This event was ill conceived and there will be hell to pay for it. The look in Donald Trump’s eyes as he was being booed says it all. That you have seen here posted already. And then it got much worse. Let’s start at the very beginning and lead you through what is a misguided and fruitless effort on Donald Trump’s part to win the Libertarians over to his side. They’re not buying it. There are also clips from right-wing media which filter out the true reaction to Trump. The dual narratives continue. This was the initial reaction to Trump walking on stage. This is death to any performer or politician.


And now the chorus of “hypocrite.” And yes, MAGAs are there to counteract the crowd, but the crowd isn’t having it.

And the Secret Service is keeping rubber chickens out of the room. I guess those are considered deadly weapons.

This next vote is pure psychosis. He’s talking to Libertarians but he refers to them in the third party. “The Libertarians will vote for me. Most of them will.” And as he says this, the Libertarians in the room are booing him. Tremendous denial here.

The boos are less here. That doesn’t mean that the crowd is accepting what he’s saying, only that this passage wasn’t as poorly received as previous ones.

It’s not going to resonate with any thinking person.

Now this is from Barron’s BFF’s Twitter feed. Trump is touting himself as being “the first president to address the Libertarians?”

Not sure that any of these claims are correct. President Biden, who is the only “rightful” president right now refused to address this body? I will look into that. And I don’t know what “RFK’s efforts to sabotage” mean but I’m assuming that means MAGA feels that Kennedy is trying to sabotage Trump?

Trump was only onstage 30 minutes before he was booed off, just as he was booed on. Now this is a new one. Trump actually belittles the Libertarians for “getting 3% every four years.” I’ve never known a politician to belittle a group that he was trying to win to this side. This is a first.

This is interesting. Trump mentions the name of a dark web developer who’s in prison. The man was a libertarian but again, whether these cheers are MAGAs, seeking to make Trump have a good photo op or Libertarians is unclear.

Now this is a good one. You can hear that the boos have been muffled so that it just sounds like crowd noise.

You’re getting reality v. propaganda now, side by side. I don’t think Donald Trump is going to get the Libertarian nomination. I do think it’s telling that MAGA is $hitting its britches so much over RFK Jr. possibly getting it.

Now in this bottom clip, Ross Ulbricht is mentioned, but you can hear there are some boos. This is not Trump suddenly walking away with the convention and capturing the night as presented in the right-wing version.

I suppose the salient question becomes, “Will the Libertarians vote for a madman because he promises to release one man from prison?” I don’t know the answer to that. But what I do know is that Trump was up there for thirty minutes getting booed into oblivion and he loves to spend over an hour when he’s with the MAGA home crowd and it’s a love fest.

This was not a good night for Trumpty Dumpty. Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to get the Libertarian nomination. Although anything is possible in this crazy world, but based on the convention’s reaction to him yesterday and tonight, it doesn’t appear likely.

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  1. Hmmm…vote for Trump or RFK jr.? tweedle dee or tweedle dumb…tough one. Can I see the rubber chicken again? It may be the deciding factor.

  2. Someone should remind Bo that Trump is NOT the “rightful President” otherwise he’d have no need to “promise” to “commute Ulbricht’s sentence.” And all the Libertarians should’ve screamed at him, “Why didn’t you do that in December of 2020?!!?”

    Ulbricht was convicted and sentenced in 2015. He then filed an appeal in 2016 (with arguments held in October) with a decision upholding the conviction and sentencing in May of 2017 (four months after Trump entered the White House). Ulbricht then filed a petition with the Supreme Court in December of 2017 which then denied the petition at the end of June of 2018, less than 18 months after Trump took office. Trump had more than 30 more months to act on pardoning and/or commuting Ulbricht’s sentence and did NOTHING. Now, all of a sudden, to “win over” the Libertarians, Trump promises to do that? (Hell, 2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen promised to commute Ulbricht’s sentence and it didn’t seem to matter to all that many people–the Libertarian Party received a nationwide grand total of 1,865,535 votes, a mere 42% of the Party’s 2016 vote.)

  3. Tmurp got a total of 6 write-in votes. Stormy Daniels got one, as did Sean Ono Lennon
    RFK, Jr was elimi ated on the first ballot as well. everyone at less than 2.5% of the votes is out.


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