I have to say, I find this very odd. Isn’t it to Donald Trump’s best interest if people, George Clooney for example, are sending articles to the New York Times and asking Joe Biden to step aside? Doesn’t that help Trump? I for one would think so. So if that’s the case, why in the world would he criticize the man. And what does “fake movie actor” mean? That Clooney’s not a real actor. C’mon. He won an Oscar. That makes him not only “real” but real good in most peoples’ opinion. Or, is Trump saying the movies are “fake” and if so, um…isn’t that what entertainment is about? Somebody makes up a story and we watch it to escape the dreariness of life for a few hours and participate in something different and hopefully elevating? In any event, you read Trump’s distribe, see what you come up with.

Again, it makes no sense to me. The best I can come up with is that Clooney, who is supposedly a personal friend of Joe Biden’s, should have not only asked Biden to step down but also should have savaged him. I guess that’s what Trump wanted and nobody is coming from that place, that I can perceive. The people who ask Biden to pass the torch are people who are concerned about him, at least in theory. And they’re concerned about whether he can beat Trump — again, in theory.

The irony of all this is that, as we speak, Biden has been dealing with NATO and carrying out the duties that are his assigned tasks. None of his detractors are saying he can’t do what’s in front of him on the job. The criticism seems limited to whether Joe can put on a good “show” against Trump and beat him on TV.

That’s the complaint. Joe botched the debate. Nobody is saying Joe is botching carrying out his policies on a day to day basis. But Joe did botch the debate.

So we are on the precipice of a crisis, or maybe there’s going to be a full blown crisis no matter what happens. On Monday Joe made it crystal clear that he was staying in the race. It’s now Wednesday night and already the picture has become more complicated, with more congress members and even a senator, Peter Welch of Vermont, asking Joe to step down.

Supposedly Chuck Schumer wants Joe to step down but won’t admit it publicly. Axios reported that earlier today.

And now Donald Trump has weighed in — whatever it is that he’s trying to say. Maybe this is it: maybe it’s the fact that Clooney said that he loved Joe Biden and praised the president’s track record as a senator and praised him for saving democracy in 2020. Maybe that’s it. Because Trump’s GOP sycophants might be terrorized into saying nice things about him to gain favor, but nobody asking Trump to step aside (should anybody do so) is going to praise Trump’s contribution to government — or anything, for that matter — like Biden is getting praised.

Maybe it’s as simple as that. People who are asking Joe Biden to step down are people who love and respect him. And nobody loves and respects Donald Trump.


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  1. “People who are asking Joe Biden to step down are people who love and respect him.”
    With friends like that, who needs enemies? “I’m only knifing you in the back because I love you, Joe.”

  2. “The irony of all this is that, as we speak, Biden has been dealing with NATO and carrying out the duties that are his assigned tasks. None of his detractors are saying he can’t do what’s in front of him on the job. The criticism seems limited to whether Joe can put on a good “show” against Trump and beat him on TV.

    “That’s the complaint. Joe botched the debate. Nobody is saying Joe is botching carrying out his policies on a day to day basis. But Joe did botch the debate.

    This says it all, and says it so well. Except I wouldn’t call it irony, I’d call it idiocy.

  3. As soon as the NATO summit ends, Joe needs to bang some very thick heads together. Calls for him to leave would mean, in all probability, that Dems would pit a black woman against Trump; while most of us gathered here would be fine (maybe delighted) with that, I suspect there are huge swaths of America where such a candidate would be doomed. The election’s going to be tight enough as it is, with one white man facing another. I fear that a black woman’s time has not yet come to enter the White House, much as millions of us would welcome it. Personally, I’d LOVE to watch Kamala tear Trump to shreds in a debate and then kick his lardass back to his faux-gold palace in November.

  4. von shitzinpants is stupidly going after the person who, whether he knows it or not, helping him. Let’s not question this gift or give him time to think about what is whack about his perspective–the stupidity of your enemies is a gift that should be accepted without question or comment.

    This is however a prime example of just how far trump has slipped into dementia. There isn’t even the slightest bit of sense in anything he says or does any more. The pity of this moment is that his cult doesn’t realize or perhaps doesn’t care their cult leader is someone who needs to be institutionalized.

  5. It would be so nice if someone could respond point-by-point to Donald’s “truth” and have it actually stay up so other people could read it; but, you know, the REAL truth hurts and we all know Donald, in the immortal words of Col Jessup, as portrayed by Jack Nicholson, “can’t handle the truth!.
    It was DONALD who spent most of his 2016 campaign DEMANDING that Hillary be fully investigated for the emails and HE was the one who initiated the whole “lock her up” crap (of course, he’s now claiming he *never* said that and that it was a “spontaneous” outburst from his supporters–but these are people who can’t think for themselves, but they supposedly came up with “lock her up” with absolutely NO prompting from Donald?). So, who was it that “weaponized” government, Donald? For the record, too, Donnie boy, it was YOU who paid off and tried to cover up the payment to a porn star before the election. It was YOU who called Georgia state officials and tried to get them to overturn the election results, a little fact that NO president has any right to do (you try to win votes BEFORE the election, not afterwards). It was YOU who STOLE government documents and refused to turn them over until the FBI HAD to step in (and, remember, you were NOT there when the raid happened–you were reportedly watching via closed-circuit TV). It was YOU who incited *your* supporters to try to stop a legal Congressional procedure to certify election results and you did nothing to stop their ILLEGAL breaking into the Capitol AND INJURING NUMEROUS CAPITOL POLICE OFFICERS (and even as they were building a scaffolding and chanting “hang Mike Pence,” you still did NOTHING to stop them). There was NO “weaponizing” of the law that YOU did not cause in the first place. Think of it like this: Someone decides to break in to your little Mar-a-Lardo resort and trashes the rooms and the lobby and takes sledge hammers to the walls and maybe decides to take a dump or two in the process and they write pro-democracy slogans on the wall. What would YOU do? Would you just ignore the whole thing? I doubt it. You’d be on the phone with the local police and probably try to get the FBI involved (I think they can claim jurisdiction when a former President is involved) and be demanding this protestor (or these protestors) be captured and tossed in jail until Mar-a-Lardo is twenty feet under water.
    On the inflation matter, well, YOU are supposed to be the economics expert (you DID graduate from a school specializing in economics, non?). But, I guess you were asleep the day they went over how inflation works. Maybe if YOU hadn’t botched the COVID response which caused a MUCH longer pandemic (and if you’d pressed all your Republicon governors to get with the SAFETY measures designed to keep COVID from spreading as much) then all the various factors that help stoke inflation might have been far more mitigated and businesses would’ve been able to come back with far less disruption. And, for what it’s worth, inflation has been coming down but ANY perceived inflation right now is nothing more than corporate greed. They got so used to all the shortages and the ability to jack up prices so that when the products came back, the corporate fatcats (many of whom are YOUR donors and supporters) kept prices high to pad their bottom lines.
    The ONLY embarrassment in Afghanistan was because of YOU. It was YOUR administration that chose to deal with the Taliban (without actually consulting OUR ALLIES in the country) and let them take over the country some 16 months later. You can say that the Biden Administration’s response upon pulling out the troops was an “embarrassment” but, let’s face it Donnie, YOU wouldn’t have done any better. (Kind of like with your tax cuts. If you’d actually won reelection in 2020, you would’ve been able to leave office before those tax cuts EXPIRED for all the NON-wealthy class. Interesting how your tax cuts became *permanent* for them but not for the 95% of regular taxpayers.)
    On the “open borders,” I seem to recall that YOU PROMISED that *MEXICO* would pay for the “wall” until you realized you couldn’t actually do that (like with your grand “tariff scheme,” your economics genius apparently never learned that “tariffs” are paid by the CONSUMER not the vendor–in other words, the American people pay the tariffs, not the country that’s sending the products). Then, YOU STOLE MONEY FROM THE MILITARY to pay for all of 20 miles of *new* wall (as I recall) and to make “improvements” on existing border fences and walls. But then, too, the Senate created a BIPARTISAN agreement that would’ve helped strengthen border security but YOU basically ordered your brain-dead morons in the House to refuse to even consider the bill. So, that “open border,” Donnie? That’s ALL on you. You FAILED during your term in office. And then you ordered your people to block REAL immigration reform so YOU would have a campaign issue.
    As for the immigrants themselves, you can SAY whatever you want but you can’t PROVE your LIES. There is NO evidence that ANY of the immigrants are from jails or mental institutions (on the other hand, you’re all in favor of getting YOUR people out of the jails they so rightly deserve to be in while I’d like to see most of them put into mental institutions to help them get over their obvious mental dysfunctions; it wouldn’t hurt if YOU were put in an institution as well).
    If it weren’t for PRESIDENT Biden, this country’s democracy would’ve ended. YOU attempted to initiate a coup against our very democracy and our very republic.
    As for George Clooney, you’re just upset that HE has two Oscars (one for acting, the other as a producer of “Argo” which won Best Picture) and you don’t even have a mere Emmy. “The Apprentice” got just two nominations and got shut out both times by “The Amazing Race.”

    Sorry, for hijacking but I felt this was necessary. As I said, it’s just too bad this couldn’t make it on Donald’s little quote-Truth-unquote site.

  6. In baseball and football and most other sports, the highest scores wins. Golf is an exception, right? 🙂

    So, I’m thinking about ALL these Senators and Democratic Congresspersons who think President Biden should drop out.

    51 D Senators, 1 says drop out, that leaves 50 who say stay. 50 to 1

    211 D Congressmen, 9 say drop, leaves 202. Hmm…202 to 9

    Interesting scores. And much more lopsided than glass half empty glass half full.

  7. I suspect tRump’s real problem with Clooney is just plain old jealousy. George has an Oscar, like a REAL actor. tRump doesn’t, like the no talent con artist he is. But Clooney, what the hell is he thinking? Is he trying to assure us of a tRump win? That’s what will happen if we dump Biden. There is no one else who has a chance against tfg! We didn’t like Harris enough to elect her in the 2020 primaries and I doubt she’s any more popular among non-Dems. There’s a reason we elected Joe back then. Of all the candidates, he checked the most boxes for us. He had a broader appeal, plus he had experience and a long track record. While I personally have always wanted a more progressive leader, pragmatically we needed someone who could bring in voters from beyond our own ranks, and Joe fit the bill. Loved Warren, Bernie, Inslee and a couple of the others, but it was Joe that had the broadest support, and he still does among voters. The talking heads have another agenda and it’s making me turn off the TV. They seem to have joined the MAGA/Putin coalition. Only Lawrence O’Donnell seems to get it and I appreciate what he’s doing to show more of what Joe Biden is actually doing. It’s incredible to me that a 90-minute debate performance can so out-weigh Joe’s 50 years of service and accomplishments (which are still taking place, BTW folks), while an orange tinted malignance runs around spouting insanity, inanity, threats, and malicious lies. How did we get here? The only good thing of the last week is with him in jail, we haven’t had to listen to the sewage spewing Bannon.

  8. What no one seems to.acknowledge is that Trump lies with every sentence. He doesn’t debate, just lies. Anyone opposite him.has to try and refute him. You can’t debunk everything, so simply said “Too many lies to choose from so I’ll hit the highlights,” pick two or three and hit the highlights.


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