Trump posted this to Twitter just now. Twitter immediately locked it down due to a “risk of violence.” (Update: Apparently Twitter removed the tweet entirely. There are, of course, screenshots galore.)

These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!

An obviously angry and shaken John Aravosis “quote tweeted” it (you can’t like it, retweet it, or reply to it due to the aforementioned Twitter restrictions) his response:

Trump just defended the violent takeover of the US Capitol today by insurrectionists. The man needs to be removed from office immediately, or the republican party it’s [sic] a party of domestic terrorists.

Aravosis is right. Pence needs to invoke the 25th Amendment right now. Congress needs to impeach him, right now.

But Aravosis got one thing partially wrong. The GOP IS a party of domestic terrorists. Today just proved that. It did not change what they are. They are now and forever the party of domestic terrorism.

Rudy Giuliani also supports the terrorists. He tweeted:

To all those patriots challenging the fraudulent election, POTUS wants you to EXPRESS YOUR OPINION PEACEFULLY. We are the law and order party. You are on the right side of the law and history. Act with respect for all.

My Facebook friend, author David Gerrold, wrote earlier today that Trump “crossed the Rubicon” by inciting the terrorist attack on the Capitol Building.

He’s correct as well. This is the end of his presidency, and it should be the end of his existence as a free man. The rest of his life should be spent in one form of incarceration or another. Gerrold wrote, in part:

Donald Trump has crossed his own Rubicon. Today, he brought his “troops” into the Capitol of the nation. This was no accident. This has been planned. The goal was to disrupt the function of government.
They succeeded today. They might keep our government from reopening for a couple more days.
But ultimately, they will fail. Because even if they have to meet in secret, in the banquet room of the local Best Western, the lawfully elected representatives and senators will fulfill their duty to confirm the election of Joe Biden. And on January 20th, whether he takes the oath of office on the Capitol steps or anywhere else, Joe Biden becomes the Commander-in-Chief.
At this point, any member of the Republican party who still supports Donald Trump’s claim to authority has to be seen as a co-conspirator. Any member of the Republican party who still has enough vertebrae to use as a spine must condemn the attempted insurrection and condemn Trump’s incitement of it. Any Republican who does not condemn it is not fit to serve in our government.
The next Congress must take action against any Representative or Senator who supports in any way the denial of the rule of law in this nation, up to and including expulsion.
And after that, Donald Trump must be held accountable. He crossed the Rubicon.

Last thought, from Mitt Romney, who is desperately trying to pretend that Trump is not the flabby, corrupt heart of the GOP. Good words, though:

We are done with this shit. This is America. We will not stand for this.

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  1. Well good thing I have no internet or cable. sob.

    But I have used “Traitors to the Republic/Union”. Sick how NBC News at 5:30pm central… and all Repubs talking… and still defending their crap. Just … gee both sides are “evil”… blame the rhetoric. These fools aren’t protestors … they are actor in sedition and insurrection… led by Trump.

    If the Speaker does not start impeachment hearings…scratch that… just put the acts forward. If she can’t… then time to get out of the way.

    The DC mayor… needs to go. The police beat the lambs but when the wolves got going… retreat.

    Better a cruz de madera than a cruz de (Canadian) pendejo.

    • I’ve watched MSNBC all day. Few Republicans and no “both sides” shit. And your understanding of how the House works is faulty. Pelosi can’t just impeach Trump on her own. The House is going into session tonight, likely to take some kind of action. Pelosi does a stellar job as Speaker. You don’t have to approve of it, and your “time to get out of the way” comment doesn’t mean shit. There will be an investigation of the DC police, and, again, your desire to toss Mayor Bowser on her ass doesn’t mean shit. Interesting that the two punitive actions you want to see happen are retributions against Democrats who had nothing to do with today’s act of terrorism.

      • i am watching NBC News as I said. I don’t have cable. So watching the nightly news. And I just started watching barely after 5pm. I only heard Republican congressman. And maybe my ears hear … or are too sensitive when I hear the snide BS that they spread with no remorse. Sorry, I grew up around family and older sibling that could fit a blade between the ribs and smile. And that smirk was … evil. No remorse.

        I will not apologize for my thoughts that the rioters are treasonous. And criminal. They did not protest. They rioted and the police were not prepared. Period. Had there not been a mob before today? They didn’t seem to lenient with the peaceful protestors (BLM).

        As for the Speaker… granted, just words … impeachment. Again, not a force that will do crap immediately. Yet, it is useful for future dealing legally and constitutionally regarding the SCOTUS.

        Yes, I like Nancy. As a person, and as a politician. But this is not the time for that kind of speaker. What I approve or don’t: what in the hell does that have to do with anything? Just my opinion. That is it. I am a guest at this blog. I am to broke to even support. (I actually gave to food bank and wiki). And still broke after stimulus.

        Again, my comment… doesn’t mean shit. Granted. But at least it means how serious things are… and what this House should do. Whether I am just howling in the wind… then so be it.

        As for the mayor… time will tell. History will judge… and the videos… are not going to disappear.

        As for punishments: only Dems? These fools aren’t protestors… they are actors in sedition and insurrection led by Trump… : I am not describing little liberals throwing pink balloons with glitter.

        I apologize: I should be more clears… Trump should be impeached… and not pardonable. Has there been a conspiracy for a riot? To forestall the counting of electors? All these members of this mob are not conspirators… and not pardonable?? Which I should have stated more clearly.

        Again, I apologize for not explicitly stated who the effing criminals are… I assumed that would be obvious.

        • I disagree with your assessment of Pelosi as Speaker. She’s done an exemplary job as Speaker and will continue to do so until she gives up the gavel — which will likely be in 2023.

          I appreciate you participating in the discussion. You are not required to contribute to be a member of this community.

          Yes, Trump and his minions are the true criminals.

      • The spineless ball of goo that calls itself “Rob Portman,” my GOP Senator, most certainly DID both sides it last night when he stood to condemn the violence. He insisted that the GOP challenges to the election, based on blatant lies, were no different than when my late congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones rose to challenge the 2004 election. He lies that she wanted to “hand the election to John Kerry,” which she explicitly did not. She wanted to bring attention to the rampant voter suppression in Ohio which prevented us from knowing if Kerry would have carried the state.

        Also I too don’t get the attack on Mayor Bowser. She requested the national guard; Trump initially turned down the request. It’s all back on him, not her.

    • I have been streaming CNN live coverage of the mob all day. I can cast it from Youtube to my big screen smart TV. Give it a try. I don’t have cable, nor any need for it.

    • Perhaps you don’t understand the structure of the National Guard and the chain of command. So here’s a quick tutorial. The various states and DC have a National Guard. Guard units can be called up for active duty military service but otherwise are under the command of the Governor of their state and it’s the Gov. who ordinarily decides whether units should be deployed whether for disaster assistance or to aid local LE or, as we’ve seen to provide support for medical centers. Not being a state (hopefully that’s about to change) the DC National Guard isn’t under the control of the Mayor but rather the federal govt. A DC Mayer can request the Guard be called up and and more importantly deployed & usually it’s a pro forma matter.

      Today it was not. It’s my understanding that the DC guard had been activated but orders to deploy them were withheld by the DOD – no doubt at the instruction of some Trump political hack. Eventually orders were given to deploy them but again, those orders don’t come from the DC Mayor’s office and the DOD retains control of exactly what units are deployed, where they are deployed to and their operating orders. Normally when a major protest is going on in DC the Mayor’s office is involved in all this, but not today. She was apparently shut out and Trump & his lackey’s slow-walked putting DC Guard units into the streets for as long as possible. It was only (I believe) the Governors of Virginia and Maryland calling up their own Guard units nearby to deploy them to DC (and MD has a GOP Gov.) that word filtered out that the DOD would allow the DC guard to be deployed. I kept looking but got pretty pissed I wasn’t seeing them. Their job would have been to form a perimeter to contain the terrorists so that arrests could eventually be made, and they would have had authority to detain people if necessary. Normally.

      It’s also worth pointing out that until they KNEW the Guard would be on site to back them up the ability of outnumbered LE to properly address things inside the Capitol was limited. Yes, it seems clear the terrorists had friends in the Capitol Police and even the DC police but for the most part I’d imagine there were mostly a bunch of pissed off LE wondering when the hell their backup would arrive.

      It’s also worth noting that once word got out that MD and VA were sending in help they started the slow, tedious and dangerous process of regaining control of the Capitol. But I’d imagine they will be stunned tonight or tomorrow to learn just how long it took for the closest support, the DC Guard to wind up being deployed as they were nowhere to be found as they went about their work inside to start making arrests and pushing terrorists back outside. I’m guessing they assumed that with VA and MD sending support the DC Guard which was much closer was already forming up. They weren’t.

      When the corpse on this gets cut up the timeline of when orders for the use of the DC Guard, as well as the actual orders will be shockingly disturbing. And yes, a “tweet” doesn’t constitute a lawful order for a military unit (including the Guard when used to support local LE) as a lawful order to conduct operations. Actual written orders must be signed and transmitted. Again, that is usually something that is frequently done at rapid speed given how practiced everyone is in the system.


      • I appreciate the information. In fact, I actually do have a lay understanding of the structure of the National Guard and its chain of command. Next time, err on the side of assuming I might actually understand something of what I write. Of course, this time I didn’t even mention the National Guard. So, yeah. (I did note that Pence and Pelosi requested the National Guard in my comment below. Pelosi has no authority to order the Guard. Trump should have, but he apparently refused. The duty then fell to Pence. So, Pelosi did not “order” the Guard. My bad.)

      • I appreciate your explanation because I do not have a good understanding of how it all works. Your commments were extremely helpful and allow to understand where the ball was dropped.

      • I am still way behind on things. As far as my first statement… that caused the ruckus… again… I said police. I was told…and what I saw briefly on twitter and such was that the police were overwhelmed. And that some were … taking selfies… and I don’t have the exact timeline straight… my internet service is spotty at best.

        I did not mention the National Guard. DC is not a state. And I have mentioned that in earlier posts… and sometimes too in detail… DC should be a state but there is a matter of Constitutional … fuzziness. As in SCOTUS would have to figure out.

        Context: look how the park near the White House was cleared. That was orchestrated by Trump. The mob attacking and overwhelming the DC police… and capitol police.

        If the mayor requested help… then she should have gone on TV… and now, that is too late.

        Pray for the best … and prepare for the worst… and then the sh*t hits the fan… and all plans usually go out the window.

    • Senovia,
      Totally with you on the collaborators suddenly singing the praises of patriotism and “America, the Beautiful” with no irony.
      I call for the immediate removal of the orange mange through invoking the 25th Amendment TODAY.

      Amendment 25, Section 4, says:

      “Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

      So, if Pence AND a majority of the cabinet OR of such other body as Congress may by law provide, write a declaration. That’s pretty broad.

      Pelosi is on her last term. I respect and admire her even though I see her as a weak and ineffectual negotiator and will welcome someone with more backbone.

      Mayor Bowser is doing an excellent job!

      • Maybe my call for the mayor was hasty… and I DID NOT HAVE ALL THE FACTS… BUT things can go wrong… and even best plans… go by the wayside.

        Again, who the hell would have thought things would go wrong? Well, I been thinking that things would go wrong… I am a pessimist by heart. My brain usually goes to those things that can go wrong. And 45 … folks have said he is deranged. And just an ahole on the best of days. And his mob was ready… did not see that they were organizing … on social media.

        But now have a Congress that will get to the bottom of things… and my words are just words.

        And my own opinions are mine…

  2. Obviously this level of murderous hypocrisy should resonate like pearl harbor in d.c., however, if there’s unexpected consequences, maybe the Democrats will realize this fight will require the clarity & resolve in Churchill’s words that trump so ironically spewed to justify his insurrection.

  3. Apparently Trump’s Twitter account is about to be suspended entirely. And MSNBC is reporting that Trump is incommunicado and won’t talk to anyone. Pence and Pelosi ordered the National Guard out, not Trump.

    • Of course they did. Pelosi knows this can’t stand and Pence knows he’s dog meat if he doesn’t. In a weird way, it’s like Twitler just blew up his own bunker.

    • God, I hope so. I got a 12-hour timeout for calling Jenna Ellis a “vapid bimbo” and he only gets a 1-hour timeout for encouraging sedition and violence and posting blatant lies about the election to stoke a threat to our democracy?

  4. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Dems to act against Trump or their “esteemed colleagues”. It will be more of the Obama bullshit, look forward not back. Forget that by definition, all crimes occur in the past.


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