While D.C. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan seems to have slowed Don Cornholeone’s Truth Social offal-barrage as regards her case and her court with her not so veiled threat to move up shi*-for-brain’s trial date in direct correlation to the amount of inflammatory rhetoric he excretes, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, merely a prosecutor and not a judge, has fewer tools at her disposal to alter his boorish, and likely illegal, behavior.

Constrained from efforts to gin up stochastic terror from his cult members and pointing it in D.C.’s direction, Trump awoke this morning and unleashed a full barrage on Atlanta, which he must now regard as the softer target…

Independent UK on MSN

“Former president Donald Trump has again lashed out at Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis on Truth Social, ahead of a week in which it is expected he will be indicted for 2020 election interference in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Returning to themes of attack he has deployed before, he called Ms Willis “RACIST” and criticised her professional record combating crime in Atlanta.

He called the city “one of the deadliest communities in the US” with “gang members roaming the streets”, adding that they are treated with “kid gloves”.

Toward the end of the rambling sentence, the former president got to his point, saying he had heard — without providing evidence — that Ms Willis is using the potential indictment against him as a “campaign and fundraising CON JOB”.“

Apart from the fact that Atlanta doesn’t even break the Top Twenty list of most violent metro areas in the country, dumbass, there is little evidence that Willis is fundraising off her prosecution, and scant little that she is concentrating on much of anything other than locking your fat a** up for a good long while.

Our friend Ron Filipkowski posted about in on XTwitter:

“Imagine” is exactly the right word, Betty.




Boy, wouldn’t it?

I suppose my muzzled dog analogy up top doesn’t really apply exactly when the dog in this case uses a keyboard to snarl and bark.

Fani Willis needs to get this case into a courtroom soon so that a judge can have her back.

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  1. Having been in serious relationships with three different black ladies since 1998, and married to one, baby huey doesn’t have a clue about who he’s dealing with. Who has lived through more discrimination, oppression, and cultural violence than black women? Answer? No phucking one, especially a spoiled 77 year old white man born into privilege. He might as well travel to South Africa, cover himself in blood, and jump into the ocean with the great whites.

    • Why travel all the way to South Africa? FLORIDA has had the greatest number of shark attacks IN THE WHOLE WORLD in the period from 2012 to 2021.

      Of 761 unprovoked attacks in that period, an amazing 259 happened in Florida. During the same period, only 29 were reported in South Africa. There were more fatal attacks in South Africa compared with Florida: Six, compared to zero. But, if you’re looking for better fatal encounter odds, you’d be better off with him going to Australia (143 attacks, 20 fatalities–a roughly 14% fatality rate) or Réunion, a French Overseas Department island in the Indian Ocean (19 attacks, 8 fatalities–a roughly 42% fatality rate). (Stats from CNN.com https://www.cnn.com/travel/worlds-most-shark-filled-waters-scn/index.html )

  2. It doesn’t seem to occur to Trump that attacks and threats, and stuff that could be deemed jury tampering & witness intimidation in Atlanta could translate into the same in DC. Not just Trump, but many of the same people are facing trial regarding the events leading up to and on J6, and some of the same witnesses will wind up testifying in both trials! Oops.

    Keep talking Trump. Smith will update his motion pressing for a speedy trial with every statement you make attacking the charges against you and the legal process.

  3. Smith is the great white circling 30′ below this barking seal. Can’t wait for him to breach with this beatch in his jaws. Keep flailing baby huey.


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