Politics as entertainment is where we live. Politics has always had some connection to celebrity, to be sure. The rich, powerful and high profile do tend to flock together.

But now politics is Romper Room, which was a kid’s show that I used to watch in the 1950s. It has that level of gravitas.

Everything is fair game, nothing is too far fetched and we are all going to amuse ourselves to death, if this keeps up, as the book of that title back in the 1980s told us we would.

I wonder if Bobb has been censured for signing off on Trump’s documentation at Mar-a-Lago, when in fact she did not return what she had said was returned.

All the best people, all the best analysis.


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  1. Ground control to major tom(Christina)…
    Your circuit’s dead, something’s wrong…
    Can you hear me major tom?
    Can you hear me major tom?
    Can you hear me major tom?
    David Bowie
    Brain circuits gone…Yada Yada Yada.

  2. This bimbo has been watching too.many awful.SF movies and series on Netflix and Prime. Poor dear doesn’t realize that aren’t capable of that level.of cloning yet. They cloned a vat in China. They are experimenting with growing ears for those with disfigurements. They have cloned meat. But we cannot clone people yet.


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