Maybe Trump’s aides are keeping the news from him. Or, maybe Melania forgot to grind up the Valium in the Diet Coke, again. In any event, Trumpty Dumpty is on his biggest, bestest social media platform, Truth Social, and he is rampaging — about stories that are at leave two days old. (?)

Ergo, he didn’t see them because they were kept from him, OR, he didn’t understand what they meant and had to have Sean Hannity translate for him (and not for the first time, I might add.)

OR, maybe the drugs finally did wear off.

My best guess here is that “international businessmen” translates as “billionaires who won’t give me money, now.” That’s the only plausible explanation, unless you know of some Republican GOP megadonors who plan to give Trump lots of money, but also keep their endorsement silent. Also, don’t forget, they’re all gathering in Las Vegas this weekend and Trump’s name is not exactly being lionized today, shall we say? Maybe that’s what he’s reacting to. Or, some combination of both.

What’s that you say? How did Karl Rove get into this? Maybe he’s in Las Vegas. Reportedly, Miriam Adelson isn’t committing the kind of money that she and her late husband Sheldon did, and she’s definitely at the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Then Trumpty lashed out again.

So now January 6 is a hoax. You thought it was an insurrection but you were wrong, it’s a hoax, excuse me, “Hoax” capital “H” and so is the Document Hoax! Ahem! Yes, Donald, we stand corrected!

I think the last shot here merely shows that he’s flailing from topic to topic. I think the point made at the beginning is the valid takeaway here, which is that Trump knows he’s being dumped by donors right and left and that people are calling him a loser, which he hates. So now he’s declared war on the GOP. No, they only thought they left Trump, in fact. Trump left them. So there.

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  1. I think that blast at the FBI is a bit odd. In the span of a single “sentence,” Trump goes from “me” to “Trump.” Why the change?

    “FBI offered Jonathan Steele One Million Dollars to lie about me, and paid a Russian $200,000 to get Trump.”

    Again, why the change? It’s almost as if he’s talking about two different people.

    I just kind of wonder how much money it would take for Trump to admit his guilt on every issue and would George Soros and/or Warren Buffett be willing to donate that money? Maybe a Kickstarter campaign could be started: “$150,000,000 needed to get Donald Trump to admit his guilt.” Think it could be reached, even surpassed, in record time?

  2. One of these days, Trump will do the world a favor and finally shake off his mortal coil. And every day thereafter, his resting place is going to look like this every single morning:

  3. Someone needs to clue former guy into this salient point: many billionaires become billionaires because they don’t pour good money after bad. See, not everyone gets all their money from their daddy–they have to, now this is a new word for him, earn it. Perhaps if he had to actually earn some money, he would not have gone through what his father gave him in the time it takes to skin a cat. Shit, even a paper route might have helped-who knows?

  4. If only Trump could be dropped off on some island with no way back would bring much joy to all (except for the TRUMPTARDS)!
    After ALL his shenanigans I can’t believe he shows his orange self in public! He has NO SHAME!


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