Donald now owns a Glock. A Glock is deadlier than a rock. He’ll keep it in his sock. And then the next time the FBI shows up at the door, he’ll take it out and shoot his own damn foot off. How much you want to bet? Take a look at the alpha male he-man who doesn’t even know how to hold a gun normally. What a wimp. I used to go to a gun club and shoot moving targets with a .357 magnum and I’m a girl.

Now I know I’m a buzz kill, but can a criminal defendant pass a background check to buy a gun? Anybody know? And then you really need to excuse the hell out of me, but any other criminal defendant buying a gun would be violating the terms of bail, just on its face. That’s a no brainer. But this clown does it, and in the company of the top cop in the state, no less.

And so it is. But here’s the problem with that. A lot of people may not see the obvious and may believe that laws don’t apply to everybody and that a guy under (four) criminal indictment(s) can go out and buy a gun. Yes, Trump is basically a TV character, but he’s also a TV character who was once legitimately sworn in to uphold the Constitution and protect this country and is running for the privilege to do so again. At some point the play acting gets old. And we reached that point long ago.


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  1. LOCK HIM UP!!! American courts have no problem locking up over TWO MILLION citizens, many not convicted of anything. Then there are all the political prisoners criminalized by a LIE put into law by Richard Nixon putting cannabis into Schedule one to justify locking up black activists and anti-war protesters in the early 70s. 700,000 annually. Done in a country full of drunks, pill addicts, and nicotine addicts. Phucking HYPOCRISY is our national religion! Sometimes I feel like this citizenry deserves hell to be unleased given what we’ve allowed to be done when we had the vote to change things.

  2. Looking on from outside the US (I’m from Sweden; Hi!) to me it looks like the US authorities are bending over real hard trying to find a way NOT to hold your former prez accountable. You’re becoming more like a banana republic every day I’m sad to say.

    • You’ve nailed it. Of course, for decades there have been two sets of laws in the u.s.-one set for the wealthy so they can skate when they break them and the set for the rest of us who get nailed when we cross the street wrong.

  3. You’re right, this is a photo op that messages his base in code, what the photo really says is “get your guns ready because I’m going to burn it all down if I don’t win the election. “

  4. ATF Form 4473 is the standard form required for firearms sales/transactions in the United States. Individual states may additional forms/paperwork to the federal form 4473. Here is a link to ATF and a PDF version of Form 4473:

    Note Section B which is to be filled out by the buyer/transferee. In particular take note of Question 21c in this section.

    Now, for any of you conservatives out there that are sputtering, once upon a time I worked in the HFC Department of The Sports Authority to make extra money and sold a whole lotta firearms. Still that was the better part of 30 years ago so I thought I’d better brush up on changes to the federal form which is why I went to the ATF website and put up the link here.

    I would also call your attention to Section E which is one of the Sections that must be completed by the seller/transferor. It’s got all those pesky details to make sure sellers understand what is and is not ok, since if they screw up they too can be held criminally liable for an illegal transaction. Now, I will also say that when you’re selling someone a firearm and you watch them fill out the form, you can check their ID and other documentation but on many of the questions they have to answer in the end it’s an honor system. THAT is why there’s such a thing as background checks, even if they tend to be pretty basic.

    However I will guaran-damn-tee you that this gun shop owner knows damn well Trump is under CRIMINAL indictment to the tune of 91 charges in four separate jurisdictions. Two state and two federal and that conviction on any one count in any of those cases can result in a lot more than one year in prison! So if he were to be charged (he won’t be of course – this is SC after all!) the “So sorry your Honor, I had NO idea Trump was a criminal defendant” wouldn’t fly. After everyone regained their composure after laughing to the point of gasping for air, and wiping tears from their eyes the judge would give a wink to the jury and that would be that.

    But yes, if Trump did actually do the purchase which means filling out the form and signing his name to it both he and the gun shop owner (or whatever poor employee got stuck with “taking care of our guest”) have committed felonies.

    My guess is that in the end Trump didn’t actually buy the damned gun, he just talked it up to sound tough to the MAGA goobers. If it weren’t for the dangers to others it would be almost amusing if the started playing around and shot himself in the foot playing quick draw or some other nonsense. Plenty of cops have done it! If EVER there was someone who if they just had to have themselves a handgun needed an old-school double action semi-auto like the old M1911 .45 that was the military sidearm for so long, or the Browning HI-POWER which was the last gun Browning designed, intending it to replace the .45 (it was and is superior in many ways) it’s Trump. Him having a Glock with no safety is a recipe for disaster.

    But again, I’m sure even if the did buy the damned gun at some point with the store owner or the SC AG the light bulb went on and there was a rush to nullify the transaction and concoct a cover story that Trump was “pressed for time” and not able to follow through and make the purchase. Then blame gun regulations being burdensome. The paperwork will have been shredded and even that burned by now. As for Trump’s bank statements for the credit card transaction he can tie that up in court for a long, long time.

  5. The message was clear to the 7% who responded that violence was ok to use against the government. That percentage means a hell of a lot of wingnuts with firearms. I wonder when merrick and the judges are going to lock this sob up and confront those who are trying to overthrow our goddamn democracy? Thousands of fathers without jobs were locked up TODAY because of child support issues. He’s violated every goddamn order from the court. So have the traitors in congress. No? Then how is it Navarro was convicted and Jordan commands a bogus committee? The goddamn double standard is EVIL and is asking for more trouble allowing him to continue to call for armed insurrection. A war will not be won with timid beauracrats covering their asses and worried about their appearances. FACT. Their excuses for looking the other way will end up with our country in putin’s hands via the traitors in power. Once that happens, we will be at the mercy of Trump, a man that doesn’t know that word. He only knows revenge. Milley, for all his insight, won’t have to worry about jail. He’ll be executed for treason. The educated Germans looked the other way until it was serve Hitler or be shot. Keep that in mind.

  6. Damn, looking closely at the header photo, it appears there is the face of someone on the handle, also this, “gun”, appears to be a cast aluminum replica … the colors don’t match the ordinary gun-blue shades, with sharp details, the whole thing is just another photo op …

    Trump could NEVER be trusted with ANY shooting weapon, he is so out of balance between reality and huge fears of incarceration, my take is the SS would NOT allow his to be real …

    Maybe it was a token gun model just cast with HIS face on it to welcome him to stupid-Ville …

    I think, like Ursula says, the dangers of his having the appearance of promoting guns for dummies, may light up another more sinister situation …

    Holding a REAL gun in his dainty finger tips would certainly draw some guidance from the SS, and it looks like the face on the gun handle is probably his and why he is holding it just because he wants EVERYONE to notice … Probably a gift from the AG himself … May include a specially made display stand as well …

    The stupidity of the Republican mental midgets out there is astounding, being this was probably a gift from a starry-eyed nimrod, just for looks non-gun, would NOT break his rules, two ways, ONE, he would NEVER actually buy it, TWO, his lawyers and the local DA would not dare stress the delicate situation between Trump and several State and Federal court systems … We would NEED to believe the DA was smoking weed just before the photo op, but there is hidden meaning in everything Trump does, NONE of it good for anyone …

    • That’s a real pistol. I’ve that photo with better resolution, also seen that gun before. It’s engraved with his face and a bunch of BS. You can create almost any finish you want on steel these days. We’re just used to blueing/browning and nickel plating cuz that’s all they had back in the day.


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