I hope that all of Team Trump is wearing MAGA hats tonight, so that when the ketchup starts flying at their heads, their hats won’t get stained and they might  cushion the blow a bit. Sweet Jesus Christ on a bagel, what a scene took place at the Libertarian Convention last night and night! But especially tonight when Donald Trump came forward and asked the Libertarians for their votes and/or their nomination — and then called them a bunch of losers if they didn’t give it! And then a few minutes later he insulted them again. The first clip you saw already but not the second.

Here’s where Trump is finally starting to come unglued. He’s not used to this. He’s actually in a roomful of more or less normal Americans who hate his fucking guts and not in his uber protective MAGA bubble, where he is a deity.

What is drop dead comical here is that Trump’s mocking them for “only getting 3% of the vote” — when he’s up there BEGGING for it!


And if you go over to Truth Social right now you’ll see that Mike Lee proclaims that Trump “hit it out of the park tonight.” He’s totally gone to the Dark Side, along with the rest of his party. Lee opposed Trump back in 2016. And Lee would do well to oppose him now. There is going to be a post-Trump era and somebody has to lead. But don’t ask Mike Lee for anything like that. He’s too busy kissing ass.

And RSBN is reporting how wonderfully it all went tonight in Washington, D.C. What a group of fools believe, they see. Once more you see the GOP and right-wing media go hand in hand to gaslight America. Or, at least to gaslight the part of America that they reach. What did Obi-Wan Kanobi say about the Mos Eisely spaceport? “A more wretched hive of villainous scum you won’t find anywhere?” That’s today’s MAGAfied GOP.

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  1. Yes, indeed, there were lots of paid agitators at that rally – they were all Trumpistas (paid for by the Repugnican slush fund)

  2. Lee needs to get off of whatever dr. ronny gave him so that he can get a glimpse of reality-it isn’t just dems that loathe Von Shitsinpants. It’s a big tent.

  3. what I want to know is, who thought it was a good idea to invite him to speak? they ought to be drummed out of Libertarian leadership.


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