I don’t think there’s ever been a day when Donald Trump hasn’t thought he could beat the system. He’s done this for decades as a businessman, bankruptcies, fraudulent universities, and failed businesses be damned. And as president, two impeachments didn’t stop him, neither did a cavalcade of four indictments resulting in scores of charges felonious and otherwise in the days after he left office.

So of course he’s not going to let these puny little gag orders stop him. That’s just not how he rolls. There’s been a whole list of his brown-nosers jamming the New York City courtroom where his trial is taking place and all of them have been defending their hero in statements that come within a hair’s breadth of violating the gag order that’s been imposed on him, Raw Story reports.

But that would be Trump. He never knows when to quit.

And one onlooker, who was in a position to make such an observation reported Tuesday that the former president seems to be very much in control of what hisΒ sycophants, er, allies are saying. This includes such GOP bigwigs as Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R), who have all emoted by parroting Trump’s accusations of a political witch hunt and then excoriating witnesses and members of the judge’s family.

I don’t think Trump can get through the day without using the phrase “witch hunt” in some way or another, even if it’s having his allies do this. He is, of course, prohibited from speaking about witnesses, jurors, court staff, or their families as a requirement of the gag order. And the gag order also forbids him from asking others to do this for him.

But New York Magazine’s Andrew Rice, appearing on MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Tonight, said he was at a good vantage point as he watched Trump rewriting and editing lines to be spoken by the well-known guests who were on hand at the court, where he’s on trial for falsifying business records.

“i could actually look over trump’s shoulder and see what he was reading, and he’s reading the quotes that these individuals, and going through and making notations with a pen on the paper,” Rice said.

And it seems like Trump was especially animated while Michael Cohen took the stand.

“while testimony was going on, while michael cohen was testifying against him,” rice said. “he was actually going through and annotating and editing the quotes that these people were giving.”

Johnson was all fired up and said “They are doing this intentionally to keep him here and keep him off the campaign trail.”

Well, I certainly hope so! Let’s hope this drags on in that case.

Johnson also went off on Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter, who is a political consultant working for various Democratic candidates, and he accused her of “making millions of dollars doing online fundraising for Democrats.”

Then there were vice-presidential wannabes Burgum and Vance who made similar statements. Burgum regurgitated Trump’s claims that the gag order is pure “election interference.”

“i think one thing that we’ve all known is this was a sham trial, but when you have an opportunity to see it up close and personal, you can see it’s actually a scam trial.”

“i think the only conclusion, of course, is its election interference, and it’s tying up the president for being out on the campaign trail.”

Oh boy, I sure hope so!

Then of course, there was Trump’s former presidential contender, Vivek Ramaswamy, who went so far as to pledge support for Trump even if he is convicted.

“i am ashamed as an American Citizen to sit here in a courtroom watching the former leader of the free world, sitting with the indignity in this dingy, third-rate courtroom,” Ramaswamy said.

But I’m willing to bet Ramaswamy has never seen a real, actual dingy, third-rate courtroom, like say, in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, or India. The world is filled with sweltering, filthy courtrooms and prisons where the incarcerated perish and this doesn’t even make it in the local newspapers.

I guess you can say his comments annoyed me. I don’t think he or Trump knows anything about real suffering.

Vance wasn’t any better. He fired off potshots at Cohen, wondering: “Does any reasonable, sensible person believe anything that Michael Cohen says?”

I don’t know what happened to Vance after he wrote Hillbilly Elegy, which in some ways was rather illuminating, but it seems like he’s not reasonable or sensible either. He was definitely against Trump in 2016. I guess something must have snapped.

Next up on the Trump ass-kissing list was Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) who characterized Cohen’s testimony as “an acting scene” and accused the former attorney of being a “serial liar.”

So far this trial has turned out to be quite a show. People can cast as many stones as they like and yes, I know he was a real jerk in the past, but here, he’s telling us how the story played out. I hope Trump’s miniature hands are sweating. I hope he’s pissed off and angry all the way through.

He deserves nothing less.

In the clip below, Rice discusses Trump’s creative editing.

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  1. Yet one more example that trump is a cowardly idiot. The ‘pube pols are exemplifying their primary attributes-moronic yes-boys who get their marching orders from someone called Vonshitsinpants. Pretty much sums up how far down and to the left on the bell curve ‘pube I.Q.’s are charted: to say they’re less than average is a colossal understatement.

  2. No female VP candidates showed up (Lake, Noem, Greene, etc.) It seems pretty clear that the Trump campaign never really took them seriously, but Trump loved having them fawn over him.

  3. I think Trump made a big goof already, stating , he had told these idiots what to say, suddenly, he is soon to be charged with more gag problems, once again because HE CANNOT KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT … πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Too bad, the orange dunce has breached the Court’s orders and, just think, every one that went on board with this travesty will each be a count against Trump AND since they delivered public statements about AND concerning everything Trump AND the Judge AND his daughter, of ALL of the dumb things HE has done this was a whopper, the guilty Republicans should get a couple over-nights in jail for their complicity with Trump and doing even more stupid things for Trump, Republicans have always claimed to be the voice of reason, and YET … Trump …

    The orange turd will now have to claim that term because his brilliant lawyers made Stormy clarify and claim he WAS the orange turd …


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