Reality and the law do not live in the same universe as Trump world. Trump world is a dimension all its own, ala Barbieland, where the real world just does not coexist. It took a few hours for Donald Trump to emerge from his lair and make a statement. Whether he was too busy sobbing, throwing ketchup bottles at his accountants, or wondering where Melania was, we don’t know. Maybe all three, simultaneously. We do know that he decided to make Letitia James the villain and reargue points of law that are long settled.

Hey, Alina. Could you explain to your client the meaning of res judicata? You’ve tried and he won’t listen? Plus, he’s too stupid to learn? Yes, I imagine that is the case. Here we go again, with the best legal and political mind (not to mention business head) that the Republican party can come up with.

Here’s an actual clip of him emerging from Mar-a-Lago to accuse Letitia James of being Mistress Of The Dark. Because he, Trump, is lily white and pure and this is all a vast plot.

Darn. Shucks. There’s always something, right? But wait, Trumpty has a solution. And you know exactly what it is.

Trump needs a massive pushback. Good that he put the word peaceful in the comment, but hey, we saw what the peaceful protest was on January 6, right?

And of course there’s more.

The tweet ends “Dollars in profits doing business with me and my companies. But to justify his crazed attack on me and my family, this biased, Trump Hating Judge, ignored all this, and even said Michael Cohen told the truth, although Cohen admitted to lying hundreds of times, and lied right in front of the Judge during the trial. This shocking and corrupt Interference in the Free Markets for political gain places every New York business transaction at risk. We must make sure Corrupt Politicians and Judges cannot continue to abuse the power of their office, and violate the public trust. We have already won, and will continue the fight on appeal!”

There is nothing new here. Not one original thought. It’s all a rehash of the same old tired lies and excuses that Trump is in fact the victim. And yet this is the best the GOP has to offer. And still, they stick with him.

Although I have to believe that around some dinner tables tonight, those of mega wealthy GOP donors, there is a conversation taking place: Trump is set to be in control of the RNC coffers in a very short while, less than a month, in fact. I have to believe that somebody who is thinking clearly is sitting there, head in hands and saying, “Aye aye aye aye. What are we going to do?”

What are the Republicans going to do? Turn over every red cent to Donald Trump to work his way out of his legal problems? Because that’s the set up right now. Trump has no other choice.


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  1. Yada yada yada! Hey gop…take a lesson from your puppet master putin…let the NY Post headline read: Trump tumbles down the escalator at the building formerly known as Trump Tower! The king is dead! Massive suicides follow from those known Maga members! Investigation to follow. The gop claim members of the Jan6th committee behind suspicious death! Liz Cheney hot tub photos confirm alibi!

    • Not just hot tub photos of Liz Cheney, but video of her entertaining 3 16 year-old rent boys, a Dalmatian, and a Democratic Senator.
      Gotta get it right.

  2. My first reaction is “Is that all you’ve got Trumpy?” Then I thought back to my performing arts days including being a (minor) member of the Marjorie Lawrence Opera Theater back at SIU-C. And it hit me…This “meh” outburst is just him warming up before the curtain goes up. To slight alter the old line, “The opera ain’t over until the fat guy sings.” Get ready for the performance cause it’s still to come.

    • It will rival Jesus being dragged before the Roman governor, beaten with whips, then crucified! Oh the inhumanity of not being recognized as the messiah and taken down by mere mortals! Stay tuned for the darkened skies, the heavens ripped asunder, and NYC to disappear into the ocean. Tuesdays at nine on FOX.

  3. He was a ‘whale’ of a client all right, but they weren’t referring to his balance sheet. No western bank would touch him after his bankruptcies, except a certain German one, which was reputed to be a channel for dirty Russian money through ‘correspondent’ banking accounts. The orange cetacean and his ghoulish gam did tap this source, but ended up defaulting on a loan and sued the bank (!) for his incompetence and won! Here’s a bit from the Guardian on that:

    “Over two decades, Trump borrowed more than $2bn from Deutsche. In 2008, he defaulted on a $45m loan repayment and sued the bank. Its private wealth division in New York subsequently loaned Trump a further $300m – a move that bemused insiders and which has yet to be fully explained.”

    The Guardian has its tongue fully implanted inside its cheek. Bemused insiders knew that the bank was terrified of having its laundering service exposed in court and settled with a $300 million bonus to keep the whale from beaching itself again and making a stink.

    • Isn’t that the loan he had tried to disguise as a loan to one of his holdings? In an effort to avoid paying tax on the $45m that he was required to claim as income because he won that suit and the bank had to give it back to him??

  4. I still think the Deustche Bank mess was what made Kennedy retire so quickly from the court. Someone must have threatened to expose his son Justin as having been involved with those Russian funds and Trump’s loans. Which has us stuck with the SCOTUS nightmare we now have. I wonder just how much destruction to the country he managed to do in those 4 long years?


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