Donald Trump’s hopes for 2024 seem to be assuming horizon like dimensions. The closer he gets to it, the more it recedes. Pretty soon, it’s all going to be a mirage in the desert.

Trump is the TV president over in Russia, just as he is here, and they’re not sure about putting him back into the part.

The Russian TV pundits liked him plenty when he was praising the “genius” of Vladimir Putin after Putin invaded Ukraine. But now…not so much.

If Trump has lost Russia, he might as well forget about it.

And you noticed that 4th of July came and went without Trump announcing his candidacy, unless that weak :28 Independence Day clip on Truth Social saying, “the best is yet to come” was the announcement. Wouldn’t that be funny? Trump announces he’s running and it slips right under the radar?

Not that that would be surprising. In a political “career” like the one he’s had, nothing is surprising, although I must say, I wasn’t expecting Russia to jump ship this early on.


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  1. I know “the best is yet to come”. His fat ass is headed to the grave. What a party to be had on that day. I celebrate April 30th…the day Hitler ate a bullet.

    • I was talking to a friend about that very thing the other day. We’re not all that much younger than Trump and my thought was, “I have to outlive him. I have to drink champagne and toast a world that is better off without him in it.”

      Maybe we can have a planetary block party that night. :))

      • Almost 69 myself so I think that sounds like a plan. Here’s to your health. Stay away from church, the mall, parades, school board meetings, brownie troop get togethers, block parties, political rallies, concerts, clubs, & any lemonade stands in your neighborhood. U should be safe from armed morons. Oh. & for you black folks…don’t let ur taillight go out or it’s lights out for you here in the ‘land of the free’.

        • Sad but true. I live an isolated life anyhow. I am constantly reading and I’m glued to the keyboard. I enjoy it. Writing is what I want to do. But it also occurred to me this past holiday weekend that maybe I was lengthening my lifespan by being a recluse.

        • I don’t know if you would try to be racist or not but I love the hell out of what you said I am laughing because guess what it is the damn truth you better watch out you can’t go anywhere anymore you can do anything you can’t even have your little kids go to school and it’s a shame but I like what you say about if you’re black your tail light better than you will be out so now you know what life is all about and all these big time people with all that money when it’s so many people starving it’s just a shame I’m not opposed of anybody working and making money but help the pole homeless people sleeping sleeping in cardboard boxes have some empathy for the pool helpless people everybody that is struggling is not lazy and everybody that is struggling is not black everybody that is struggling is not racist and everybody that is struggling is not opposed to anybody else making it but just make it so everybody can have a chance they never have to pay healthcare they never worry about where the next meal going to be they never worry about their house payment I bet they don’t even know how much a gallon of milk or loaf of bread cost I’m just saying

          • ? I don’t claim to be a genius but I’m reasonably smart and my aptitude for English back in my school days was as high as it was for math & science. Might I suggest some freaking punctation? And while we’re at it a bit of spelling? I’m pretty sure when you keep using the word pole you actually mean poor. I’ve sometimes been (it pains me to say it but admittedly fairly) of being long-winded and losing people’s attention because I didn’t clearly make my points. But I’ve read what you wrote twice and by comparison am Oscar Wilde. (FYI, he was a famous writer and once apologized to a friend with an added note saying “If I’d had more time I’d have written a shorter letter.” Think about it)

  2. D.j. Trump, is just a man who believes he is much more. If he would have used some humility in the beginning, he would not be in the fix that he is. There is no more room for him or people like him that believe that any thing goes in politics including lying, lying, lying. If he and his so called team are not impeached and found guilty of insurrection and treason and all the high crimes that this group committed, the American people will certainly have a hard time believing our elected officials for sure. Please people get out there and vote!



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