Trump Let The Genie Out Of The Bottle


It’s time for the mainstream media to wake up and smell the coffee. Ever since the late part of Wednesday afternoon, when the Capitol building was under armed assault by a bunch of seditious rioters, the media kept trying to make the same, irrelevant, point. They kept sonorously opining that Trump was the one who had incited the violence, and there fore Trump, and Trump alone was the one who could bring it to t close.

I’m sorry, but I have to ask a simple question here. Are these media people fucking insane?!? have they paid even the slightest bit of attention to the ragtag mob of delusional self indulgent, anti societal morons that Trump sent thundering the 16 blocks down the avenue to storm the Capitol building? Once they got in there, Trump had no more ability to stop them than King Canute had of stopping the tide from coming in!

Let’s just take a moment and look at the patchwork mob of misfit toys that Trump sicked on the United States Capitol building, shall we? Neo Nazis, with a burning hatred for democracy. Modern day Klansmen, with a burning hatred for the government, and a sick, twisted nostalgia for an antebellum South that never existed. The Proud Boys, a group of inbred morons so devoted to violence that their entry requirements don’t just include shedding blood, but shedding your own blood as well. And a bunch of ragtag militias, all of which have prostituted the constitution of the United States just as surely as Islamic extremists have prostituted the Koran.

Do you notice any particular pattern here? All of them are anti American, anti democracy, anti constitutional organizations of random thugs, interesting only to themselves. But they were all widely disparate, segmented, and in no formal form of communication with each other. And you know what? They are all still the same goddamn way today!

Trump didn’t bring them together in a coordinated way, but he brought them all out! There is no indication that there was any intricate coordination between the widely disparate groups, but it didn’t matter. They all coalesced around the Capitol, and they all stormed the gates, and they all ran amok for their own personal agendas. And tragedy ensued.

But here is the important thing to remember. These groups weren’t looing for a Messiah, they were looking for permission. They all already had leaders and agendas, all that they needed was an excuse. And once they had that official sanction, from the President of the United States, they would no longer pay any more attention to him than they do to anybody else. They were finally unleashed.

There are already threats of upwards of 4000 domestic terrorists spreading around the Capitol, to try to stop Democrats from entering, killing them if necessary, to delay the peaceful transition of power. But let’s remember, the bucket heads and bed sheet bandits talk a great fight, but then melt into the woodwork when the time for action arises. We can only wait to see what ensues, in a Capitol that will already be incredibly militarized. But when all is said and done, it will be up to the Biden administration, the FBU, the DHS, and local and state law enforcement to  clean up the mess that Trump created. Because there’s no putting this toothpaste back into the tube,

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  1. No it was not Trumps fault and No your bigoted view of the mob that day is seriously askew. Dont you guys see? What did this accomplish? They no longer looked at the evidence. They no longer were obligated to address the issue that the election was compromised.
    They could force through a false election. Why would Trump want that? Who benefited? There is your answer. The rest is theatrics.

    • They never did look at the evidence. Great huge containers filled with evidence and they refused to look at it, nor admit that it even exists.

      • Trump and his pals filed over 60 lawsuits contesting election processes, vote counting, and the vote certification process in many states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. They won exactly one of these cases, addressing a minor procedural issue. The reason they lost is because they had no evidence to back up their claims. And the reason they had no evidence is because there isn’t any. Now you’re going to tell us that all these judges, many of them appointed by Trump himself, were IN ON THE PLOT. A plot so huge, so insidious, so ingenious, that no one can even find the evidence! Because the stuff you folks have been absorbing into your blood stream isn’t evidence you can put before a judge, it’s just crap made up by the self-serving con artists you seem to be willing to give your lives for. Wake the fuck up.

        You’re ready to trash the U.S, constitution because you don’t like how the election turned out. Well guess what? That happens every election. Somebody wins, somebody loses. Why on earth is it so hard to believe that Trump lost? Throughout his whole term he’s been the least popular president since Herbert Hoover.

      • Trump and his pals filed over 60 lawsuits contesting election processes, vote counting, and the vote certification process in many states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. They won exactly one of these cases, addressing a minor procedural issue. The reason they lost is because they had no evidence to back up their claims. And the reason they had no evidence is because there isn’t any. Now you’re going to tell us that all these judges, many of them appointed by Trump himself, were IN ON THE PLOT. A plot so huge, so insidious, so ingenious, that no one can even find the evidence! Because the stuff you folks have been absorbing into your blood stream isn’t evidence you can put before a judge, it’s just crap made up by the self-serving con artists you seem to be willing to give your lives for. Wake up and smell the coffee.

        You’re ready to trash the U.S, constitution because you don’t like how the election turned out. Well guess what? That happens every election. Somebody wins, somebody loses. Why on earth is it so hard to believe that Trump lost? Throughout his whole term he’s been the least popular president since Herbert Hoover.

    • Wasn’t the recounts..lawsuits.. Republican judges decisions done BEFORE Jan 6 ?? So please tell, how was a “false” election forced thru ?? Too much red Kool aide drinking me thinks…..

  2. “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”, Sinclair Lewis

    ALL these people consider themselves good Christian patriots, doing God’s will to ‘save’ the country from the ‘evil’ left. Fighting the good fight etcetera.

    Clearly deluded and about to have a nasty collision with reality.

    • Yeah,because you’re the good guys. Anyone who supports silencing half the country and hates their children because their skin color is a couple shades too light has to be a very good person.

    • You must have been in the basement with bunker Biden and smoking crack with Hunter. If your going to bash TRUMP
      You better leave Jesus out of your babbling. God put TRUMP where he is .
      Wake up snowflake

      • If you’re online, you’re trackable, Leap Before You Look. Think about that and decide what underground garage will be the safest place to hide.

          • Kathy3882
            Obviously you can’t think for yourselves. You voted for a LONG TIME PATHOLOGICAL LYING, CRIMINAL WHO IS SELLING OUT OUR COUNTRY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. Although these days, dementia has started taking over his decrepit brain. It took doses of NAMENDA and STEROIDS to get him in “debate mode”. And also, according to the former staffer who couldn’t take the “lying to the American people anymore”, a good quality ADULT DIAPER that could hold a load of crap and urine (as much as spews from his mouth), without the media hearing the “crinkling of the plastic or seeing the bulkiness under his clothes”.

      • Sorry, Rickey boy, God didn’t have anything to do with Trumps election. It was all you frightened boys who were so terrified of females that Clinton was a nightmare for you. Hope you’re happy now!

    • Ronald Reagan gave a speech describing how if/when fascism comes, it will come as liberalism!! Go check it out!! He describes the scenario very well!!

    • Lewis is not someone I would follow… Don’t bash people’s religion. Use your God given brain to think outside the box and find truth that you have ignored to your own peril…

  3. I agree that a good percentage of these morons are just that, morons, providing cover, but sprinkled in with them are the serious dudes, the ones that have the know-how and equipment to do real damage. I don’t doubt that there are capable zealots who pose a real danger at the Inauguration, who have possibly accessed dangerous equipment that they can use from a distance. We saw the collusion with some of our law enforcement entities last Wednesday, and we’ve seen it here locally with the chumminess of LEO’s with Loud Boys. That collusion also applies with some in the military. I find the possibilities frightening. I hope it doesn’t come to pass, but with the numbers projected to show up, and probably a fair number with guns, add in Warp 9 zealotry, it’s a recipe for disaster. I wonder how much Putin had to do with planting ideas in tRump’s brain on how to manipulate the RWNJ’s, the Big Lie, etc. All Vlad’s ever wanted was to undermine this country, make it look weak and unpredictable so other countries would stop looking to us for leadership. He got his wish with tRump, a useful idiot.

    • Lolololololololol. You don’t even have any idea what the word fascism actually means. If you did,you wouldn’t be cheering on the fact that twitter,facebook,and google have the power to silence the people you don’t like and “deplatform” them.

    • When fascism comes to America,the government will be run by communists

      When fascism comes to America,it will be when half of the country went to college but thinks a bunch of people standing around with their hands in their pockets taking selfies is a fascist insurrection.

      • I don’t think a bunch of people standing around with their hands in their pockets taking selfies is a fascist insurrection. I think a bunch of people storming the U.S. Capitol in order to reverse a national election their preferred candidate lost by over 7 million votes and 74 electoral votes is a fascist insurrection. Especially when the people doing the storming are fascists. And the funny thing is, most Americans, including most Republicans, get this. But not you guys.

  4. You are part of the problem and reason for our division. Trump supporters are not as you described. We are blue collar Americans who love our country and love our freedoms. We also condemn what happened during the storming of the capital but we don’t label the people the way you and others do.

    • Really? I’m in my sixties and from a small midwestern town. I’m aware of how that town has changed. I’ve lived roughly half my life in small town/rural America (the eastern panhandle of WV after dropping out of the beltway rat-race and didn’t go into the Corps until I was 26) and have known a lot of people. A boatload of them became MAGA folks once Trump came along. And boy have I been labeled going back to the 80s when I was on active duty and had the audacity to criticize Reagan for wasting money on stuff like Star Wars while those of us in combat arms didn’t have funding for proper training at the rifle ranges, or in my case practice with our anti-tank missiles too. Traitor, Commie. F-ing LIBERAL Unpatriotic. That and other insults have been a part of my life since. Well, the Commie/Russia lover went away after Trump started going down on Putin then turning around and bending over for him! But libtard, elitist, socialist, America hater, p*%%y (among others) have been added in recent years to replace it.

      And you suggest I and people like me are the ones who should be ashamed of “labeling” others? I’ll concede not every MAGA person is a stone cold racist or okay with our President at best being under the thumb of Putin and Russia (although a case can be made he’s a willing collaberator) but given the damage he’s done to our standing in the world both by his actions with other countries and the image of us his policies (yes, Obama’s administration built the cages but they were temporary as in HOURS holding facilities for ADULTS – NOT long term detention facilities for kids that had been ripped away from their families!) up to and including inciting that riotous mob of domestic terrorists (that he’s coddles and encouraged all along) but it doesn’t bother you or others enough to stop supporting Trump. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and not accuse you of being someone who would intentionally inflict (or celebrate) cruelty just for the sake of making some despicable point, but if you’ve supported Trump or worse still do then you don’t care enough to try and stop it.

      So spare me your outrage, hurt feelings and snowflake (I forget THAT label MAGA people coined) “We’re the REAL victims” attitude. Y’all have loved dishing it out. I laugh my butt off at your shock in being on the receiving end and whining about now having to, after dishing it out for so long have to take some of what you’ve been dishing out.

      I’ve taken the federal Oath of Office more than once. I’ve ALWAYS been mindful of the fact I was swearing not to support a given President, or the flag (the AMERICAN flag – not that racist confederate rag or the Nazi flag so many people in MAGA hats including the terrorist storming our Capitol were wearing last week – and in other MAGA demonstrations) but the CONSTITUTION. Our Constitution is clear that in Presidential elections each state shall establish the manner in which their electors are chosen and submit the votes of their electors (once cast on the prescribed date) to the Congress. And it PLAINLY states that the various states ballots shall be opened and the votes counted. SHALL. Open the votes and count them. Nothing more, nothing less. Since a problem came up in the 1870s with traitorous former confederate states sending competing sets of electors the Congress passed a law, the Electoral Vote Act to establish clear procedures for counting the electoral votes and addressing the issue of what to do if a state sent competing sets of electors. That wasn’t the case here. EVERY state including those that were partially or completely controlled by Republicans certified their state’s electoral votes to the Congress. Which means Congress’ ONLY job would be to open and count the votes.

      IF there were any challenges to the vote tally in any state people who felt the laws hadn’t been followed or that there was fraud had the legal system to address challenges. MAGA went to court. Over and over. And lost in court. Over and over. Judges appointed by Presidents of both Parties and even judges appointed by Trump demanded a basic level of credible evidence to allow those cases to proceed. And for all the talk on the courthouse steps and on Fox Trump’s lawyers never produced enough to prevent their cases from being tossed out of court. With rather firm dismissals including (again) from Trump appointed judges. Even SCOTUS, with three Trump appointees agreed with lower courts that Trump’s lawyers didn’t have a case!

      The whole process dragged out far longer than it should have. Once the Electoral College met we hoped people would move on. Well, some did. Being from where I’m from and having lived ten years in WV I know full well that those in MAGA world who in 2000 (when Al Gore got a half million more votes) and 2015 when Hillary Clinton got almost THREE MILLION more votes than the Republican candidate but were not inaugurated due to the Constitutional provision we call the Electoral College to “get over it” still haven’t gotten over losing the freaking Civil War! Yes, a (distressing to me) record number of people voted for Trump. Yet, in an election where key members of HIS OWN ADMINISTRATION clearly admitted was the most secure and fair in our modern history Joe Biden got SEVEN MILLION more votes. AND more electoral votes this time!

      But the insults from your side, which have included calling us cheaters, fraudsters, “deep state” and worse have continued unabated.

      Yet you come here and try to paint US as the ones who should be ashamed for labeling? I’m out of f$#%s to give where YOUR feelings are concerned. If, unlike me you weren’t required to take and pass Civics when you were in school go take a course. There will be elections (thankfully – if Trump had had his way there would NOT be!) in the future and you can try next time, just like we did. The way people on both sides until this latest election have always done when they lost. Deal with it. In the proper way.

    • I’m a blue collar worker and a confirmed redneck. I can’t even stand to hear his name anymore and was shocked at the tak3over of the capital. I can’t believe how tRump brain washed so many. tRump is a cult leader.

  5. You’re an extremely misinformed person, I’m sad to say. Most of Trump’s base is far more rational and, I dare say, “normal” than you give them credit for.
    But, i can only partially blame you for your ignorance, the media does nothing but lie anymore and it can be hard to tell what’s real unless you pay very close attention

  6. You guys just keep inflating the story every time,don’t you? “Armed assault by seditious rioters”? Who…in 99.999% of cases didn’t have any “arms” and who “committed sedition” by taking selfies in a building that belongs to all Americans and which they paid for?

    You people have completely lost the freaking plot.

    • “But let’s remember, the bucket heads and bed sheet bandits talk a great fight, but then melt into the woodwork when the time for action arises.”

      Not like the heroes of your story,the trust fund communists,black grievance activists and criminal opportunists, and wannabe anarchists who never mentally matured beyond high school.

      They talk a great fight and then the media talks a great fight calling their 50+ murders and 2 billion dollars of property damage a “peaceful protest”.

      THAT’S true democracy freedoms there. Communism and anarchism.

    • Says the digital troglodyte who likely put up all his personal info on a website that tracked his movements from whatever dump he calls home.

    • And of course you personally searched every one to see if they were carrying a concealed weapon?

      Of course we should overlook the gallows that one of the .001% of the mob built, or the threats to ‘execute’ people counting votes (without actually having any weapons to do it). After all, that’s not rioting or sedition sez you

  7. You’re a moron, do you ever get out on the right side? WRONG INFORMATION OR DISINFORMATION ?‍♀️?‍♀️ Only about 50-100 Antifa jackasses at the Capitol on January 6, that were there dressed as Trump supporters. The Mayor and certain high ranking leaders that are involved with yet another coup to take down Trump or at best reduce his group of supporters. They knew what was going down that day and refused a larger police presence (defunding). That would have ruined their plans to disgrace our Great President, at any loss it didn’t matter to them. GET TRUMP HAS BEEN THERE MISSION FOR 4 YEARS AT ANY COST!! 4 YEARS WASTED ON HATRED AND BLAMING TRUMP FOR DIVISION WHEN IT HAS BEEN THEM ALL ALONG!!!! STOP SPEWING MORE HATRED AND PRINT FACTS OR GET ANOTHER JOB, DUMBASS!! TRUMP DID WIN 2020 OR THE DEMOCRATS WOULD HAVE PROVEN IT WITHOUT A DOUBT WITH 1 FORENSIC AUDIT, AND WE KNOW THEY LOVE TO TRY AND PROVE WHEN TRUMP IS WRONG!!! THAT ALONE IS PROOF AS WELL AS THE SIZE OF THE RALLIES!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ DON’T NEED YOUR INPUT SO GO GET A JOB, OH THAT’S RIGHT THERE GOING TO BE GOING BACK OVERSEAS TO BIDENS BUDDY CHINA.?

  8. This is so far off base it borders on outright Lunacy. You are doing what you blame on Trump. Your verbal no regurgitation reeks of hate. Both inward and outward. Conservatives are silenced for this type of hate. And yet, you spew it. Your type of thinking is cause of the civil war brewing .
    Riots are the language of people without a voice.

  9. It looks like Trumpists have invaded this site now that they can’t spew their hate and delusions on other sites. They’re like Covid, spreading disease, rot and mayhem wherever they go.

    • Put your mask on stay inside .Stay a good little robot that you are cause they are coming for you next.They need help in the sweat shops .Its called slavery and they are bringing it back.Takes 90 days to flip a country from a democracy to COMMUNISM. 1st step silence them,than introduce the propaganda take their place of worship put fear. In their hearts (usually something they cant see so they cant prove it.Last make them need us ( government) for everything.

      • Hard to believe there are people who don’t see what is happening here still denial the scam communism take over sad pray God has this ?

    • I support Trump 100% Do you remember JKennedy he was killed for trying to warn we the people. Now Trump has been doing the same thing so of course they want to get rid of him as well. The news says Trump has Been indicted 2xs not true. The Polosi gang failed to impeach him the first time. Now they are trying to impeach him the second time. It will fail also. They are running scared because their crimes will come out. They will go down just as they are. Welcome to socialism soon to be communism. It will come to haunt each of you who support their agenda.

      • He WAS impeached twice. Now the fact that Mitch McConnell refused to allow any witnesses or evidence to be presented at the Senate gearinmg doesn’t alter the fact that Ariicles of Impeachment WERE voted on, WEERE passed and that meane HE WAS IMPEACHED (the result of the hearing doesn’t matter – it’s like going being charged with a crime, irrespective of the severity and being found ‘not guilty’. You were still charged.

  10. I see the flat earth society out in force. It looks flat. I was told 30,000 times it is flat. It feels flat. Must be so. I guess i won’t bother using my brain to really look into it. Don’t tell me nothing else. “You don’t ask questions when God is on your side.” Bob Dyan

    • So, you are dense enough to think “flat earthers” only exist in 1 party? I’m not a flat earther, but it seems absolutely odd you have these odd thoughts You should really go get checked somewhere!

    • I feel for you Ursula. You have your work cut out for you today. I will never understand RW trolls. Most of this is so badly written as to be incomprehensible. Not hurting my feelings. By the 4th word I can usually tell it is gibberish and go to the next comment. Just wasting their own time. Not like they want to or are even trying to persuade, just purging all the poison in their souls.

  11. My God, If this writer, & I use the term loosely, is what our poor country is up against, we are way worse off than I even thought. Get ready for a BIG reality check BOZO. Just know, it is going to “hurt your little feelings”?

  12. If its Trukps fault then maxie water an Pelosi should b impeached an many others for telling other 2 hurt President trump, letting antifa and BLM, DESTROY, cities

    • Sadly, he’s not even smart enough to be a moron. He’s actually a moron wannabe.. ? You know the type: can’t find their honey with both hands or the truth with a reward and a tour guide! The same ones that can watch a helicopter land with their own eyes, but will go to their grave claiming it was a 747, because the MSM told them so! Good grief!

  13. The proper analogy is the Spites that Pandora let out of her famous box. Once they were free, they roamed freely and did as much ill as they could with no real direction.

    Speaking of which…don’t you POS who keep talking up Trump have a federal agent to talk to in a few hours?

  14. Mr. Murphy, I don’t see where any of your rhetorical is helping for a smooth transition. Stirring the pot never helped anyone. I am taking a neutral stance in saying, bring us all together. The people you should be worried most about, is God’s people. For they will sit back and watch as God has his way. I know by adding my name and email, I will be targeted, but I believe that peace is the only answer, anything else is in God’s hands.

  15. Boy are you dillusional. Antifa, who was paid by Soros, showed up in busses that had police escorts. Pelosi, herself, may have contributed. That’s why her laptop was stolen. When Trump’s crowd saw them gain access to the building that’s when chaos ensued. Let’s put everything in perspective. That’s why Pelosi wants Trump out and that’s why the person that stole her laptop is now dead. Report facts.

  16. I noticed that the council of foreign relations was in New York City on January 6th I wonder what kind of tomfoolery they are up to since they are world globalists perhaps in town to tell the deep State what they want them to do anybody out there know what I’m talking about few Americans do.

  17. More important than what was going on at the nation’s capital was the fact that the council of foreign relations was meeting in New York City having a discussion of how the world will operate under the new world order or perhaps what the whatever they’re calling it today they’re the ones that have the most authority over the deep state. I realized that the majority of Americans have not a clue what I am talking about they are ignorant about what the Communists have been doing for years.

  18. I agree. Did MLK get blame when that walk to Washington was a destructive one? Trump did not have any control over what these people did at the Capital. And we are nit even sure who did the destruction. All the people there were not involved in thr destruction. Y’all have tried to destroy him since the beginning.

  19. What are you ignorant? Obviously, you weren’t there! Nothing our President did or said encourage what transpired at the capital. You and your kind have been enticing anger and hate since president Trump took office! What are you so afraid of? the decision to impeach the president happened in Obama’s office when he was still president. This is the cabal. They are the coup. There is a shadow government. That used our FBI, that used our CIA. It’s time for it to be over. By the grace of God it will be!

  20. The Demorats would do anything to get Trump out and never have the chance to run again but he can always have one of the children run and to be honest I would vote for Don Jr because he is soich like his dad. Same temperament and that is what we need and he’s not afraid. If Trump can’t run then let Don Jr.

  21. Im thankful for you mr Trump for doing all that you could for the people Im so ashamed of how the Dems undermined everything you have tried todo throughout your whole term know it had to be very stressful on you it was stressful watching them tring to run over evey move you made

  22. I believe the Democratic party was the ones that stayed this assault on the capital that’s a good time to blame Trump in the American people need to wake up the real dictator here is the Democrats God bless Trump

  23. Wow, Mr Murphy, you’ve stirred up a whole nest of angry braindeads. Thanks for running their comments, it’s good to know just how unhinged & ignorant they are, even if most of them are bots.

  24. It sure seems that trumps MAGAts are pushing their baloney everywhere they can, even here on this site. I will just keep voting them down and hope since no one responds to their idiocy they will move on.

  25. Joe wish you well . I don’t think you ever been any good for anyone.So enjoy while you can your on party will get rid of you.Just a matter of time.

  26. Trump doesn’t stand for violence. I heard his speech when he said to rally peacefully. He did not tell anyone to storm the capital. , I watched while people prayed and sang the national anthem. And also saw police letting people in.
    Seems staged to me. Not to mention Antifa and blm got paid to be there. Hmmm
    More going on here than the Dems want the American people to know. We are not stupid. We know the truth. And someday all the lies will be exposed and in the end stand before God in judgment.

  27. Why do you guys continue to lie about what happened. I can not believe on any terms that the Capitol was that easy to get into. There is NO way they got in without help from the inside…why was our Capitol open like that?

    • I might ask the same of you. Why do you continue to lie? We all know what happened, we all watched on TV. And yes, there was collusion from the inside to aid the insurrectionists and those folks are going to go down.

      • Oh please… you saw what they wanted you to… Did you happen to watch any of the videos taken by the people there? No. Of course you didn’t. I watched Antifa bussed in and escorted to the gate. I watched police open the gates. I watched police wave people to come in. But you won’t dare watch that evidence because you would lose the narrative that Trump and his supporters are terrorist.

        • Every syllable is an outright lie. You should be ashamed of yourself -antifa and blm are not the problem in this country. It’s the elitist bigoted rich people who want to deceive and divide us. We all work to keep a roof over our heads adn groceries in the cupboard. Donald Trump nor any of the other Republicans will give any of us the time of day unless there’s something in it for them. Your fellow Americans are not the enemy.

  28. You are all insane!! This was a setup by the democrats to make Trump look bad so they could “impeach” him. He had no more to do eith it than I did you bunch of dumb ass hipocrites!!!!!

  29. If they can impeach you for last Wed. Why don’t you impeach the House,Senate &Congress for the same they did from May 2020 till Nov 2020 and for not doing their jobs for the last 4 yrs… So sick to them doing what they want but you do it it’s wrong. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander..

  30. Just another Republican
    I think you are absolutely right. The only course of action for the democratic socialist majority in power no is to vote the Red States out of your union. Force us to survive in our Capitalistway of life and deny us the privalige of sharing in your Socialist dream world. Why waiste time, when you can deny our very entry into what is now established democratic territory. After all we don’t deserve to bask in your enlightened existence so just have your way and we’ll cope as best we can, without interfering in your governance of your own country. Let our Representatives know that you want them to leave and we will welcome them home.
    Peace be with you and good luck getting farmers to grow your food, and have a nice day?

  31. You said it in the article yourself, radical extremist acting in their own agenda. Trump’s invite to the Capital was for a peaceful protest, but it didn’t matter to those radicals acting for their own agenda with leaders of their own. Just like you said!!!!

  32. What a racist point of view. We don’t need Trump to tell us what to do we are free Americans and we will fight the theft of our freedom to the end. Count on it.

  33. Trump is as much responsible for the riot af the Capitol as Biden is responsible for the riots in Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, and every other city BLM and A Antifa burned and rioted.

  34. Too bad the writer doesn’t look at the facts before he writes such BS. Such as, what time was the Capitol building breached? Where in his crowd of supporters were these thugs? How did the crowd of hundreds of thousands of people breech the Capitol Building 16 blocks away an hour before his speech was even completed?
    What did Trump actually say and at what time did he say it that created the infidels to attack?
    His speech ended at precisely 1:11PM.

  35. Yes there were voter fraud but you no how that works money talks. Thats the way its been for over hundred years. President Trump will always be my President.

  36. To the greatest columnist the mr. joseph “murfster35” murphy, and I say your that (yes that right disassociated too) in all lower case letters

    It’s okay and no big deal to just come to terms with your feelings of acknowledgement, to admit that you’re jealous…


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