voice to all their hatred and BS so find their way here they did, but only to be in effect laughed at.
        Brainwashing is so apparent. Knowing nothing ditto.
        And no, the pink banner saying I have already said this? Nope, did not.

        • I am up to my ass in alligators right now because I am migrating our site to another server and I just opened an AdSense account. It’s a long story. But I will get to this if you will remind me in a week or so. Right now staying on the internet and posting pieces is all I care about. Everything else can wait.

          • Saw your e-mail from a few hours ago so this comment is entirely unnecessary and really quite inappropriate Ursula. Enough already.
            Now to what I care about: that PZ not become as snarky and with thoughtless statements as DK …………..but that is in your hands, not anyone else’s.

          • Carroll, I am not looking to be contentious. I’m telling you the truth. I’m doing the best I can. Please try to be patient. I value your participation and the participation of all the regulars here and all the newcomers, too. The mere the merrier. I can’t be all things to all people all the time. Please. I am understaffed and overworked. You expect too much.

    • I’m pretty sure they’re relieved that they don’t have to meet with these buffoons. What could Melania possibly say to Jill Biden that she doesn’t already know, after a lifetime in Washington?

      • Melania isn’t some Bimbo (as with Clinton), and she knows 6 languages, but I doubt that you would know that! So Biased, Miss Fawlse News!

        • She doesn’t speak six languages. She speaks Slovenian and pidgin English. My God, you people believe everything. Enjoy your life in the cornfield, you’re getting banned in three, two, one…..SPLAT!

          • How in the world was he getting upvoted? When I (rightfully) downvoted his comment, he was at +5, for heaven’s sake! (Unless people misread the comment–in which case, some people need a crash course in reading comprehension.)

          • I think we do because I saw one really nasty comment on another thread get more than 60 upvotes. I kept coming back to the page to downvote it some more.

          • To be fair, she is not speaking pidgin English. Pidgin English is a simplified language developed between speakers of different languages and has its own grammar rules. She is speaking Slovenian influenced standard English with an accent.
            It is similar to English speakers of Spanish getting the article wrong sometimes because English does not have masculine and feminine articles. Proficiency falls on a continuum. (Assessment of second language proficiency is in my wheelhouse). She claims to speak six languages, but we do not have any accurate way of assessing her proficiency since we do not possess a large enough sample of any of the other languages. Choosing NOT to speak a language is not probative evidence. Many people are very poor at judging proficiency, nor is language proficiency any kind of moral indication, and we should not use it as a proxy for morality.

            However, David’s tone, juvenile name punning, and mischaracterization of Clinton tells you all you need to know about him. He is definitely not here in good faith.

          • Native Italian speakers who have interacted with her said she speaks virtually no Italian, one of the “six languages” she claims to speak. Also the fact that her English is so poor after 25 years in the U.S. tends to suggest she’s not a gifted linguist.

          • Even if true, so what? I have a friend who has been here forty years with an accent as clear as mud. Being a gifted linguist is not a proxy for morality.

            You might be talking about the 2017 G7 trip to Italy where she was seated next to an Italian mayor. I can well imagine not wanting to speak Italian in such a public and likely judgmental setting. Native Italian speakers are no better at assessing proficiency than Native English speakers, so their words mean nothing without a sufficient sample to judge by.

          • We had Italian neighbors – he’d been in the US for more than 40 years and still had a strong accent. But he could speak English well enough to get by.

          • I used to work with some folks that did speak a sort of pidgin. Funniest thing I ever heard was the foreman yelling at his crew: Whatsa matter you guys! You no unnerstan pidgin???!

          • To address this woman as First Lady is an insult to previous holders of the title if she can speak 6 languages let’s have some proof

          • I used to work with a crew of diverse guys who did use pidgin.
            Funniest thing I ever heard was the foreman yelling “Whatsa matter you guys, you no unnerstan pidgin?”…

          • Yes she does speak 6 languages. Perhaps that is how she came to this country with a visa for intelectuals. Hilarious that you would speak about something that you have no way of having knowledge of. She has an Einstein visa. Just because you hate that she is beautiful and smart it doesnt make your comment correct. Dont bother responding leaving this left bias app. Cant call this trash news even.

        • she can in her fat arse speak 6 languages , prove it? find a video of her speaking then! u cant and wont, she is as fake as your hookers orgasms

        • I would never refer to a woman as a “bimbo” because it’s sexist and the 80’s was bad enough the first time without going back to the slag of that era. But I will say that she’s entirely corrupt and has no guiding code of ethic or morals, like everyone in Donald’s orbit. I couldn’t care less how a woman expresses her sexuality…but hurting others for personal gain is what the Bible usually refers to as “wickedness.”

          As for the six languages, I find it odd that over four years in the spotlight and having gone on trips to those nations that she’s never uttered a single sentence of German, French, or Italian. So I’m skeptical, but I really don’t care – do you?

      • Trump will never look like a walk in the park. He will go down in history as the worst president ever supplanting Buchanan who is rejoicing in the afterlife as we speak.

      • I think with the Trompador you really meant a ‘golf cart ride in the park’ It’s all he can do to walk to Marine One on the White House lawn

  1. Do not support this view of Ursula. President Trump was president of the people and loved them and our country dearly. He has a right to be mad and hurt after this election was stolen from him. Just look at his rallies! He was a great leader and did not sell us out to other countries as the new administration will and the previous one did. God bless our country!

    • The election was not stolen…there has not been a single shred of evidence to support voter fraud.

      Saying the he should have the residency despite getting millions fewer votes and losing the Electoral College in a landslide is the very definition of unamerican…it is the opposite of democracy, whether he was a good president or not.

      You cannot love America and her people if you wage war on her values.

      • Claiming in testimony that you ‘have evidence’ (but don’t produce it) is the same as NOT having any to begin with.
        And please explain just how the ONLY convictions for fraudulent voting just happened to come from Trompador voters?

          • I dont see anything here but, people whose parents licked their lips, and stuck them to a TV screen, to babysit them. A complete universe of media fed idiots. Hardly a critical thinker in the bunch. Its hilarious watching you sheeple. You are being led around by the nose, on your way to slaughter. You’re cussing out the sheeple that can see, and, have sense to get off of the path. So far… One leader of an antifa cell has been caught, masquerading as a Trump supporter. He bragged about it on facecrap, and his brother turned him in. There are several more. CBS, NBC, ABC would not report it…. But, CNN did. Go figure.

          • Just drive around and look for the “Trump 2020” signs. Usually they are right there with the confederate flag, that should give you an idea of WHAT your dealing with.

            It’s the Trump kool-aid, like Jim Jones. Ivanka drinks it by the gallon, to believe she’s going to be the first female president…, PLEASE!

            I pissed my pants laughing when I read that.

    • His rallies mean nothing. It is just Trump preaching to his choir. What counts is the millions of voters who did not attend his rallies and voted for his opponent who won fair and square according to DHS, Bill Barr and 63 court cases. People believing Trump’s Big Lie led to a crowd of domestic terrorists breaching the Capitol.

    • It’s really sad for you that you can believe the election was “stolen.” Look: we’ve all lost elections and it hurts. But you were outvoted — by a huge margin. More people disliked him than loved him. And the #1 thing he actually did in office was sell us out to other countries — right in the open. Russia has gloated about seeing our country go downhill with Trump’s complicity.

  2. Why do we waste time on BS headlines like this. He’s not taking any damn nuclear football any where. Trump feeds off stupid headlines by the media. Stop the BS stories, they just instigate the hatred and stupidity that we are being smothered with. Trumps not a God, he’s not even a man just a child that nobody ever said no to. He’s a deal sticka fork in him and move on.

  3. “A political snuff firm” is a great image and analogy (or is it a metaphor? or something?) Certainly Rick W was right that “everything Trump touches dies” — reverse Midas. This creature has cost America very dearly. Thanks, Republican no-longer-a-Party.

  4. Who wipes ur butt for you? You clearly don’t have the skill. Define either socialism or communism, or any economic, political system. Go. Waiting…

  5. And you’re a fool on his way to the goddamn cornfield. Why DO you dimwits revere history’s biggest losers? Forgot the BS mythology that got shoveled in your head after somone dropped the latter on the floor. Crusaders, Confederates, Nazis…get past the cool uniforms and they were all FAILURES. Revering them means you like being one as well.

  6. At the company where I work, when an employee is separated under extreme circumstances, their access is terminated immediately. That should be the case here.

    • If you’re saying Trump shouldn’t have the football with him, he will until the minute he “separates” as you put it, which will be noon on Wednesday. That will be his time to be out, like in your company the time is when the person is handed a pay check and said goodbye to.

  7. The thought of one more penny of our tax dollars going to this monster sickens me. It’s bad enough that we have to pay for ongoing security for him is bad enough but to finance his big send-off? Hell no. I’m sure when he finally kicks the bucket, we’ll have to endure a week of memorial crap like we did with Reagan. Presidents get a book of what they can choose for their memorials and Reagan chose every single one. Trump will try to add a few. There is one upside – maybe all his loyal and rabid supporters will go where he is and stay away from the inauguration.

  8. Absolutely true – he put more children in cages, broke more laws, conned the country out of more millions for his golf trips, told more lies and fired more people than Obama ever did

  9. Ur right. He destroyed thousands of children, stood with murderous dictators, damaged the climate, damaged alliances that have been in place since WW2, gave a trillion dollars to the richest of the rich, grifted untold tens of millions from the taxpayers & for the only time since 1776, led an armed revolt cuz he LOST the election, oh, & told 30000 verifiable lies. As Satan said to keneau reeves in Constantine, “busy,busy, busy”. Have u considered moving to Moscow?

  10. “Adams and Jefferson had vastly differing viewpoints on many things. That said, it was bad form, even then, to not attend one’s successor’s Inauguration.”

    I’m not really sure how you can make an argument for “bad form, even then” regarding not attending a successor’s inauguration as it was only the second time a succession had happened (the changing of the guard from Washington to Adams in 1797 was the first). Additionally, the Constitution makes no statement regarding an outgoing President attending his successor’s inauguration; there isn’t any proviso much less “guidebook” regarding the protocol.

    It would seem to be a bit more civil for Trump to attend but, as you’ve previously noted, he’s never been interested in the JOB of President; all he’s ever wanted was the *attention* and *spectacle* that comes with the title and since the focus will be on Biden, Trump won’t have any interest in attending. (Let’s not forget how he was reportedly upset at not being invited to the funeral of former President George H W Bush; the Bush family knew Trump would try to make the service all about him–he’d probably have demanded to give the eulogy since he was the current President. DOYC only knows what that would’ve sounded like.)

    • I thought he did go. Wasn’t that the one where he sat and fidgeted and didn’t know the words to The Lord’s Prayer and no one talked to him? I know he wasn’t welcome at Barbara Bush’s funeral and did’t go to John Lewis’ although he did schedule a sudden press conference on something that turned out to be trivial for the exact time President Obama got up to speak at Lewis’.

  11. Thank You. For reporting everything that’s going to be happening. I can hardly wait.i love
    his style and all his much needed accomplishments including making right what Obama did. Everything will fall apart without him. It will all fall apart. You’ll see.

  12. Slightly different take on all the trolls……..thinking that without Twitter, Facebook postings from Herr Trump, even Parler shut down, and can’t remember what else, these troll folks on the site here are just bored out of their tiny little skulls and missing giving voice to all their hatred and BS so find their way here they did, but only to be in effect laughed at.
    Brainwashing is so apparent. Knowing nothing ditto.

  13. Slightly different take on all the trolls……..thinking that without Twitter, Facebook postings from Herr Trump, even Parler shut down, and can’t remember what else, these troll folks on the site here are just bored out of their tiny little skulls and missing giving voice to all their hatred and BS so find their way here they did, but only to be in effect laughed at.
    Brainwashing is so apparent. Knowing nothing ditto.
    And no, the pink banner saying I have already said this? Nope, did not.

  14. Our President Trump should still be our President the election was corrupt and the fraud that went on because of the Democrats is unforgivable. Biden will never be my President because he was not elected

  15. What military sendoff will he get? These things are usually planned. The ceremonial units will be at the inaugeration. The regular military units will be providing security. Sounds like more trump delusion to me.

  16. He is President as I write this. The best President of modern day times. He successfully fulfilled every promise he made. I felt safe with him leading our country. The Dems created all this drama.

  17. Trump has been a wonderful President and biden doesn’t have sense enough to be president, he is a puppet, I don’t blame President Trump for anything he has done, he has been treated very bad

      • Just like all the rethugs. They never take responsibility for their actions, it’s always someone else’s fault, anyone else’s fault. Grow up, ya whiny babies!

      • That likely went over his head because it is a Chinese name. Tang is a surname that is well-known even in the West because of the historical significance of the Tang Dynasty. Depending on the particular characters used, Puding could have a variety of meanings. Oddly, or perhaps telling, Puding is also the Chinese transliteration of Putin.

  18. Your continuous and total bias toward this president has set in motion the widespread hate in this country.

    Try doing your job and reporting news and not suppressing the news you don’t like.

  19. What evil comments to make of a Great President that when the truth comes out will show how China and Bidens stole an election to usher in communism. History will record how Biden’s txt number was Lucifer’s agent. 2020/666= TXT 30330 EVIL!!!! Dark days ahead just like Biden told us. Just look at the in coming cabinet.

    • Really? – ‘Lucifer’ is the ‘bearer of light’ and was used for the morning star (aka the planet Venus) and LCDXVi (666 in Roman numerals0 referred to Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (aka the mad Emperor Nero)

      Oh and there is NO mention anywhere in the whole Bible of ‘Lucifer’

      • Back in the day we used to say ronnie Raygun was the antichrist because his name was ronald wilson reagun. each of his names had 6 letters, thus 666 the number of the beast.

  20. What a horrible story you.have.written. stinks and is insulting. Should someone write what a horrible person you are and that your ability to be a journalist is dismal? You dont know Donald Trump so your judgement of him is false at best. And you media types make up lies to fitbyourvown narrative. You are nothing but a biased writer and hateful. You might be a freak show.

    • Much longer than that. Even twenty years ago, my mother said that Bill O’Reilly was the only person she trusted. I prepared a document for her that listed the date and content of a whole bunch of his comments accompanied by the evidence that his comments were false. She was not interested in knowing the facts. Those days seem so quaint compared to the dangerous rhetoric Trump supporters steep themselves in these days.

  21. If an incumbent in an election is the current president, then it is his responsibility to ensure that the process is fraudproof. Instead Trump started claiming the election would be rigged before the campaigns started, made attempts in plain sight to suppress votes instead of securing the voting rights of all citezines as expected of
    a president, then turns round to claim being robbed of victory under his own watch. Is all that not wanting of a “true leader”? Having an annalitical mind can protect all of us from hipnoses and brainwashing. Let’s try to annalise things it can help. Thank you.

  22. True – no-one is above the law as the Trompador is very likely to find out after 12 noon EST on the 16th and various State DAs start unsealing indictments

    • What I heard is that when he gets to Joint Andrews Base that he will have a “ceremonial” departure, like heads of state have — whatever that is. But no, there’s no frou frou or military parade, nothing like that. Although there are plenty of troops in D.C. right now, more than we have in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria combined.

  23. Just how civil do you want our President? For 5 years the asinine left has hounded him. Illegally at that. They do another popcorn court to impeach him. If I were him…I’d piss on the phone in bidens new office. WTH, he’ll get accused of it anyway. He owes DC polititions nothing.

    • You are mentally ill and you are getting banned from this site. Your Dreamsickle Deity LOST the effing election. Deal with it, stupid!

  24. You have done nothing to help President and your the dishonor a legally elected President and to the one who stole shame and what goes around comes around.


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