The day clearly did not get off to a great start for Donald Trump. He immediately went to Truth Social to process his feelings. And his feeling du jour is rage. He’s particularly upset that illegal aliens are going to steal the election. Why would he have such a strange paranoia? The simplest answer is that he had a heart to heart talk with his closest aides and they told him the sad truth that the ploy to topple Joe Biden didn’t work so well and the race is going to indeed be Trump v. Biden. Now if Trump was so cocksure that he can beat Biden, as he would have you believe that he is, then there would be no problem right? But if there’s one thing that this missive does not exude, it is confidence of any kind. No, this missive exudes terror.

So what has gotten him revved up and riled like that? The obvious answer is that he realizes that he’s not exactly taking the election by storm. The problem with putting Joe Biden on the hot seat this past week is that he survived it and he’s like tempered steel, all the stronger for his recent trial by fire.

Non citizens are not allowed to vote. Trump knows this. The entire GOP knows this. But this is their latest manufactured crisis, that the SAVE Act must be passed to create a law that’s already on the books and has been forever. One can only assume that Team Trump is rapidly running out of ways to insult the intelligence of the average voter and this is his last and best shot.

He’s on his way somewhere this morning. He went out of his way to post this, as he gets into an SUV and waves to nobody, pro forma.

There you see it with your own eyes. Trump is geared up to losing the election. So he’s gearing up MAGA to believe that it’s being *stollen.* This looks to be the new normal now. And of course the GOP is falling right in line behind him. He’s desperate, they’re desperate. He’s flailing, they’re flailing. My spidey sense (plus many dozens of tweets on Twitter the past week) convinces me that the results of the French election have particularly rattled Trump and MAGA. That’s a lot of what is going on right now.

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  1. While I know von shitzinpants just doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand this, I wish his team would/could inform him that you don’t have good polling numbers or get good election results when the message you’re sending to the voting public is one consisting of shit they don’t agree with and don’t want which is how the majority of american citizens feel about republican policies. The only reason down-ballot races are being won by republicans is because of gerrymandering and since the corrupt con xtians on the s.c. have started legislating from the bench (hell, starting creating brand new constitutional amendments f.f.s.), even the obscenely gerrymandered districts might not be enough to keep some seats red-maybe a lot of them. The only thing republicans have in their favor is voter apathy which might just help them enough to completely destroy our nation. GOTV folks.

    • Especially when von shitzinpants is not very much younger than President Biden. Of course mentally von shitzi might as well be toes up he has so little brain activity.

  2. Trump will, of course win in a landslide (well in what there is of his mind anyway) and he will open up a new government agency:
    Their job will be to intern anyone who doubted his sanity (which is the majority of people)

  3. Dear Donald,
    If you had a class on civics or even a American history, you would know that only citizens could vote. Unfortunately you slept through that class. Immigrants applying for citizenship have to.pass a test to become citizens. I doubt you could pass it. It is very basic, but it ensures a new American has an understanding of our constitution, legal.system,and history and sadly you lack those facts.

    • Well, to be fair, there are a handful of locations which do allow non-citizens (or even non-residents, such as college students) to vote in LOCAL elections but they cannot vote in statewide or national elections (college students may, but they’re also prohibited from casting votes in their home states).

      And it truly is ironic that Congressional GOPers would seemingly choose to die on this issue, given the way they have no problem sticking their own noses in DC’s LOCAL politics (where NONE of them claim full-time residency which would allow them to vote in DC elections). Okay, maybe it’s not ironic as much as “hypocritical”–a standard GOP metric.

      • In MT, so far, it is one or the other for college students. I know they’ve been trying to change voting residency laws here but that messes with military voting potentially. I haven’t heard if this has been changed but then I haven’t paid attention to it as it has no bearing on me. Selfish I know.

        Non-citizens are not allowed to vote in any election in MT. I’m surprised any jurisdiction anywhere in the country allows this as there could be, inadvertently or not, a problem. The optics are very bad without a doubt.

  4. “The simplest answer is that he had a heart to heart talk with his closest aides and they told him the sad truth that the ploy to topple Joe Biden didn’t work so well and the race is going to indeed be Trump v. Biden.”

    Yes, because Trump had publicly declared that Biden would “resign” on Monday. Trump woek up Tuesday morning and Biden was still president and still running against him. That must have been deeply upsetting to von Schützenpanzer.


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